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  1. Your In-Game Name:SM Steven 1D58 Your Rank:SM Players In-Game Name:LT RAVEN and other low command in the vid Players SteamID:STEAM_0:0:112662369 Players Rank:LT Why do you believe they should be demoted? mass abuse and lieing to get me demoted Evidence: Any Extra Information:
  2. -/+support -who are you? -iv never seen you before but that maybe because are timezones
  3. i cant remember the staffs name if you look at my warns it will show the date and you can look at the date of the vid for the proof. @myanDaBeast
  4. -support You played a racist soundboard in a EMS meeting. Not ready for staff if you act like that... and you mass rdmed and mass Ardmed all yesterday
  5. +support you have the knowledge and that's great but i see you mostly on state i never ever see you on PD +i see you on state a lot and i hope if you get LT you will end up on PD more. +you do good on all you other ranks/deparmnts so i hope to see the same out of you on pd good luck