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  1. Name: OddVenom Rank: PFC why do you think you should stay in A1: Well I know I’m semi active right now but I would like to improve my activity to the point of me getting on daily  Status on the roster(Be truthful): Semi Active  If you are labeled as semi/inactive on the roster how will you improve(Dont answer if you are active or LOA):  I am going to start trying to get on daily for a good amount of time.
  2. +Support I've seen you in game a lot You're a decently nice person You're in a timezone when most staff cannot get on -Support No previous staff experience (But just like catsro said below forgot to say this you will start somewhere at some point looks like the right time and point for you) Can be a little mingey (I am semi-friends with this person so do not quote this unless you feel the same)
  3. Not a staff on policeRP but that looks like an interrupt you grabbing may or may not count as an interrupt a few staff are in this group so they could be very biased in that it shows you going to pick up the president even though that happens to everyone when you ran up to the president the way you did it could've looked like you were gonna attack it looked like a better safe then sorry thing.
  4. Well 131-A isn't bound to the foundation and it's not really on anyone's side not much to read. Grade: Sub-Standard
  5. Very interesting test idea I did see a few spelling errors besides that lots to read detailed and a very good test overall. Grade: Quality
  6. So first off I don't like the massive use of colors one color as a highlight would be fine anyways 1048 could move around until it finds the person decent amount to read. Grade: Standard
  7. Okay so this was awesome to read I liked it a lot it was detailed with the time stamps and I loved how you did that. Grade: Quality
  8. OddVenom

    SCP-999 Ultimatum Test

    Interesting idea I've seen people do it before but if It was say killing a murder then I think 999 still wouldn't let it happen maybe he believes in second chances who knows 5/10 grade mainly because their wasn't much to read. Grade: sub-standard
  9. Okay so the whole format was great I loved it and it was easy to read however their is no new information regarding SCP-066 so 4/10 is you're grade if you can do another test with 066 with an interesting hypothesis I would love to read it.
  10. The scythe has been nerfed it's a weapon mainly for d-class MTF and rarely security because research can't I don't know about utility
  11. Steam Name: [GL] OddVenom Ingame Name: OddVenom SteamID: STEAM_0:1:246423592 Ban Length:Perm Admin that Banned you:Rang i think Reason for Ban:Self breach Dispute:Back when i was kinda new i leveled up to 30 at some point and became 106 after awhile i self breached and turned the power off i don't know what i was thinking and it's no excuse i would just like to play as him again This is a blacklist appeal.
  12. W is a good leader a very trustworthy person and I can see him even becoming HOR at some point +is active +Knows how to handle things + Ready for medium command. Good Luck