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  1. Name: Dusty Rank: LCPL Which Server do you play on mostly? (US or EU): US Why should you retain your current rank? (WO+ must answer this): N/A Any Concerns?: None as of yet. Will update if this changes!
  2. verTix

    Ban Appeal

    I am sorry I've been unable to provide much background on what exactly happened. As stated, it's been two years and unfortunately the words of someone in my position might not sound credible at first glance. I would provide a screenshot of the ban message on Garry's Mod but it has been so long that the reason, time, and date all say "Unknown". Above is the screenshot of my ban (I couldn't find a way to embed it, apologies for the inconvenience) I believe that the 1969 ban was the result of a re-banning. Shortly after the original ban, all blacklists were reset. The details here were slightly hazy, but I had successfully rejoined the server and TeamSpeak. I had thought I'd been unbanned, so I asked Valkyrie over TS why I'd been unbanned. I was given the reason above (blacklists reset) and accepted the re-ban. The exact conversation details are hazy at best but I don't remember being particularly angry when I was re-blacklisted. I suppose I'd just forgotten about it and went on with my life.
  3. verTix

    Ban Appeal

    Thank you all for the overwhelming positive support on the appeal! I honestly did not expect it to be received this well. Again, thank you!
  4. verTix

    Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: verTix Ingame Name: Don't remember SteamID: STEAM_1:0:58254963 Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: ARU Valkyrie Reason for Ban: DDOS Threats Dispute: It has been just over two years (06/25/17) since I've been banned. I have changed since, of course, but I would like to shed light on what exactly happened the day I was banned. I had been speaking ill of Valkyrie and a separate admin (I do not remember their name, just that they were 11-12 years old) contacted him via TeamSpeak. He pulled me into a channel and confronted me, at which point I do not remember how the conversation went. I do remember being livid before and after the ban. I was banned for one week on TS and the server for staff disrespect. Knowing that there was really no point in coming back to the server (as I believe some of my whitelists got removed as well) I steam messaged the original admin. I said something along the lines of "You snitch", etc. Fueled by pure teenage angst I told him that I didn't want to come back and to ensure that I didn't come back I said "I will DDOS you/the server" verbatim. There was never any intent to actually do anything harmful. I just said it to solely be banned as I knew of the zero-tolerance policy for such comments. A lot has changed since then. The community has gotten a lot bigger, to such an extent where I had to connect my Steam with another e-mail entirely because I was unable to use my regular e-mail (it was taken by an old account I probably had). Regardless, I want to come back and check it out. I understand if this is denied, but it is always worth a shot. Thanks for reading.