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  1. +support -trustworthy - nice guy -holy grail app -definitely deserves this rank -also know's what to do in a staff sit
  2. +support -nice guy -never seen him minge -trustworthy -cool boi -definitely deserves to be RRH
  3. DENIED After reviewing this the IRS/SMT decided to denied this Resignation, please wait 2 month before making another post. But seriously tho we will miss you ;-;
  4. Name : Evil Branch(es) :Technical Rank(s) : Exp tech How would you rate your activity? (1-10) 2 (i will fix my activity) Why you should keep your position (Command Only) n/a Any changes you would like to see: n/a Any notes or questions: n/a
  5. Don't make me call the IRS on you Walter, im also-supporting, cause you still have 100 more days left.
  6. He is gonna be in the big boi league now +support
  7. That is rip and a bruh moment on your computer, i wonder if that is going to be on you tube on top 10 rage parents.
  8. You are always welcome back in CI, good luck ;-;
  9. -/+ support leaning to -. You should make it where Senior admins+ have the ability to spawn mustard gas, that got perms from JMT+
  10. Its disappointing and sad that, someone who know the rules of the server break a rule +support.
  11. -he is cool boi and dedicated in Nu7, definitely should be accepted Full support on this man
  12. This is not pog very not pog . I wish you luck in the future harry.
  13. imagine if CI ring the bell and ask -A to breach SCP cause in lore he does the thing that person requested unless it impossible to do.