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  1. OddVenom

    049 Test

    Form Title: [SCP049~ Research (7/18/19) Lore Name: OddVenom Rank: Researcher I Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: 2 gensec Level D personnel involved: 2 d class SCP: 049 Hypothesis: 049-2 Would disobey if shocked by a stun gun/shock collar Observation: 049-2 Obey'ed 049 until we shocked 049-2 then he obey'ed what we told him to do Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): N/A Errors and/or safety hazards: 049-2 Would attack the researcher and gensec involved if the stun method did not work Conclusion: 049-2 Obeys when put under a shock
  2. OddVenom

    Staff Report

    Again the reason behind this is because he didn't handle the sit as he should've instead of just warning me and returning me or giving me a verbal he returned me after and then went to rang to then get me in trouble for ltap
  3. OddVenom

    Staff Report

    He got me anti minged for 4000 seconds when he never informed me he would bring me back to a sit after returning me
  4. OddVenom

    Staff Report

    I never disrespected @HeadShot720 again I just said this I even told him he was one of the best top 5 staff clearly your not reading the whole response I would like to know how I disrespected you though, threw the entire sit all I did was tell you to "piss off" for bringing me to a sit and keeping me there without giving a simple verbal warning or a normal warning
  5. OddVenom

    Staff Report

    Trae 1 912 didn't care at all so you could've just been like most the staff and say don't do it again 2 I left without the intent of ltap if the sit wasn't over why did you return me you could've explained I would have been returned and brought back after a higher ups say what to do and you took this as ltap 3 I told you to piss off not Harrison I even said Harrison was one of the top 5 staff so lying about the sit wouldn't help if you check chat logs you might still be able to see me saying that if it goes that far back. So yes I did say your the reason why most people leave the server then rejoin because they get brought to sits and instead of just giving them a verbal/actual warn you keep them they're until you can ask a higher up staff how to do your job rangiatea shouldn't have to be asked this kinda stuff as a mod you should know how to handle a simple sit like that.
  6. OddVenom

    Staff Report

    Rangiatea don't be sorry you did nothing wrong and I think traes said he didn't know what to do then returned me and traes was indeed the first admin in the sit
  7. OddVenom

    Staff Report

    Your In-Game Name: OddVenom Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:246423592 Staff member's In-Game Name:I think it was trae I don't know What did they do? Well I was in a sit with him that he brought me to after I called 912's dad "gae" and he didn't care but the staff thought it was unacceptable I will take a warn if the person wanted me warned but he didn't and after the sit and he said he didn't know what to do I return a few hours later to find out I was minged I don't know Evidence (REQUIRED): Rangitea knows what happened he said after I left when the sit was over trae asked him what to do and he just minged me but he didn't know I guess what was happening What do you think is an acceptable punishment? Just trae being talked too.
  8. OddVenom

    Staff Report

    And as to do with 096 never read the rules on him I have now but again that wasn't about this matter I know that appears to make me a minge but trust me if I've already been accepted into gensec and research I don't think I have much intent to be a minge.
  9. OddVenom

    Staff Report

    Boris this is a completely different situation if you are going to respond then say something that has to do with this matter.
  10. OddVenom

    Staff Report

    Steam Name: OddVenom Ingame Name:OddVenom SteamID: STEAM_0:1:246423592 Ban Length: 3 days Admin that Banned you: HOS rangitea Reason for Ban: failrp player diss ltap Dispute: So I just had become security I went threw training yesterday I think and I went over and their were riots most of the security already died I killed most 1 slipped away this guy comes back after nlr and I said I was gonna go kill him real quick and then he kills me and says I told you to stay here when he never said anything and then I said okay be a dick then left the server returned about an hour and a half later to find a ban he was the one to ban me so another staff didn't have a look at it and I don't know how it counted as ltap considering he never said I would be reported/ he would get on duty to do it himself I think the staff one shouldn't be HOS because of killing an SO for no reason.