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  1. Name: James Dark (the only one Current Rank: Lead Researcher (been it for a really long time) Time in Research (Approximate): thats a hard one i would say 1 year by now or more i can't remember fully when i joined Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? (100-word minimum); I have been in research for a long time. i believe to see myself as a character that is and can continue to be a fun and interesting part of the research. but i also know for a good time now i have not been that active but i want to keep my promise to Kuma and Weiss that i will not become a ghost in the background and now kicking myself up to do the one thing i never saw myself doing and that is going for research command i'm hard working and always stay within the character i play i know i can do much more within the research command group then the lead researcher group and i will host interesting research experiments and not throw a d class in front of an scp just to torture the d class. What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run trainings, etc)?; I believe i can make research more active since i live in a different time zone i can give the once that come online in other times when most people aren't one something to do and have a little more fun with, i know a lot of the SCP lore and i know what i can do to help them get a fun research experiment done since we normally only see the same things being done over and over again i believe i might be able to inspire more interesting and new work this way we don't have to repeat the old stuff and we can for once move on with our jobs in research and discover new things about the SCP's. ps. hope you are proud and happy weiss and kuma
  2. Full Name (Lore Name): James Dark Occupation(Rank): Lead Researcher Current SCP:RP Level: 53 Requested Name(i.e RIG Unit 0904 JD Who gave you permission to apply?: Kuma and kuma 2 Why should the foundation authorize your requested unit? (80 word minimum): I have promised to become more active and will do my job to help out my fellow researchers, i am a hard worker when i put my mind to my job and does not at any means disappoint my fellow researchers and can help out as an extra hand with this position of the work field, i know the map by full and can assist and follow a researcher that needs help with him or her job, and i can be trusted that i will fulfill my duties and work. (also kuma is watching me)
  3. Lore Name: James Dark Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:118422902 Rank: lead researcher Activity Level: low
  4. Lore Name: James Dark Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:118422902 Rank: lead researcher Activity Level: week-ends
  5. Lore name: James Dark. Give a brief description of your character: James is the smart but a bit insane type, he will at times risk his own life to make his goals reality, James has also been in contacts with plenty of SCP's that would normally murder anyone else and have walked out alive mostly alone, he is not afraid of most things and dose a lot test on SCP's but doesn't make a report if what he discovers isn't something new, James can be easily called a character over at times he seems to change his personality to match situation though he is just a bit twisted. Are you a member of, or currently applying for Command?: I am not a part of a command or currently applying though I wish I was a command. An entity has been reported to have manifested on the surface and is observed to be in a state of dormancy. After the area had been secured by local MTF, you are called up by Administration and have been told to bring two personnel of any kind with you, along with any equipment you need that is within your clearance. How will you prepare your trip to the surface? (100 Words): I would bring one trusted researcher that I know the abilities of and one combat medic. The equipment would be heat sensors, weapons if needed, a note pad to study its appearance and abilities, gas masks in case the SCP creates a form of deadly gas or any substances from there body that can kill a person, a camera to takes pictures of the SCP's appearance. You make your way up to the surface, and there stood the entity. It turns to you and begins to speak with you. After assurance by MTF that verbal contact will not result in aggravation, you begin to ask it questions. What are those questions? (50 Words): my questions would be: how did you get here? tell me what is it you believe you gain from entering this facility? is there anyone you are looking for? how did you find this place? what are you? where did you come from? who or what sent you?. Not long after, the entity begins to grow increasingly agitated for reasons you may have possibly discovered during your investigation. In a fit of rage, the entity begins to cut down nearby MTF, leaving only you and the two personnel you have brought, in the midst of the carnage. How will you handle the calamity? Do you try to reason with it? Or do you turn a tail and retreat? (100 Words): I would do both, I would start up with attempts of calming it down, while I do that I will have my researcher wright down anything the SCP is doing while having the medic tend to the wounded and try to get samples from the dead bodies that have been attacked by the SCP if everything fails and the SCP is getting more aggressive i will be forced to call for a retreat and a partial lockdown till we find a way to either contain the SCP or terminate it.
  6. Lore Name: James Dark (The real one) Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:118422902 Rank: lead Researcher Activity Level: weekends
  7. In-game Name: James Dark Rank: jr Are you an FTO/Containment Engineer: no Concerns or ideas for technical branch: none
  8. In-game Name: James Dark Rank: JR Are you an FTO/Containment Engineer: no Concerns or ideas for technical branch: none
  9. Lore Name: James Dark Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:118422902 Rank: Senior Research
  10. In-game Name: James Dark Rank: JR Are you an FTO/Containment Engineer: none of this at the moment Concerns or ideas for technical branch: no
  11. i didn't breatch scp's and not much for a man hunt the man hunt i did was for a mtf that stole the amulet dr bright did
  12. school is in the way most of the time
  13. Name: James Dark Rank: Lead Reasercher Time in Research: full game time 1 mouth What server do you play on? EU/US: both Number of strikes on the roster/reason for strikes: 1 strike for calling a troll a faggot Position applied for: Research manager How would you describe yourself (please be honest): i’m a strickt and strong researcher i take my job serious and keep an close eye over the other reserchers, i do not let anyone do as they wish without permision and work hard for correction, i also watch over some of the scp’s to make sure they are in good shape for tests and personaly makes sure my researchers are doing good Why do you think you should be command, what can you do that the rest of command can’t? 100-word minimum: i’m a hard working man and have close connections with scp’s i’ve seen 096 in the face and had a conversation with 049 face to face with now wall or barrier between us both senarios i have walked out alive, i always keep an eye on dr brigh and keep him in check and makes sure the jr’s dose not follow what he say and i do punish those that do, i’ve also been face to face with 393 though it was not a good day as those bloody dogs almost took my arm, i do not fair the scp’s as ik how to handle them in most situations after experiance, i’ve also been there under break in’s by other scp’s that do not belong in the facility and been close to scp 053 over a period of time when it was placed in the facility in a period of time, this is why you should make me command. How can you make research more active? 100 word minimum: i’m able to hoste events of research for researchers on the ranks of jr’s and above for them to have something to do i also am the one who started the testing on scp 294 and people seemed to enjoy being able to do tests on it with my supervison and permisons, i also make sure to rederect diffrent scp’s to the locations of the jr’s for them to be able to do test’s with them and have successfull research without having to search for the scp wasting valuble time. How would you describe your RP?: my research is stricked in a way i need a full veiw of my surrounding and the scp i can not have failure and or any staff that makes anny distractions for my experiments and tests, i’m know for using acid or cemicals that are to create extreme or intresting resoults, i can personaly see things from a 3d veiw giving me more options of diffrent situations and i’ve, i’m also a nice guy at time and do interact with people in a polite manor when i come to meet other while i’m doing checks on my surrounding and the scp’s I’m mostly active on the weekends but do tend to come online at times in the week if not school is killing me Sorry for my grammar english is not my first language