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  1. -Support Man you guys would be ballin your eyes out, if you played during 2019 with pk's because you accidently said something redcated Also the first thing RRH If people knew what it stood for, i pretty sure they would be asking what they are the right hand to
  2. +Support: Man can't belive this has been in suggestions since 6/20/22, smt really not going through suggestions smh Branch update looks cool ngl
  3. +Support (oh no) Okay boys now here me out, Now it is true we stand outside of d block some times when gensec are in pt or if we are waiting on a code change but seriously what else are we supposed to do? Its not like e11 are the ones that do a field sprint to get to site and then kill off whatever nu7 and d5 need help with (oh wait) just so we can go stand idle by the gates waiting for a code change. Once we get done with our main objective we go in and make sure that everything else on site is fine, like you know we already sprinted to this place might as well make sure things don't fuck up when we are already here. we are only onsite when things go to shit or you know dclass breach (wonder how since gensec do their jobs so good ) and besides that, e11 like every other branch on the server need things to do, we can't be on surface all day watching out for ci and wondering how d class made it to surface when gensec are doing their best to guard d block. And for the hp, e11 are a basically a pay to play class that limits their amount of activity since people actually need to have a ingame donator rank if they want to play, its not like d5 or nu7 who can just recruit people without a donator rank. We also are the main selling point of why you would want to buy bronze, so we need the buffs to make sure that bronze is actually worth buying since you can join something that has stuff that no other branch has. It encourages people to buy ranks that benefit the server while also being able to join a mtf branch that has exclusive perks and more hp than the other mtf branches (no offense to nu7/d5 as they are both really good branches with great hcmd)
  4. -support I swear if 2191 gets buffed again I'm going to lose my sanity
  5. -support on the HP/AP Changes and on any note of adding mustard gas or any other hurtful gas Gensec primary deal with D-class (the weakest jobs on the server) and they barley have any self defense as is. Also if there is any thought of giving gensec the power to throw gas that can almost one shot the said weakest classes on the server I would not side with it at all due to the fact it seems like you are trying to replace skill with just overall laziness of just throwing a single item instead of actually being able to shoot and kill people (Even if in lore gensec would have access to these things you also need to think about it in the perspective of D-class players since they are though no one wants to accept it, the largest group of players on the server and most of the time D-class are new players and just introducing them to getting smokes just deters them to thinking this is a rp server. Half the time they are just getting partialed or if you add the gas grenades, getting instantly killed)
  6. +Support This Actually made no fucking sense in the first place. Kieran was the most active member of old e11 command and he gets this shit? Kieran was a great LTCOL who never deserved the DNT for e11 in the first place and deserves to be un DNT from the branch - 1LT and Former E11 HCMD Forg
  7. +Support Ngl it is funny to see 049 stay still (doesnt know the rules) as soon as the requirement for fear rp goes away since a guy put away his gun
  8. +Support D class going to rrh lmao
  9. +Support No amount of global spread would make the ak47 better
  10. -Support Fuck 079/ annoying pos computer mans
  11. +Supports Why tf cant people find the balance for shotguns. They are either ass or op in peoples eyes
  12. Video posted: Listen to volume on to hear the sword delay First is left click then right click
  13. What are you suggesting? - Fixing the delay on the golden katana because rn whenever you right click or left click there is about a 3-4 second delay of when the katana swings and then the hit reg kick in. Example- I right click and the katana does a full swinging motion but it takes 3 seconds after you swing it to actually deal the damage to someone How would this change better the server? - This would make a weapon useable (And IK this weapon isn't supposed to be op but c'mon It's a 100 dollar weapon that doesn't deal damage until 3 seconds after the full animation) Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - None Who would this change mostly benefit? - Anyone looking to buy the gaminglight katana and have fun with it Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/r2odmUEEhGUp8/d1337Mpl2ZTx?invite=cr-MSxUUncsNDYxNTI0NjAs
  14. +support My mans getting the tough treatment for having a social life....
  15. +Support bro where tf did this guy crawl out from this mf making good suggestions left and right
  16. +SUPPORT God damn I haven't such a complex suggestion in about a year, really complex and really cool looking, good for you man.
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