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  1. +support Yeah, the only reason I'd think they'd want them to have em is to show how to cuff the D-boys but that can just be done after they do the test.
  2. -Supp I see where you are coming from but this is just something that is going to happen. people are going to take cover and people are going to heal up, there are other people that like to strategize other than just run blindly into GENSEC, riots are just part of the game, there's no need to try and nerf the D-class so they aren't able to experience that part of the game.
  3. Oh damn, you right. are we just taking 194 out or are they going to share the room?
  4. ^ I feel like buffing the GENSEC just to counter the Rezs would create an unequal balance to the normal D-class that actually want to escape. With a buff, you'd think it'd be great to take down the rezs but then that would leave the normal D-boys that don't want to get researched feeling way too small and would just get off since not every D-boy wants to be experimented on, some want to feel like taking down a higher power that when overwhelmed can obviously be taken down, but with a buff then that would leave just normal D-boys waiting for reznovs to flag up for the smallest fighting chance.
  5. That's an issue, do we have anyone that could help him with it?
  6. +Support Sounds like it could be a refreshing new SCP to the game -The question, where on the map could he go?
  7. Hey, my names Hollow, I've been playing SCP roleplay for a bit over a week now and I've really enjoyed my time here and I will be around for some time to some. I will stand by when I say this but "A server is only as good as it's a community", and this community is on par with some of the most diverse and fun communities out there. I've been through a lot of communities that won't welcome people in as well as this one has and it makes me happy that even with my 4000 hours in Gmod I'm able to find a community that is refreshing but not too overwhelming to the touch that it would turn me away. Everyone has been really cool or chill and it shows that many of these people really like SCP lore and will try their best to roleplay around it. I'm glad to introduce myself into the community and hope that I will be able to make a staple of "I remember Hollow, pretty chill dude".
  8. If it's already being used and is already effective and working why not add it? +Sup
  9. Thank you for commenting, I also agree that there should be some more enforcing on the GENSEC NLR, that's where most of my concern goes to in this situation. and a lot of the time it's during riots. Although I am not sure how else to enforce it other than me having to remember the names of a SO or other dieing and having to watch their door for 3 minutes. I'd be happy to see any suggestions though