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  1. Name: Abba Rank: MSGT Callsign: XC3 Activity: 2 - 3 days a week DiscordID#: Left2playgames#3173 Suggestions (If None Leave Blank): What would you like to achieve in CI: Becoming a good leader.
  2. Ingame Name: Abba Job Name: Task Force 141 Server: Scp-RP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_1:0:217731416 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_1:0:11606072
  3. Adding the weapon tfa_nmrih_fists (20$) And Changing tfa_csgo_mp5 To tfa_mp5sd (10$) For Task Force 141 Proof:
  4. Yes I understand, And I apologize for making this mistake with the edits and redo's. Next time that I do a Custom Job on another server I'll take the hour Re-checking the guidelines, re-read the weapons unavailable, and carefully do the calculations before purchase. I can safely assure you this is the last Custom Job I'll create on the Scp-Rp server. I can only imagine how annoyed you are with me and my ridiculousness with this post.
  5. I keep doing the math and re-checking the Custom Job format while looking at the purchase history and it comes back to 520$. Sorry for making any mistakes. It's either I'm rusty or I'm blind Edit: I calculated everything on the purchase history 4 times.(not including the Credits or the 20$ player additions) and I have a total of 520$. I have subtracted everything above and came with 70$. If Possible May I have another weapon? Preferably tfa_nmrih_fists. (For Price) If I am unable to add another weapon without paying then I'll just take the current loadout that I have listed. Also thank you for being very patient with me and Sorry about adding onto the comment list.
  6. Price and Soap are the two options then. I updated the Playermodels.
  7. I have added the 50$ to the additional playermodel pack. If I need to make more payments I will do my best to pay what is required.
  8. Make another post? Just for clarification.
  9. Ingame Name: Abba Job Name: CI Abba Server: Scp-RP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:0:46395716 STEAM_0:1:42689595 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Proof:
  10. So I would need to pay an additional 50$?
  11. In-Game Name: Abba SteamID: STEAM_0:0:11606072 Server: Scp-RP Custom Job Name: Task Force 141 Color of Job: None. (76,195,78) Job Description: Task Force 141 is a multinational special operations unit composed of members of British, Australian, American, Canadian and possibly other foreign personnel, usually those with previous Special Ops experience. Models: Playermodel links: models/player/price_phoenix.mdl - 100$ for being over 4MB models/Humans/Soap.mdl - 100$ for being over 4MB Both Player models not in server - 140$ Weapons: Melee: tfa_nmrih_machete Side arm (Pistol): tfa_csgo_usp Primary: tfa_csgo_mp5 Additional Weapon: tfa_csgo_flash - 20$ (If the Flashbang isn't allowed I'll take the tfa_csgo_frag) Lockpick or Medkit: Medkit CI Or MTF: MTF (I would Prefer if the Spawn Location for the Custom Class would be set at E-11 Base) Adding 200 HP and 200 Armor - 90$ Total: 450$ Proof Of Purchase: EDIT: Realized I didn't get the restraints. - 10$ EDIT 2: Adding another 50$ EDIT 3: Playermodel Yuri Removed. EDIT 4: Reviewed Custom Job Format.
  12. I would Like to remove someone from CI Abba SteamID: STEAM_0:1:90956491 Reason: hasn't been on since Oct 5. I would like to have open slots for other people to join. Who Paid: STEAM_1:0:11606072 Proof Of purchase:
  14. The total for CI Abba changes on the Scp-RP server 50$ - For adding another playermodel 50$ - For being over 5MB 20$ - For adding the playermodel 20$ - For switching two weapons Playermodel Link: models/kuma96/borderlands3/characters/zero/zero_pm.mdl Switching tfa_csgo_sg556 for tfa_csgo_sawedoff Switching tfa_nmrih_welder for tfa_nmrih_machete Total - 140$
  15. I wish to add the Pro Keypad Cracker to the class. I keep getting trapped and I have no way out SteamID: 76561197983477872