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  1. I am very sorry about the name calling. I do remember things getting out of hand because no one would listen to me about my friend lying. All the things I said and how I wouldn't cooperate was kind of the heat of the moment. Right now, looking back I do think that I should have reacted differently. I am apologising trying to get back on this server because this is still the only server all of my friends play on. I do believe that over the time from the ban I have matured. I used to troll and name call all the time and now looking back I know it's very childish and shouldn't be done. I certainly can keep my calm now and I am pleading to be unbanned. If you uban me and I even get a simple warn then you can ban me again. That's how much I believe that I've matured and none of this will happen again. Do you think you could show some mercy and give me a second chance?
  2. Steam Name: CKMonster57 Ingame Name: CKMonster57 SteamID: CKMonster57 Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: SRT 2LT Willy 1T10 Reason for Ban: Mass Player Diss | NITRP | FailRP | Diss to JMT | ARDM | Lying to Staff Dispute: Hey, so about last month I was banned from this police rp server. Me and my friend we're both just playing on it and he decided it would be funny to tell the admins that I was calling him names and trolling him to get me in trouble. I then started to argue with the admins which accuse me of all these things that my friend lyed about and said I did. So then I was permabanned for 'lying to staff' and 'dissing other players'. There were a few more reasons, but none of this would have happened if my friend hadn't lyed about me doing all those things. Which is why I feel this ban is unfair. Thanks.