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  1. My custom class dissapointed me, cuz the lockpick doesn't really do anything and the 10 min wait and I have no armour. I hope this is okay if I change my custom class completely.... The job name was "Mentally Insane" In-Game Name: Mentally Ill SteamID: STEAM_1:1:220784690 Server: SCPrp Custom Job Name: D - 666 Color of Job: Red Job Description: D - 666 Has survived even all these years, and has made a Arsenal of weapons and discovering new things everyday to escape. Weapons: tfa_csgo_galil . tfa_csgo_deagle. (Medkit) Model: models/vector_orc.mdl Sorry, I just hope I can change it thats all.
  2. In-Game Name: Mentally Ill SteamID: STEAM_0:1:220784690 Server: SCP rp Custom Job Name: Mentally Insane Color of Job: White Job Description: This man escaped a Insane asylum wishing to go free, but through his way to his destination his vision went black. He ended up in this place, confused. So he planned to get his revenge. He is friends with the CI but likes to go alone, also likes to free SCP's so they can help him on his mission for revenge. He is also aloud to roam free on the surface. Player Model: models/player/agent_47.mdl Weapons: tfa_csgo_negev . tfa_csgo_deagle . (Lockpick)