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  1. Lore Name: Geeman Amatin Rank: AR SCP: 1025 and 1048 Question / Idea: will SCP01048 be affected by SCP-1025? Background Research: SCP 1025 has been known to infect humans with a variety of common aliments after being read. However, testing has been minimum after that fact had been discovered. Hypothesis: SCP-1048 being both nonhuman and non-biological, should not be affected in any way by SCP-1025. However, if it is, then it will set a precedent. Observations (What Happened During Test): SCP 1048 was obtained and taken to 1025's CC. After being instructed to read the book, SCP 1048 began rapidly flipping through the pages ( Most likely just for fun instead of actually reading the content ) before closing the book. After he was done a few yes or no questions were asked, including if it saw anything about SCP 008. It nodded, which prompted immediate quarantine procedures and further testing. With the help of Chief Manger Jack, a number of bacteria's were found both inside and outside of SCP-1048's body. It also drew a picture dipicting 008-1 instances. A number of samples were taken for further analysis later. Afterword, SCP 1048 was Disinfected and examined for another sign of additional contaminant before being released. Hazmat equipment was disposed off after the test concluded. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: {ERROR FILE CORRUPTED} Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): It is clear that SCP-1025 does at least, have some affect on nonhuman/biological beings. However, how those aliments affect the reader is different. Unless a subject is actually able to become sick, reading the book will instead turn them into a piece of Hazardous material. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes and No, SCP 1048 did catch all the aliments that he actually read. But those aliments did not actually make him sick. Test Concluded.
  2. Lore Name: Geeman Amatin Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: 173 Question / Idea: Will SCP 173 go after all forms of life and/or human imitations? Background Research: 173 has shown hostility frequently towards all human life, however, Testing with none human life has been scarce. It has also never been tested if he ever went after something that simply "Appears" human but not really is. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that 173 will go after all forms of life, Excluding. human Mimics and/or dummies. I will give him a number of options for potential victims and see if he goes after one. Observations (What Happened During Test): After obtaining an MTF escort (Security was unavailable) i obtained a single D class, one human Dummy, and one small animal (Pig). Upon entering 173's CC the MTF unit and my Supervisor hope, all kept an eye on 173 while i set up the dummies and restrained the animal and D class in place. I had the D class pepper sprayed to ensure he would blink for the test. Once all the test subjects were in place the room was cleared of foundation personnel and the door shut. After a few minutes, the door was reopened and all 3 subjects showed signs of assault from 173, with the entity being covered in blood and the same for his CC. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: {ERROR FILE CORRUPTED} Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): SCP 173 clearly is hostile to at least human and non-human forms of life, however, the fact that he went after the dummy as well as the real human does a expose a possible weakness in 173. If it is possible to use dummies to "Lure" 173 into certain places, it may prove useful. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: My hypothesis was only partially correct. I did not think he would also show interest in the dummy. but as stated before, this may be a blessing in disguise.
  3. Lore Name: Geeman Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:52412050 Rank: LR
  4. Rank: Lead Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: three MTF {REDACTED} myself Geeman and LR Slurm Level D personnel involved: 1 SCP: 035 - 999 Errors and/or safety hazards: { DATA EXPUNGED } Question: can 999 calm the more sadistic side of 035 for so a interview could be conducted with greater success? Background Research: { DATA EXPUNGED } Hypothesis: { DATA EXPUNGED } Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): { DATA EXPUNGED } Analysis and Conclusion: { DATA EXPUNGED } Do your results align with your hypothesis?: { DATA EXPUNGED } { Note: No mention of the interview or what was asked is to be made except by those of CL4 or above }
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    Name: Geeman Status on Roster: Active Reason For LOA(If Private then put as N/A): WIFI provider is being a bitch so I gotta lessen my data usage otherwise until next bill date or it will get turned off. Duration of LOA: 5 - 7 Days
  6. Name: Geeman Rank: LR SCP: 096 List of Personnel involved in testing: myself LR Geeman and JR john and MTF Ray and Ori number D Personnel involved(if any): 2 Question/Preferred Outcome: utilizing my 096 control helmet can I make 096 do slightly more advanced task, also wish to confirm my complete control of the entity. Background Research: 096 is a indestructible humanoid that kills whatever looks at its face. prior testing with this device has yielded great results. This follow up test is to confirm the devices effectiveness and determine if 096 can complete more complex task and its response to certain scenario's. Risks/Safety Precautions: Due to the nature of this test GENSEC personnel could not be allowed to be utilized at the risk of a security breach. As a result MTF were used instead to maintain secrecy. Hazmats were also utilized per standard safety protocols. Labor/Work being used: 096 control device from prior test and experimentations. Observation: After the devices initial success several weeks ago, I decided that another test was in order. The prior test confirmed the device worked and that basic commands and functions were possible with it. But I wanted to go a little bit further. After contemplating what exactly I wanted to achieve with this test, I went about making the necessary preparations for it. First I obtained MTF escorts as a information leak of the devices existence would lead to disaster. Next I made sure that a CC of appropriate size was obtained, in this case 194's CC as the SCP was off site for the time being. And finally, a pair of D class to conduct "hazards duties." With my preparations completed, I ventured into the HCZ with my escorts and D class in tow, and secured 096 for the test. Once we were at 194's former CC, I had one MTF and my JR assistant remain outside while myself, the D class, and the 2nd MTF remain inside the CC. I ordered the door to close and both of them to observe from the observation room incase anything went wrong. While this may have sounded a little reckless, I felt it was necessary in order to insure that the results would not be altered by the presence of too many people, and to minimize any possible casualties. after fitting the device on SCP 096's CC, I had one of the D class released and unblindfolded by the MTF, initially he did panic at the sight of 096 but was told to calm down and reassured that the creature would not harm him. He relaxed and maintained compliance. When that was settled I activated the device and removed the cloth mask wrapped around 096's face. As before, he did not attack any personnel who gazed on his face, my MTF guard also made a disdaining remark regarding the entities features that I felt didn't need help. To start the test the D class was instructed to hold still while the MTF gave him a minor cut on his arm and at my request put his First Aid kit on the ground. 096 was then instructed to pick up the aid kit and apply the bandages to the D classes arm. SCP 096 complied and managed to pull out the bandages between his fingers, but did not seem to understand what to do with them and simply threw them at the D class several times before being instructed to stop. This was followed by a comment I made to the MTF guard stating sarcastically that he is a medical "Protégé." The MTF who was also a combat medic that he still wont be out of a job any time soon. The test was continued with a game of Hide and seek. So, the second D class was also released and both of them were instructed to hide in a random spot while 096 was instructed to look at the wall. When both of them were hidden SCP 096 was then instructed to search the room and find them. SCP 096 found both of them immediately. "Note: It appears that despite the devices ability to control 096, it doesn't repress his ability to instantly find individuals that gazed upon its face." Due to a request for my presence at another location I unfortunately had to shorten the test and finish this experiment with ordering SCP 096 to throw one of the D class in the air and catch him before he hits the ground. This is were I admit I blundered, SCP 096 threw the man straight into the ceiling with full force smashing his skull and catching the corpse startling everyone. He was immediately ordered to stop, the D class was killed instantly and its corpse was left for CC personnel. This was the last experiment for this Test, as my presence was need elsewhere, I instructed my assist to oversee the MTF as they returned 096 to its CC, and that the D class had his memory wiped before being returned to D block. Test concluded.
  7. Name: Geeman Rank: SR Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: myself SR Geeman, and MTF units: Samm, Doctor, Mystic, and Ori. [Note: for security reason real names were not given ] Level D personnel involved: 1 SCP: 939 - 966 Errors and/or safety hazards: Tranquilizers were utilized as well as D class in order to minimize foundation casualties. Hazmats were also used per standard safety protocol. Question: 966's potential future uses for the foundation and possible test by Utilization personnel. Background Research: 939 and 966 are both pack based predators, albeit 966 instances are also loners are occasion they have also been known to travel in groups and work together sharing their "Prey" 939 is the same but rarely is ever encountered alone in the field. The combat related capabilities of each will make this a interesting test. Hypothesis: Although 966 is capable of taking down human sized prey it has a fragile frame and relies on weakening a opponent over days before it feels comfortable to attack, it is also not as resilient or enduring as the 939 instances, as such a forced combat scenario will not to be its immediate advantage. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): "ERROR" "FILES CORUPPTED" Analysis and Conclusion: After obtaining permission for such a test I spent the next few days planning what I wanted to do. SCP 966 and 939 Cross test have been conducted before and the idea of reviewing them did come up before I made this request, but unfortunately the test lacked the specific details I required to make my determination on what is the next step for 966 in the research. Initially research on how to utilize the SCP have resulted in some major breakthroughs and finds, most notably the natural cloaking ability serum that I created some weeks ago. While it was far perfect, it was good enough to spark some interest which allowed me better access to resources and materials for further test. but after that initial discovery, interest and support for further experiments on 966 began to dry up quicker that I expected, as a result research was slowed down. So, I resorted to a slightly drastic measure of a Keter cross test. Obtaining permission for such a test was somewhat of a challenge as such test had already been done before, but lucky the files on these test lacked the necessary details that command was looking for and permission for the same test was given to me under the pretense of updating the logs. However even though it was not said this was also a test to see if 966 was worth any more of the foundations time and money. Permission to utilize several of the instances for the test was denied for security reasons much to my disappointment. The instances were strongest when working together and having only a single one of them take on a 939 was... well it doesn't matter now. The thing didn't need to win it just needed to put up a good show because truth be told I was just as curios as High Command as to wither or not 966 is worth any more time and wither or not I should move on to different projects... The test began after a debriefing was given to the involved personnel. due to the dangerous nature of the test, regular security personnel could not be used without a increase chance of casualties. As such members of the MTF Nu7 were called in and given instructions on how to deal with the instances. One D class was appropriated from his cell for the test and we began obtaining our SCPs. the 966 instances were easily obtained from their CC without incident and put in a crate that was taken to 939 CC. Along the way the last of the MTF arrived who was also their commanding officer who gave green light for the test to begin. After tranquilizing the 939 instance the D class and 966's box were put in front of its CC door and ordered to enter dragging it along. When ordered to open the box the D class was initially hesitant but complied and released the instance which was already awake. He panicked and hid underneath a piece of railing close to the door demanding it to be open. His yelling however also woke up the 939 instance which was very convenient as it saved us a adrenaline dart. the 939 instance saw the D class first and rather predictably dragged him from underneath the rail and tore him to pieces in a few seconds. At this point the 966 had already cloaked but was being constantly observed by MTF personnel and myself with Thermal optics. 939 also appeared to be someone aware of the instances presence as it stopped feasting on the D class and began to seemingly "Look" at it surroundings, as expected the 966 instance continued to use it natural stealth capabilities to avoid being detected by the instance and might have also used its REM sleep jamming ability on it. wither or not it will have any effect on the 939 instance will have to be discovered at a later date. 966 managed to avoid detection for several minutes but 939 was relentless in determining wither or not it heard or felt something before killing the D class. 939 attempted to use its mimicking voice ability to try and see if it can bring out the unknown intruder, but this failed to achieve any results. I was prepared to order the MTF personnel to try shoot in the vicinity of the 966 instance to force it to react, but at the same time 939 froze and glared right at the spot that the 966 instance was standing. it seemed contemplate for a minute or so before leaping right at 966. 966 managed to avoid the initial attack and even deliver a counter attack of its own, but while doing this it lost its cloak for a slit second confirming 939's suspicions. 939 attempted to once more attack 966 but lost track of it again. It began circling it cell making no noise while it did so. " Note: for future reference and cataloging the fact that 939 ceased making human noises showed it was able to understand its ability had to affect on this entity. this may indicate a higher level of intelligence than previously thought " during its circling the 966 instance was observed going into a corner by foundation personnel and continued to observer 939, after about 20 seconds of waiting 966 crept on 939 and struck it with one of its blades, but 939 was prepared for this and swiftly counter attacked 966, the attack left one of 966's arms unusable. However, despite the damage sustained 966 did not appear to bleed cry out in pain and simply returned to its cloaked state. 939 was also injured with two lacerations on its abdomen, both of the cuts were severe and bleeding, but like 966 939 gave no indication that it was in pain and resumed it circling pattern. 966 went to a different corner and stayed their observing 939 for another two hours. During this time its wounds began to regenerate and after around 88% of the injury was repaired it resumed its attack on 939 who was still injured but not regenerating. 966 this time attempted to strike its face but instead resuming its cloak it followed this attack with several more seeming to catch 939 off-guard and forcing it to give ground. When 966 attacks ended it attempted to reenter its cloaking state, but 939 pounced on it before it could completely cloak. 966 was able to avoid the pounce but not the series of cuts that 939 was lashing out in its direction after it achieved its full cloak state. 939 continued its attacks and each time it felt it was hit something it stuck even faster at the same spot and when it felt nothing it attacked even more rapidly in all directions hitting 966 before it could leave its range. Eventually 966 gave up on trying to hid and began to retaliate against 939. Both of them came head of at each other with 966 preparing a strike to 939's head. As its strike began to fall on the charging 939, 939 turned its torso slightly to the right while also standing up on its rear legs at the last moment. 966 strike missed, and it also appeared to have put its full force into this strike and so lost it balance taking a involuntary step forward to balance itself. This blunder gave 939 its chance and it came back down turning its head and engulfed all of 966's head its it mouth past its neck reaching the center of its chest. it lifted the 966 into the air while it struggled and thrashed blindly at 939's head and neck with its blades to no avail, 939 went on its rear legs again and brought itself back to the ground with 966 and loud crunch. 939 threw the instances corpse at the wall and gave a loud animal roar that was reported to have been heard throughout the HCZ. In order to prevent any unexpected side effects from consuming its corpse, 939 was tranquilized by MTF personnel and taken out of the cell under armed guard back to a neighboring CC temporarily. the 966 corpse was removed and slotted to be put on ice for future analysis by any personnel that was interested that are interested. The D classes corpse was left their to be removed by CC personnel. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: This test has shown that while not a master fighter by nature. 966 does possess basic intelligence and learning ability capabilities. It is my recommendation that testing and experimentation be continued on 966 by utilization personnel to discover more potential uses for this entity. If it can tell the difference between a real and fake human voice, and when to retreat and regroup before attacking again, it can learn other things. Also 939 also showed us some interesting traits about itself that also warrant further investigation. Test Concluded.
  8. Name: Geeman Current Rank: SR Time in Research (Approximate):about 1 - 2 months The position being applied for: Research Supervisor Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? 100-word minimum): I am not unfamiliar with the command position I am also feel I can bring a sense of professionalism and help lower ranking researchers with their test by acting not only as there supervisor but also their guide as to how these test can be done and how to do them with the most RP. I also enjoy the challenge that command gives you when you are tasked with leading people and insuring that their work benefits the foundation and ensuring that the Research Branch remains one of the most respected RP branches in the server. Lastly, it would be a privilege to be allowed to join command. What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run trainings, etc)?: I am often a noon - afternoon player although I am also seen in the evening as well. this means I can provide supervision during for early morning JR's with their test. This will result in more Activity hopefully from JR's so they don't have to wait all day for a supervisor to oversee their test. I can also help make increase activity by making new research personnel aware of the different branches that they can join in order to enhance their roleplay experience. And of course I will train any AR's that wish to join research as well whenever I am online.
  9. Name: Geeman Rank: 2ndLT FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): FTO RCF Rank (If Applicable, CPL+): JRCF Why should you keep your rank (WO+ must respond): I am a dedicated member of gensec having been part of it for months and putting most of my garry's mod hours into it. While I am still learning the ropes with command, I am doing my best to understand how to be a effective officer and leader .
  10. Name: Geeman Rank: SR SCP: 035 List of Personnel involved in testing: myself and a few MTF, IDs Unknown. and CC personnel Rav3n and enuz. Level D Personnel involved(if any): 2 Question/Preferred Outcome: the Question is quite simply can we put the Black ooze of 035 into use. the Material is extremely deadly to all known forms of life, especially human life. As such I want to see if it can be weaponized. The outcome I hope for is that I'm successful but also not as such a weapon may be quite difficult to counter if it is utilized by the wrong people. Risks/Safety Precautions: HAZMAT suits were utilized by all personnel during each phase of this test and research. Slightly more security were also obtained for the first phase of the test as the risk of a Containment breach were high. Required escorts/Test Subjects: about 3 MTF were utilized for test but they refused to Identify themselves. 2 D class were also used at the final phase of the test. Background Research: 035 is constantly dripping out a unknown black ooze from its eyes and mouth. This substance is highly corrosive to materials but has the least effect on glass for a unknown reason. its also fatal for anyone that touches it, SCP 035 is also able to Control this substance and use it to materialize arms and attack personnel. Observation/Analysis: the First phase of the Test began with obtaining samples of 035's Black ooze, to do this myself and my supervisor Earl obtained a Multi layered Glass box which was constructed previously to move the Mask as well as several Glass syringes. After obtaining the equipment and a putting on our stand issue HAZMAT suits we obtained around 2 - 3 MTF to act as guards, GENSEC could not be utilized for this test as they lacked the needed training and equipment to handle any possible 035 breaches. Both of us went to 035's CC were it was still placed in his Container. I volunteered and was warned that if I was possessed by 035 that I would be immediately terminated. I accepted the risks and entered his CC, I will admit 035 did attempt to influence my mind but I was able to overcome it and leave its CC with the samples. After obtaining the samples I was incapacited in the hallway due to a unrelated breach and was taken to the medbay were I was treated. I awoke a few hours later and was told that the MTF guards took me their and Earl had left the samples in a secure room to be tested on. I immediately went and obtained the samples for testing, much to the displeasure of the medical staff who said I still needed time to heal. I however had no intention of waiting all day. the samples would eventually eat away their container and cause a breach. So, after obtaining the samples I began Phase two and spent the better part of two weeks studying the black ooze which needed to be transferred into 3 different boxes as it kept eating away at it. At first, I attempted to see if the ooze could be utilized in a more direct manner such as a tranquillizer. But due to its corrosive nature and the fact that glass or metal syringe wouldn't be able to hold it for very long I decided to do a different approach and put it into a gas like state. I did this by putting the samples and their box into a metal container and subjecting it to high amounts of heat that were measured at around 2800 - 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, This also had a unintended of "Pacifying" the Black ooze as it began to scream within the incinerator ceased to react hostilely once taken out. The sample was also able to reach its boiling point it turned into its gas like state. Once this was done the sample was transferred into a Glass canister as its corrosive properties were maintained and placed in a Glass CC with 2 D class personnel. The canister was on a remote control and was activated. The effects were immediate. Both D class personnel were terminated within a few seconds with the only obvious symptom of that they have been poisoned was that they coughed up a large amount of blood before termination. The Gas itself Dissipated after about a hour and to make sure the entire CC was cleansed with both fire then standard cleaning materials by CC personnel. [ Note: Raven was slightly less than cooperative when tasked with cleaning the CC inquire should be made. ] Energy/Item(s) Gained: we have obtained a highly lethal Gas that while difficult to control is also Highly effective against human life. wither or not it can affect other forms of life will require further testing. I am also under no illusion that this discovery will have its critics and its use on the field will be forbidden by the Ethics Committee. However, I did not pursue this line of testing simply to create a deadly weapon, it is my job to discover the potential uses that all the SCPs have before our enemies do and use those discoveries against us, should they ever obtain the SCP's in question. We now know that SCP 035 has a practical and deadly use other than for information. And as such we now can prepare for the possibility that someone else might utilize it against us. Test concluded.
  11. Name: Geeman Rank: Researcher SCP: 096 and 194 Test subjects: 3 D class Escorts/Assistances needed: JR Tanga and MTF Mystic and MTf Taco. Labor/Work being used: I have Created a device that I believe will allow a individual to give both remote and vocal orders to 096. also as a safety precations the device is fitted with a delta wave inhibitor that will wipe the memory portion of the brain of 096 so it does not remember any individuals that gaze at its face should the device fail to control that function of his. Observation: with the assistance of JR Tanga, 2 D class were brought into 194's CC with the 194 entity being restrained and removed temporarily from the CC and put under guard. I obtained 096 with mystics assistance and fitted the device onto 096's Head. He was escorted into 194's CC and was left in their with the D class who were instructed not to look at its face. once and JR Tanga were in the observation room I activated the device and started issuing basic orders to 096. The entity obeyed all the orders and was then instructed to terminate only one of the D class which it did. Further testing was conducted to ensure 096 was under my complete control including a order being issued to the D class to gaze at 096's face, 096 gave no reaction. Eventually I ordered it to terminate the last remaining D class and had the MTF escort 194 into the CC. once inside and the door sealed 194's restraints' were remote detonated and I issued the order to 096 to engage 194. The entity barely lasted a few seconds before 096 tore it to peacies. After its success I ordered the MTF to put a mask on its face and activated the Delta wave Inhibitor to wipe 096's memory before removing the device. The entity did not react violently to any personnel that previously seen its face and it was escorted back to its CC without incident. This test has shown that 096 can be put to great use in situations were foundation personnel would be in mortal danger and casualties would be expected. Using him we can avoid needless losses and not have to waste anymore time or money on how to kill the damn thing. the device has been placed in a safe in the Research Bunks that will require Level 3 clearance to access. I advise Level 4 clearance or higher and the device put in a secure area, to avoid the possibility of it being stolen or access by unauthorized personnel.
  12. Name: Geeman Rank: AR SCP: 966 Question: Is it possible to harness 966's Cloaking ability? Preferred Outcome: Required escorts/Test Subjects: SGT Neko Wafer, and Two MTF and 1 D class plus 3 more later. Observation/Analysis: The first step was to obtain Sample of 966 to be studied and experimented with to see if this idea was even possible. One D class and MTF escorts were obtained for 966 with the D class being used to gather samples in order to avoid any possible casualties. Sleeping Gas was introduced into 966's CC before the D class entered and was also given a minor surgical kit in order to collect the samples. The Skin and Blood samples were easily obtained and given to me by the D class before the test began. In order to obtain brain samples the D class was given a special syringe in order to avoid any accidental terminations of any SCP 966 instances. It was risky, but the D class managed to obtain and turn in those samples as well. At this point all the critical samples were obtained. But bone marrow samples seemed like a good bonus to try and get, but due to the fact that obtaining such a sample would cause immense pain and possibly wake up the SCP the D class was told to retrieve them. His attempt failed and the enraged 966 screamed and woke up the other 966's and terminated the D class. Even though I was unable to obtain any bone marrow, the previously obtained samples would suffice. After a few days and one all nighter, I managed to create 3 synthetic formulas using certain enzymes found in the Blood and Skin samples that I believe is what gave the 966's their cloaking ability. However, I had only a limited idea of what these injections effects would be on the human body. So, I obtained a escort from GENSEC as well as 3 additional D class and took them to the Glass CC's to test the effects of the formulas. it took a few hours to make each one and I didn't want to waste any time in seeing if my work was actually going to pay off. Each D class was put into a cell and injected with the 966 serum and observed. The Results were a mixture of fascinating and disappointing. One D class skin began to melt off his face and he appeared to suffer from extreme mental Defects and was barely able to communicate so was terminated. The other two however turned out better. Both obtained cloaking abilities and one seemed to be completely fine both mentally and physically. The other however became insane and had to be terminated by my escort. the last D class was observed for several hours and questioned at odd intervals to determine his mental health. He did not show any negative signs, However given the nature of his new abilities he could not be allowed to leave his CC and receive amnestics so he was terminated with blood samples being taken from his corpse. All remaining SCP and the D classes samples were stored in the medbay for future testing. Energy/Item(s) Gained: we managed to obtain a partially working formula that can render people invisible at will. wither or not these effects are permanent or if its possible to avoid major side effects remains to be seen. The formula was saved onto the computers inside the Research break room { Bunks } and require Level 3+ clearance to review, wither or not a higher clearance level is needed I will leave to more senior individuals to decide. Test Concluded.