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  1. 1. Name of the SCP you would like added: SCP-610 (The Flesh That Hates) 2. Link(s) to playermodels: 3. Link(s) to sweps: 4. How much health/armor do you think it should have? Health: 1000 Armor: 0 5. Why should we add this SCP? Of all the SCPs that has been around for years, this SCP has been the most fascinating to me. It's also the most disgusting, disturbing and most insane file I have read in a VERY long time. I believe this SCP can pose a threat to the foundation and CI alike. This SCP can be on the surface inside a city which it can roam around but not too far so MTF can build a perimeter around the town to keep it secured from escaping and can only attack if someone enters its territory. Total amount of 610s can either be 4, 6, or possible 8. 6. Basic summary of the SCP: SCP-610 is described as a deadly skin disease at which the first signs can be rash, itching, and increased skin sensitivity. Later stages involve the subject to be engulfed in scar tissue all over its body which will kill the victim for 3 minutes and bring it back to life with 2-3 times the activity rate of a normal subject (human, birds, etc). After which, the scar tissue will move on its own accord, and grow at a high rate, which will then cause what we see as normal human features to disappear and misshape into random features. Fire arms do fair amounts of damage but it seems flamethrowers gets the job done on destroying all signs of SCP-610 specimens. 7. Extra information: I wish for staff to really think about this, and if they wanna add their little spin onto this, they're more than happy to. I am more than willing to help on where we can set SCP-610 spawn point and where we can have them roam. We can also discuss the rules on what SCP-610 should do in RP situations, and if an event were to happen, one day 610 can be used for such event like finding the source and destroying it, or the specimens could infect CI buildings and eventually into the foundation and infect others.
  2. +/- Support One the one hand, it would be nice to see 1245-2 use a multitude of spears rather than one spear. It can very much help wreck havoc on the foundation and assist it in its escape. On the other hand, it could make a lot of people angry when they get mowed by infinite amount of spears. I would like to see 1245-2 produce more spears, but I would say it should have a cooldown and not have it be rapid fire. Not a bad idea though.
  3. +Support Female player model can be good. See no problem with it. -Support Female Branch would be a bit unfair. Security is for all genders, races, religion, etc.
  4. +Support This.....This is genius!!!!!!
  5. What is your in-game name?: Pug What is your steam name?: Detective Pug What is your steam ID?: STEAM_1:0:60889816 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) No What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) July 5th-6th What date did you make your forums account? July 6th Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? Platinum How many warns do you have on the server (Show proof with a screenshot)? What rank are you applying for? Trial Moderator Are you staff on another community (BE HONEST)? No Have you read the staff guidelines at ? You will be tested on it: Yes I have. Timezone: USA EST Permission (Senior Moderator+ need this): Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (150 Word Minimum) SCP has always fascinated me to learn about in the realm of fiction. Meeting so many nice and funny people in the server defiantly inspires me to apply for staff, come back to the server more often and build new friendships. I also see the problems that linger in the server from minges to trolls to people who cannot follow the rules. It will be my sole duty to assure the saftey, stability, and fun of the Gaminglight SCP-RP server and make it place for everyone to come and interact and roleplay their appropriate roles. I swear to enforce the rules, and not abuse my powers to ruin everyones RP experience. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? Warn them for Mass RDMing and tell them that they shouldn't be doing that in the first place. If said person curses me out, I shall warn them for Disrespecting a Staff during an Admin Sit. If they continue, I will proceed to gag them, and explain to them the actions they are doing and how it affects not only players, but staff as well. I will then contact an Admin+ to go ahead with the 10,000 hour anti-minge and once everything is settled, return him to his original spot where he was teleported to. If said player continues to diss and cause a scene, I'd let the admin know to give them 600 seconds of Anti-Minge for staff disrespect depending on how long it's been.
  6. Name: Pug Branch: Janitorial, Medical Rank: Junior Janitor, Junior Medic Rate your Activity from 1 to 10 (1 being very low 10 being incredible) : 8
  7. Name: Pug Rank: PVT Which Server do you play on mostly? (US or EU): US Why should you retain your current rank? (WO+ must answer this): I enjoy the company of my fellow security members and believe order and peace will triumph in the Foundation in order for business to flow smoothly and without interruptions. Any Concerns?: None
  8. Name (In-Game/Discord): Junior Research Pug/ detective_pug#6705 Rank (In-Game): Junior Researcher SteamID: STEAM_0:0:92207597