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  1. masterfully done. really well made Log.
  2. Name: Geeman Rank: Researcher SCP: 096 and 194 Test subjects: 3 D class Escorts/Assistances needed: JR Tanga and MTF Mystic and MTf Taco. Labor/Work being used: I have Created a device that I believe will allow a individual to give both remote and vocal orders to 096. also as a safety precations the device is fitted with a delta wave inhibitor that will wipe the memory portion of the brain of 096 so it does not remember any individuals that gaze at its face should the device fail to control that function of his. Observation: with the assistance of JR Tanga, 2 D class were brought into 194's CC with the 194 entity being restrained and removed temporarily from the CC and put under guard. I obtained 096 with mystics assistance and fitted the device onto 096's Head. He was escorted into 194's CC and was left in their with the D class who were instructed not to look at its face. once and JR Tanga were in the observation room I activated the device and started issuing basic orders to 096. The entity obeyed all the orders and was then instructed to terminate only one of the D class which it did. Further testing was conducted to ensure 096 was under my complete control including a order being issued to the D class to gaze at 096's face, 096 gave no reaction. Eventually I ordered it to terminate the last remaining D class and had the MTF escort 194 into the CC. once inside and the door sealed 194's restraints' were remote detonated and I issued the order to 096 to engage 194. The entity barely lasted a few seconds before 096 tore it to peacies. After its success I ordered the MTF to put a mask on its face and activated the Delta wave Inhibitor to wipe 096's memory before removing the device. The entity did not react violently to any personnel that previously seen its face and it was escorted back to its CC without incident. This test has shown that 096 can be put to great use in situations were foundation personnel would be in mortal danger and casualties would be expected. Using him we can avoid needless losses and not have to waste anymore time or money on how to kill the damn thing. the device has been placed in a safe in the Research Bunks that will require Level 3 clearance to access. I advise Level 4 clearance or higher and the device put in a secure area, to avoid the possibility of it being stolen or access by unauthorized personnel.
  3. Name: Geeman Rank: AR SCP: 966 Question: Is it possible to harness 966's Cloaking ability? Preferred Outcome: Required escorts/Test Subjects: SGT Neko Wafer, and Two MTF and 1 D class plus 3 more later. Observation/Analysis: The first step was to obtain Sample of 966 to be studied and experimented with to see if this idea was even possible. One D class and MTF escorts were obtained for 966 with the D class being used to gather samples in order to avoid any possible casualties. Sleeping Gas was introduced into 966's CC before the D class entered and was also given a minor surgical kit in order to collect the samples. The Skin and Blood samples were easily obtained and given to me by the D class before the test began. In order to obtain brain samples the D class was given a special syringe in order to avoid any accidental terminations of any SCP 966 instances. It was risky, but the D class managed to obtain and turn in those samples as well. At this point all the critical samples were obtained. But bone marrow samples seemed like a good bonus to try and get, but due to the fact that obtaining such a sample would cause immense pain and possibly wake up the SCP the D class was told to retrieve them. His attempt failed and the enraged 966 screamed and woke up the other 966's and terminated the D class. Even though I was unable to obtain any bone marrow, the previously obtained samples would suffice. After a few days and one all nighter, I managed to create 3 synthetic formulas using certain enzymes found in the Blood and Skin samples that I believe is what gave the 966's their cloaking ability. However, I had only a limited idea of what these injections effects would be on the human body. So, I obtained a escort from GENSEC as well as 3 additional D class and took them to the Glass CC's to test the effects of the formulas. it took a few hours to make each one and I didn't want to waste any time in seeing if my work was actually going to pay off. Each D class was put into a cell and injected with the 966 serum and observed. The Results were a mixture of fascinating and disappointing. One D class skin began to melt off his face and he appeared to suffer from extreme mental Defects and was barely able to communicate so was terminated. The other two however turned out better. Both obtained cloaking abilities and one seemed to be completely fine both mentally and physically. The other however became insane and had to be terminated by my escort. the last D class was observed for several hours and questioned at odd intervals to determine his mental health. He did not show any negative signs, However given the nature of his new abilities he could not be allowed to leave his CC and receive amnestics so he was terminated with blood samples being taken from his corpse. All remaining SCP and the D classes samples were stored in the medbay for future testing. Energy/Item(s) Gained: we managed to obtain a partially working formula that can render people invisible at will. wither or not these effects are permanent or if its possible to avoid major side effects remains to be seen. The formula was saved onto the computers inside the Research break room { Bunks } and require Level 3+ clearance to review, wither or not a higher clearance level is needed I will leave to more senior individuals to decide. Test Concluded.
  4. Rank: AR Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: myself AR Geeman and JR Freedom, and MTF Tilitron and one NCO Level D personnel involved: 3 SCP: 049 Errors and/or safety hazards: None. Question: how long is the reanimation time for a 049 - 2 Instance? Background Research: 049 is capable of essentially turning the dead. Individuals who undergo this operation typically only retain the most basic brain functions, they will also only obey orders from 049. Hypothesis: from the start of the procedure to final reanimation of the corpses, about 50 minutes will pass for each D class. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N/A Analysis and Conclusion: Upon entering 049's CC I requested that he examine conduct his experiments on each of the D class and attempt to reanimate them while I observe from outside his cell and that upon their reanimation he was to order the instance to allow itself to be terminated. He was glad to have to be allowed human test subjects and did not seem to care about the condition that was placed on him and quickly agreed. a single D class was escorted into 049's Cell where the doctor used his usual method of killing the subject by simply touching them. After that, he would use the tools in his bag and begin doing a crude surgery on the body. The first D class went through the full procedure and was reanimated as a 049 -2 instance. This first reanimation took about 68 minutes to complete. The instance was terminated and the following two D class were sent in. I am unaware of what was wrong with them, but 049 was unable to reanimate either of them like he did with the first. He said that he cure was not as effective as he hoped and merely studied their body and took notes of whatever he found interesting. Due to a lack of cleaning personnel, the MTF's had to put the bodies into bags and took them to be incinerated. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: Inconclusive. Only one D class was reanimated during the testing. As such the results are not clear. Test concluded.
  5. cool. maybe il set up my YT account so I can make videos as well.
  6. Rank: AR Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: myself AR Geeman and SO spooks and Novice CC Phill Level D personnel involved: 3 SCP: 1025 Errors and/or safety hazards: None Question: Further expanding our knowledge to the contents of SCP 1025 and cataloging them. Background Research: both in its file and Prior Test SCP 1025 will give a person a random and often deadly disease that either kills them immediately or gradually. This is not always the case however and sometimes non lethal or treatable diseases are obtained. Prior test often also often result in their being no indication that the individuals are actually suffering from the disease in question but do display the symptoms of whatever disease that they read. Hypothesis: SCP 1025 will display standard behavior and give all D class personnel a seemingly random Diseases symptoms. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N/ A Analysis and Conclusion: 3 D class were escorted into the Lower HCZ and given clear instruction not to do anything until told to do so. All instructions were followed and upon after taking some precautions by having all foundation personnel involved in the test put on hazard suits and ensuring the CC was secure, the test was commenced. One at a time a D class was put into 1025 CC and communicated with using a speaker installed inside the CC. The D class was instructed to read a single page of SCP 1025 and the results was very fascinating. The D class was apparently suffering from no symptoms at all, neither displayed nor complained about after being questioned, he was removed from the cell and detached from the rest to be examined later by medical personnel. The second D class immediately combusted into a ball of flame and was reduced into complete ash. The remains were gathered by CC Phill and put into a secure bag to be examined later. the Final D class was given the same instructions as the last two and was immediately Petrified after reading SCP 1025. He was unable to make any physical movements at all and was only able to talk. He was removed once more by CC Phill and all remaining D class were moved to the medbay and quarantined. The first D class apparently was Infected with level 3 contaminants that were highly infectious, but what these contaminants actually were and why he wasn't affected by them was unknown. A few blood samples were taken to be examined later. { Note: Its possible that the D class was a Carrier for whatever it was he was he had and only those who were exposed to him would be affected. However given the unknown dangers associated with this he was slotted for termination instead of being used for additional testing, blood samples would have to do. } the Final D class which was petrified did not show any further signs as to what he was afflicted with, and no test conducted by the medical staff were able to come up with anything. Afterword, the surviving D class and the remains of one were escorted to the incinerator room and terminated. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No, this tests results were complete unexpected and not predicated. No further comments on the matter. Test Concluded.
  7. Rank:AR Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: myself AR Geeman and MTF MSGT kiddo Level D personnel involved: 2 SCP: 049 and 1025 Errors and/or safety hazards: one D class were unattended for a brief moment and attempted to flee but was terminated. Question: can 049 identify the pestilence by reading 1025 and will he be affected by read it? Background Research: 049 is a doctor. and one that is obsessed with a disease known only as the Pestilence. He also possess strange and deadly abilities that allow him to kill people after touching their bare skin with his hands, and the knowledge to turn people into a zombified state. The term "Necromancer" has been used before to describe him and what he is capable of. however such terminology is both outdated and merely causes superstition. Hypothesis: If given access to 1025 SCP 049 will not be affected by the books ability to inflict the symptoms of whatever disease a person reads from it. He may also be able to find something that he may be able to identify as the " Pestilence. " Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N/A Analysis and Conclusion: SCP 1025 was procured and secured in a specially made brief case then transported along with two D class personnel into 049's CC. after giving him some lavender and setting up a interview table and chairs 049 was promised that in exchange for his cooperation he would be allowed to operate on the D class personnel as long as he didn't turn them into 049 - 2 instances once he agreed he was questioned if he had any knowledge pertaining to SCP 1025. He denied any knowledge of the SCP and was given the book with some of the pages being marked out for him to read and asked if he could find anything that described the pestilence. All the pages had been examined by D class personnel beforehand and were confirmed to only contain non lethal diseases. 049 began to look through the marked pages and was very intrigued by the contents. As he was reading the book he mumbled a few of the names of a few ailments he saw. Common Cold, Flu, small pox, TB, ECT. When asked if any of the diseases he has seen was the pestilence he said he could not find it. He also stated that he suffered none of the symptoms that he read in the book of the various diseases that he saw. He was also very intrigued with the contents of the book and would like to request another one with similar information in order to aid in his research. This request has been noted to be reviewed by Higher authorities. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: Partially. SCP 049 did show complete immunity to SCP 1025's ability to inflict diseases on people. but we were unable to identify whatever this " pestilence " he keeps speaking of actually is.
  8. Geeman

    SCP 513, Oct 11, 2019

    Rank: AR Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: Myself AR Geeman and MTF MSGT kiddo Level D personnel involved: 3 SCP: 513 Errors and/or safety hazards: N/A Question: What is the result of several D class being exposed to 513 at the same time over that of one at a time? Background Research: 513 is a cow bell that when rung essentially causes people to lose their minds. on some occasions over a period. Its also a permanent state too which no amount of therapy or medication is able to reverse it. Subjects also claim to see a indescribable figure that prevents them from evening sleeping, this figure is can only bee seen by those that were affected by SCP 513. Hypothesis: MY hope is that when several individuals are exposed to SCP 513 they will be able to give a more clear picture as to what this unknown figure is that keeps troubling them. Maybe if several of them see it at the same time we can get a slightly different result and a better idea of what this entity is. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N/A Analysis and Conclusion: Each D class personnel was escorted one at a time into SCP 513's CC and given clear instruction not to ineract with SCP 513 until told to do so. After all personnel were in the CC and the door was completely sealed, one of the subjects were instructed to pick up and ring SCP 513. The results were immediate, all D class personnel were driven mad in a instant and despite attempts to communicate with them, they were unable to give any description as to what the figure was or any useful information. After about 2 minutes of mindless babbling and incoherent nosies. one of the D class began attacking the others D class and all 3 began to fight. Only one D class personnel survived this sudden fighting as the other two were beaten to death, to avoid any injuries among Foundation personnel. SCP 513's CC was filled with sleeping gas and the D class personnel was terminated after it has taken effect. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: Unknown. Due to the sudden state of SCP 513 taking a quicker than average affect on the D class personnel. no new information could be obtained. Given the odd fact that instead of gradually descending into madness the D class went immediately insane, raises the possibility that the unknown entity may have done this to avoid any new information being found out through means unknown. this is only a a theory however and I have no means to prove it, that is all. Test Concluded.
  9. Rank: AR Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: myself AR Geeman and MTF Stealth Jhon Level D personnel involved: 3 SCP: 1025 Errors and/or safety hazards: proper personnel should be pre arranged for certain unexpected duties. Question: Does 1025 contain unknown Diseases not just known ones? Background Research: 1025 is filled with known diseases as far as we understand and whoever reads from the books and reads a page detailing one of these ailments the reader is immediately affected obtains the Symptoms of whatever disease he or she read. Hypothesis: If a Subject were to repeatedly read the book they may be able to find a disease that is not previously know to mankind. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N/A Analysis and Conclusion: Upon obtaining the needed D class subjects they were released one at a time into the CC with 1025. each received the same instructions to read from 1025 and report what they read. However. each D class that read from the book were not able to survive whatever ailiment they obtained. More careful instructions were offered to the 3rd D class to avoid this, but the end result was the same. None of the D class were able to report what they read that terminated them so quickly. I attempted to obtain the assistance of any CC cleaners or janitors to remove the D classes Corpses without looking at 1025 for a autopsy, but none were available at the time so my MTF guards had to conduct this duty. { Note: obtaining the services of a Cleaner or Senior Janitor will need to be established before conducting a test that requires cleaning or manual labor. } All three D class corpses were taken to medbay and examined by Doctor Maxorite to determine the cause of death for each D class personel. The cause of Death for the D class included, 3rd stage Leposy, stage 5 rabies, and final stage Yellow Fever. The fact that all 3 D class contracted these dieseases in their final stages as oppose to the normal route of gradually obtaining worse and worse stages as time goes by, as is the case normally with 1025, is either a stroke of bad luck or just a unknown mechanic of 1025. Further Testing would be required to determine this but at this moment such testing would be a waste of D class personnel. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No, no unkown Disease were found during this test. Test Concluded.
  10. like the way you did the audio log. gonna see if I can do the same for future test of mine. nicely done.
  11. Geeman

    SCP 012/ Oct 9, 2019

    Rank: AR Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: Myself AR Geeman. and MTF Nu7 SSGT Doctor and Nu7 SM Ray. Level D personnel involved: 3 SCP: 012 Errors and/or safety hazards: In future testing ensure D class cooperation and clarifying their instructions should be stress before commencing the test. Question: Can a small group working together "complete" 012 rather than lone individuals. Background Research: SCP 012 has been tested on using single D class to see it effects. All test ended the same way with the D class commiting self inflicted injuries on themselves by trying to use their own blood to complete the musical note. This ends in either death or them stating that it cannot be completed. Hypothesis: by using several D class at the same time rather than one at a time. I believe they may be able to work together once SCP 012 enwraps them all. This may result in them being able to obtain a different result than typical on SCP 012. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N/A Analysis and Conclusion: all 3 D class were released and instructed to enter SCP 012's CC. All complied but one D clas gazed upon 012 without instruction and proceeded to attempt to complete the composure. This happened in site of the other two D class in the CC who were horrified and refused to look at it. As a result the lone D class was died as a result of 012 while the other two had to be coxed and finally issued a final warning of a impending termination should they refuse to cooperate. Both of the remaining D class gazed upon 012 and attempted to complete the composure as expected. However, neither lasted long enough to complete the composure nor decree it was failure before there self inflicted injuries eventually killed them. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: no. Due to the permature termination of one of the D class the overall results of the test are inconclusive. even with two D class attempting to complete 012 at the same time, the results might have differed if all 3 were to have done it instead. Test concluded.
  12. Geeman

    SCP 912/ Oct 8, 2019

    Rank: JR Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: myself JR Geeman and one MTF CPL Davy number D personnel involved: 2 SCP: 912 Errors and/or safety hazards: None. Question: will 912 react differently depending on the Clothing/Uniform that a individual is wearing if the Wearer is threated or attacking someone. Background Research: 912 has shown that he will use excessive force on anyone or anything that attempts to harm a individual that is wearing a Police Officer uniform. And that it will also attack the whoever the officer is in question should they attempt to stop him. But wither or not he would react to other kinds of uniforms have not been Extensively looked into. Hypothesis: 912 will have limited reactions if any to anyone wearing these different uniforms. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N / A Analysis and Conclusion: one of the two d class was instructed to put on a variety of differently uniforms and conduct mock attacks against the non uniformed D class and vise versa. the types of uniforms utilized for this test included , a Firefighters uniform, a US National Guard Uniform, a set of Civilian Clothing, a French Riot Control uniform, and regular D class uniforms. 912 displayed protective tendencies to towards the uniformed D class when in the Firefighters and US National guard uniforms, but oddly enough when using the French Riot Control uniform 912 showed no reaction, the same occurred with the Civilian clothing and D class uniforms. My assumption is that 912 does not recognize Non American Police/Military uniforms. Further testing will be Required to make this determination. The lack of a reaction due to the individual wearing D class and Civilian clothing is not out of the normal behavior for 912 however. { Note: 912 would only follow the orders of my MTF guard as he was in a American Military uniform during the Testing.} Do your results align with your hypothesis?: Yes. 912's reactions to these differently uniforms are different and surprising. Additional Testing on a more Broad set of uniforms is Recommended. Test concluded.
  13. Geeman

    SCP 999/ Oct 8 . 2019

    Rank:JR Clearance Level:2 List of Personnel involved in testing: myself JR Geeman and one MTF guard Snuffle. Number of D personnel involved: 1 SCP: 999 Errors and/or safety hazards: None Question: how effective is 999's ability to heal the mentally stressed. Background Research: 999 has very effective healing capabilities and simply being in his presence is usually enough to lighten your average persons mood. this minor test was done to determine how effective he could be on someone who was much more mentally stressed than was typical. Hypothesis: 999 has the ability to heal mentally stress humans over a increasing longer period of time depending on how bad their mental condition is. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos):N/A Analysis and Conclusion: one D class that was suffering from Severe PTSD due to the use of faulty Amnesties after a prior test with a dangerous SCP, was utilized for this test. He was exposed to 999 for a short period of time. Too which 999 cuddled and gave much attention to the D class. Over a surprising short amount of time the D class mental state was greatly improved. { Note: the D class displayed odd behavior that is difficult to describe, suffice it to say that he had a slightly different POV on things and life than what was expected. } Afterword, the D class was treated with proper class C amnestics and returned to D block without incident. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No, prior hypothesis predicted that 999 would require a longer period of time to heal this D class due to his unstable mental state. 999 managed to improve it at a much faster pace than anticipated. Test Concluded.
  14. Geeman

    SCP 999/ Oct 7. 2019

    Rank:JR Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: JR RPer and Myself JR Geeman number of D personnel involved: 2 SCP: 999 Errors and/or safety hazards: should have had 999 remain outside the testing room until he was needed. Question: how effective is 999 Regeneration abilities. Background Research: we know that 999 can heal human injuries and he cares greatly about human life. but little else. this test purpose was to give us a in depth look as to the effectiveness of one of his most practical abilites. Hypothesis: 999 has possibly limited healing capability but doesnt need to stop at all and can heal any manner of pyhsical injury without pause. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N/A Analysis and Conclusion: SCP 999 has very powerful healing capabilites, but they are not as strong as originally hypothesised. we used Two d class as subjects and inflicted steadly worse injuries on them. the first few consisted of minor cuts and dislocated bones which 999 easily repaired. however, once we moved on to amputating the D classes hand, 999 had a slightly harder time reattaching it. eventually he did so and the hand was full functional. after that we had our guard shoot the knee caps of one of the D class which 999 was also able to heal but again at a slower rate, this time slightly slower than with the hand. This trend was maintained thoughtout the test by 999, as the injuries grew worest and he was called upon to heal them he slowed down. He had a espically difficult time repair the eyes of one D class after they were heavily damaged by our guard and repairing the concussion and other blunt force tramua's the D class recieved prior. { Note: our GENSEC Guard was becoming disturbed due to this line of testing and had to be replaced with a MTF at this point. } this took him a extremely long time to heal and it was repeated when a mortal injury was inflicted on our D class subjects. It should also be noted that he was unable to full repair the eye sight and Concussion the D class recieved as the D class had worest vision than before and apparent brain damage { Note: in error we did not remove 999 from the test chamber and he attempted to Defend the D class, he was escorted out and back when needed at this point to prevent further attempts. } . to finish the test one of the D class was terminated to determine if 999 could revive him in such a tired state. he could not. this concluded the test to which 999 was rewarded with extra candy and some attention. the surviving D class was taken to Medbay and subjected to a physical exam and amensetics before being escorted back to D block. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: partially. 999 does have limites but not only to what he can heal but also for how long. he cant keep up healing forever at a rapid paste. and the more complicated the injury the more difficult it is for him. that is all.