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  1. It's 160MB but can I safely assume you'll deny it?
  2. I was told a while ago that high number MB Playermodels aren't allowed since it would heavily affect the server and cause lag for everyone that was on the server. I have carefully looked through the FAQ Custom Class section and can't see the limit .I apologize if this topic appears to be negative in anyway, I would like to know the limit before making a topic with a playermodel that's high than 45.
  3. I have reason to believe that certain doors are connected to each other when one of them is opened by someone. I also believe that this is the cause of doors to break and prevent people from passing through them. Garry's Mod (x64) 2020-09-20 18-44-18_Trim.mp4 At the very beginning of this 5 second clip is an MTF opening the door to pass through.
  4. Ingame Name: Price Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Job Name: Psi-8 'The Silencers' Removing Player: STEAM_0:1:36467260 ($5) New Players: STEAM_0:158218293 STEAM_0:1:190171360 STEAM_0:0:72479569 ($30) - Paid by STEAM_0:0:11606072 Clan Removal : dt1bZFR2u/TT+mrzz0rwsrGa7pw= MaIeafxwbGPNr/nwqrgwlUCr6qM= sIGerDPotSGwMQLat2uJbfwYhpM= CzL1fXcve7mha9FD40MzVGRm7lk= - Paid by STEAM_0:0:11606072 Clan Addition: qNNVYocRtBq523YHUa63deZI2Y0= xDWfrTAxnpaEh4Om0uH09otOQhI= NnakdfJbzEG61BrpwXpEyEkB1h0= - Paid by STEAM_0:0:11606072 ($175 total for both adding & removing) Discord removal tags: evil#2188 Daedran#5511 Pixelated#8252 jimsachead19972#3087 New Discord tags: Starstep#7823 TheZeus#9823 Romantisch#1447 Small note: I've noticed for the longest time that my custom classes don't have access to their comms when typing with either /foundation, /mtf, or /CI. Would it be possible to have these added to them?
  5. Would it be possible to talk about the options for it on the scp-rp server? or is it still no non-rp models allowed?
  6. In game name: Price Your Steam64 ID: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Name of Deathcard: Watch your back Imgur link to deathcard image:
  7. Sorry, I have (hopefully) found a player model that I found. It's been frusterating for me and I don't want this to drag on and have this post here for eternity.
  8. Sorry, Would I have to choose a new playermodel since this one has been denied?
  9. This is just a repost for the original one. I had made it and waited for about 4-5 weeks and it disappeared. In-Game Name: Harrison Forge SteamID: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Custom Job Name: Kemeris Color of Job (MUST BE IN RGB FORMAT 255,255,255) 255, 0, 0. (Red) Job Description: " Kemeris is not your common creature that any humans see everyday, he's not too fond of them and has an unpleasant experience with humanity chasing him with their weapons and intentions of making him into a taxidermy. As a result he's been traveling constantly all over the world in stealth and has killed any human that have made an attempt on his life.(Non-Government job)" Model (Workshop Playermodel MUST be under 4mb, and the word Playermodel and Ragdoll must be in the title or description. YOUR MODEL MUST EXCEED THE HEIGHT OF THE 1X1 PLATE): Model Path: models/mailer/wow_characters/wowanim_c_arakkoa2.mdl Playermodel not on server (+$70) Paid by: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Playermodel not RP (+$80) Paid by: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Playermodel over 4MB (+$100) Paid by: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Added 100 Armor and kidnap SWEP. ($40) Weapons : tfa_nmrih_chainsaw, tfa_csgo_m249, tfa_csgo_awp, and tfa_model500. Total: $290 This is not 100% accurate to the original post. I have made changes to the description and weapons.
  10. Ingame Name: Price Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Job Name: Kaiju Hunter Old Playermodel Link: New Playermodel Link: ($15 Changing out Female Player model) ($35 Not in the server)- Paid by STEAM_0:0:11606072 New Playermodel Model Path: models/player/borderlands/assassin.mdl ($150) Replacing Playermodel: models/kuma96/monsterhunterworld/characters/female/odogaron/f_odogaron_f_npc.mdl Gun Change: tfa_m98b -> tfa_mp7 cross_arms_infront_swep -> tfa_nmrih_fubar ($15) tfa_csgo_negev -> tfa_m3 - Paid by STEAM_0:0:11606072 Name Change: Kaiju Hunter-> Psi-8 "The Silencers" ($5) Paid by STEAM_0:0:11606072 Description change ($5): Psi-8 isn't the same as the original one, They are a group composed of loyal MTF from different branches that have sworn not to ever fall like the original had did. Each Psi-8 members have gone through the same training as the original one has been through, from special Formations to different tactics. They don't speak so they can't ever leak any information out to the enemy in the event they are captured, they just use their hands and use robotic voices instead of their real voice. Removing Players: STEAM_0:1:233844281, STEAM_0:1:100005184, STEAM_0:0:191338037. ($15) Paid by STEAM_0:0:11606072 Also: I'm not sure if you're aware but the Non-RP Custom Class I created on the policerp section has disappeared. Total: $235
  11. Ingame Name: Price Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Job Name: Task Force 141 Gun Change: tfa_m98b -> tfa_csgo_awp ($10) - Paid by STEAM_0:0:11606072
  12. Ingame Name: Price Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Job Name: CI Abba Gun Change: tfa_m98b—> tfa_csgo_awp tfa_vector —> tfa_csgo_sg556 ($20) - Paid by STEAM_0:0:11606072 Adding CI Comms & Radio to Abba. ($45)
  13. Sorry, I didn't realize I accidentally posted in the completed section.
  14. I am currently thinking about purchasing a Non-RP Custom class but I have a question about them. 1. If I do purchase the Non-RP option would the option to make it a government class be avalible? I am asking this one since I see a Custom class by the name of "A Dog" and in the description shows that it's a government job. 2. I would like to add a animated dog Player model but it needs a add-on called "[Miscellaneous] 4-legged Armature Animations". The add-on is 0.162 MB. If not then I have an alternative solution to this. For and if allowed to be combined with
  15. Your in game name: Stitch Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:11606072 The player's in game name: Hello The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:522101918 What did the player do: Saying bad things about IRL Problem. Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: a Perma ban from the community. Any extra information: