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  1. +/-Support I understand that having to be recontained quickly can be annoying but it is one of the most dangerous SCP's on site 05. However I do a problem arise when MTF always just sacrifice themselves each time for a femur. As listed in the containment procedures a D-Class should be used for recontainment and any other Personnel as a last resort so I do believe when 106 breaches containment maybe GenSec or MTF would take a D-Class and bring them to the containment chamber ASAP to get femured not just regular personnel
  2. + Support - Dedicated to the server - Answered Q16 correctly although as Castro said do try to help calm them down. - Shown maturity and knowledge of the server from my interactions with him - No recent warnings
  3. + Support Rather them gamble money away then waste it on a chance they can make it to the surace ._.
  4. +/- Support Now above Matricies made a good point about separating the servers but that would still take some time, I would add onto this suggestion by saying for the time being we maybe have meetings recordings for GenSec. This keeps tracks of meetings and allows others to listen when they did not attend. Now this doesn't make meetings any less important to attend but having the recording to reflect on might bring up points in the next meeting if things haven't been changed.
  5. Also just noticed that we don't have a radio even though we are a security job. If that could be added I would appreciate it.
  6. The steam ID STEAM_0:0:99656823 was not whitelisted to the job when I made the initial post which it is why it was reposted here, there should only be 5 and I am not sure if there was a copy and paste issue but Jared did not get the whitelist hence the reason for the request here.