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  1. Name: Guy Branch: Janitorial & Technician Rank: Junior Janitor, Junior Tech Rate Your activity: 7 or 4 (depending on outside forces making me do other stuff)
  2. Hows it been final piece to a ever growing SCP-999 stress relief puzzle. Gotta say I am getting sick and tired of it too. Maybe with this one I can finally reach a point of testing on some Euclid boys. Till then, enjoy what I got or don't and be sure to give some criticism if you'd like. I am no perfect JR but, I do try. ?
  3. Sha boy Dr. Guy is back at it again. Lemme know what to improve on. And as always thanks for the consideration and there is more to come.?
  4. First Ever Research Report thing. Lemme know if I need to work on something. Thanks for any viewing and consideration.?