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  1. Nothing against you Blackstone no worries <3 though if you want I'll give you a tour on the weapons if you wish and give your honest opinion?
  2. + support Biased? Yes. Unreasonable bias? No Alright but not screwing around I believe this is needed, with how professional and advanced A1 is supposed to be, and how we escort the Site Administration through the facility, I see no issue with putting A1 at the same level of weaponry that every other branch is at. This is needed in my opinion to make A1 better, even better then it already is <3
  3. Name: starr Rank: Major Will you try to be active through the school year: Of course Do you believe that you deserve your position in A1: Maybe What is your current Activity on the Roster, and if not active will you try to improve it: My activity may decrease to staff, I want to hit admin. However, I will still be willing to be dedicated to the branch and always be in teamspeak.
  4. Name: starr Identification (SteamID): STEAM_0:1:417990687 Do you have a Donation Rank (Ex. Platinum, Bronze): Silver ;-; Trello Name (Username): starr Current Rank: Member Do you wish to stay on the Team: bruh yee Can you stay active throughout the school season: of course
  5. + Support One of the very few bois that will actually fill in for staff when it's needed and manages sits very well, even if he has to do it by himself. <3
  6. In-Game Name: starr SteamID: STEAM_0:1:417990687 Server: SCPRP Custom Job Name: Charlie-3 "The Last Stance" Problem: I recently purchased 200 armor for my CC and it was $50 which I put in, I also want to say that when I got on to play with the person who paid to be on as well as with me, there is still only one slot available and not 2. If either you can fix this or I can be told how I would love it to happen plz and thanks! <3
  7. Name: starr Status on Roster: Mod/A1 LJG/Nu7 CPL. Active Reason For LOA(If Private then put as N/A): N/A Duration of LOA: Will try to make it reasonably quick however with schooling on top it might be longer. Possible updates if needed.
  8. I'm the owner and yeah, of course, I approve of this big lad.
  9. Other people I grab that are usually spamming the button over and over again, whether bottom or top, will stop after I tell and reason with them that it makes the time unfun for everyone waiting for the elevator and then when it happens to them they understand there too. People who I don't see that do it once and run off most of the time won't do it again because the D-Class remember their names out of spite and will report them to staff if they do it again immediately. When I tried to reason with you, you were hostile and even changed your name in the middle of the sit, which says you ment not only the name but everything else you did and said. All of it is pretty disrespectful to anyone and especially the staff of a server which are just trying to make it equal for everyone.
  10. Well there were multiple issues with this situation, it started off being two (later three) tickets from other D-Class that someone was spamming the elevator button, when I went there, there was no one pressing it from the bottom floor when it went up again so when I went up and saw barely any D-Class around and you at the button I waited and watched. All the other D-Class up there were either in the line or messing around with prop booth 527 created, which I had to get rid of as well, so yes when I saw you press it a second time I definitely assumed that you pressed it in the first place which had gotten all the tickets. However, when I went over and grabbed you pulling you away from the button my words were simple and I wasn't saying it in a hostile tone, "Hey can you stop doing that, cause it's making it a lot less fun for everyone else." everyone else being the D-Class at the bottom obviously. When I pulled you away not even letting me speak you start spamming in chat "get off" and asking me if I had proof of what you did which makes me assure from your immediate hostility that you did it multiple times and when you were caught you were aggravated. Then when I tried reasoning with you that I watched you do it twice and even was willing just to let you off with a verbal if you would've calmed down a little, though, you kept going saying "get off" "BS" and "get off FFS" then changing your name to getthefuckoff. In the span of a minute or two of trying to just speak to you, you showed a lot of hostility and didn't want to cooperate at all, so the problem escalated and you got warned for NCWS, which was a reasonable warn for the way you went by the situation, and Staff diss, which was because of the constant get off and get off for FFS and even going to the extent of changing your name during a sit just to tell me to go away.
  11. In-Game Name: starr SteamID: STEAM_0:1:417990687 Server: SCPRP Custom Job Name: Charlie-3 "The Last Stance" Color of Job: 38, 4, 71 Job Editions: ^ I want to change one of my weapons from the tfa_nmrih_fubar, to the tfa_csgo_negev $10 Lastly, I would like to give myself 200 armor which is 20 for the 100 and 30 for the rest $50
  12. Name: starr Branch: Janitor/Medic Rank: EXP Janitor / Medic Rate your Activity from 1 to 10 (1 being very low 10 being incredible) : 5 Are you on the Roster: Yes
  13. +support after all the drama and RDM this is a nice change in pace and something else to dedicate to other than riots and escaping, which is kinda the only purpose of D-Class rn
  14. - support The point of a D-Class cc is to be D-Class, they are also not as powerful as everyone thinks they are, and yes... their a strong class, the ONLY one for D-Class, however, yes they might be strong but the point of a D-Class cc is to help D-Class since escaping is hard and you guys nerfed the one-shot melees (or are trying) so yes, their gonna use range then if they can't use a melee to be the strongest of D-Class. Also, they have put plenty of money to make the class a tank/leader for D-Class and just to have fun every now and then (like every other cc). Lastly, if you shove them onto the surface they will then get the max armor/health, have stronger weapons, and become practically a CI cc, then which MTF would complain about since the amazing support for that class will no doubt give them strong items. This is unlogical and if this is able to be done then you might as well remove D-Class cc's, which isn't an option because once again a LOT of money was put into this cc just like the other "op" cc's, sorry but even as a GenSec SO I've killed a reznov and held D-Block so I don't see the problem. If you want to limit their weapon selection logically (keyword there) then do so, but people spend real money on this and forcing a change like that is ruining what they spent money on it for. Especially to a class that's been limited plenty enough. Five is also a lot less than the 30 D-Class that rush and which half are either RDMing or AFK, if there aren't enough GenSec then we could flag