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  1. The Custom Class (CI Abba) Spawns inside the foundation EZ. Could CI Abba Please be moved to the CI Spawn.
  2. I would like to add this knife from BF4 knifes In Scp bf4_knife_boot (If possible) If the weapon is Rejected then I would like to replace bf4_knife_boot If tfa_nmrih_fireaxe. Edit: Would also like to switch the M24 for the AWP (If Possible)
  3. Of course. Whatever needs to happen for the Faction Change.
  4. I would like to switch the Psi-8 From MTF to CI. I would also like to switch both CC name and Description. Custom Job Name: CI Abba Custom Job Description: Once a member of the foundation but defected after seeing the D-class brutality and witnessing the many horrors of the SCP Foundation. Now Fighting With the CI to Eradicate Every SCP Personnel with the exception of High Value Targets. Abba Members are hard to kill, Silent, And seemingly know when to strike at times. They Are also known to hunt down their targets like wolves in a hunt. Should their names be called out be prepared to have a knife shoved through your teeth and a lot of bones broken. Proof Of Switching Factions and for both Name and Description.
  5. Can Security have Salute Sweps? Some of the security Jobs Don't have it and In Security meetings Saluting makes it hard since The jobs don't have it. People have to type it and It makes it a little difficult.
  6. Are there any restricted playermodels for Non-Rp Custom classes? (I know Inappropriate or Offensive player models aren't allowed) and Also Are Non-Rp Custom Classes restricted on the Scp Server? (playing on Scp Server) Like, If I wanted to create A dog would the player model be restricted? Or would I have to have a reason for the dog player model.
  7. If It's possible would I be able to switch from MTF and go to CI? I want to switch the Psi-8 to CI But I Don't know if it's possible or if it's allowed.
  8. Are there Any restrictions (Besides Being In RP situations) on Non-RP Custom Classes? Like Are there No Non-Rp CC's on Specific Servers and What They're allowed and not allowed to get from the shop (Custom Job Additions).
  9. Is there a chance that the Old MTF Psi-8 Playermodel can be added? If so can it be added and not replaced like the Reznov CC.
  10. If waiting for the server reset doesn't work do I just keep waiting for the server resets and see if my donator rank updates?
  11. Sorry! I forgot about that I don't know which guns are allowed. (except for the machine guns) I edited the secondary to another gun. I apologize if I caused any inconveniences.
  12. 25$ for the tranq and cuffs, 30$ for the 200 AP, 20$ from Tec-9 to tfa_csgo_usp and the Mp7 to the tfa_m24, And 80$ for adding a player model to the Custom job and exceeding the 4MB.
  13. Steam Name: Stitch Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Server: SCP RP Custom Class: MTF Psi-8 ("The SIlencers") Changes: Armour - 30$, Changing the Tec-9 to tfa_svt40 , Adding Playermodel - Playermodel Does exceed 4MB, Adding Tranq and cuffs. Proof is here (along with my Steam ID): Edit: switched the 20$ to the 30$ for the armor, also I would like to keep both models for my CC if possible. Edit 2: Also wondering if I could be allowed a Cloak for the Silencers. And if so how much would it be? Edit 3: Added 10$ to change both weapons (Again sorry for any inconveniences)
  14. If I already have a Custom Class and I wanted to make another would I be able to do so or would I have to Re-do my Custom Class? Also I was wondering if I do decide to make a Non-Rp Custom Class would I pay 80$ or would I have to pay 160$ And One last question. If It's possible can I add another Model to my CC? if so how much would it be? (Another option to choose from) Sorry for these Edits, I just have so many questions and I don't want to be annoying to anyone but If I were to Re-do my Custom Job and switch it with A player model with Custom Animations would It be allowed?
  15. In-Game Name: Security LCPL Adrian Shepherd SteamID: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Server: SCP-RP Custom Job Name: MTF Psi-8 ("The Silencers") Color of Job: Default (Black) Job Description: Mobile Task Force Psi-8 specializes in the investigation, tracking, containment and/or destruction of individuals suspected to be capable of or having been affected by reanimation anomalies, as well as investigating suspected cases of communication with deceased individuals. Obeys all commands from SGM+, any MTF Commander, and Site Admins. Model: Female Assassin: Weapons: tfa_mp7, tfa_tec9 Lockpick or Medkit: Medkit CI or MTF: MTF Proof of Purchase: