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  1. +Rep This can stop metagaming because honestly, people do it a lot, CI and MTF do it. As wel this can stop other MTF from seeing Private E11 Comms.
  2. If you guys have not seen me on TeamSpeak this week it is because I am at band camp until next weekend. Thank you all for the positive support on my application.
  3. +Support -He is just as active as me on TeamSpeak. -He is on during late nights with me. -Amazing at talking to other people.
  4. +Support -He knows how to keep it cool at all times. -Very Active, I see him every day. -Always doing the best for others.
  5. *CURRENTLY OUT FOR A WEDDING UNTIL 9/9/2019* In-Game Name: Curtis Steam Name: Mr. NoPlay SteamID: STEAM_0:1:154342364 Are you a Moderator+? No. How often are you on TeamSpeak? Everyday. Do you have a working quality mic? Yes What timezone are you in? EST GMT-4 Why would you want to join our Support team( 100 words+). The reason why I want to join the support team is sometimes I see new users sitting in the Teamspeak support room for a while and they never get the attention, and when a Support team member joins my room I ask them hey I have noticed this person has been sitting in there a while and they go and help them and they come back. Even though I am not on the support team I am always looking for new visitors in the Teamspeak, and reassuring them that a Support Team Member will be with them soon, If I was a Support Team Member I wouldn't have to reassure them, I can just help them out. I also love helping people out, I don't get annoyed with it, it is an enjoyable thing for me to do. I was once staff on a server that if they were disrespected they would kill the person with kindness, and I feel like I can bring those skills to the support team with users that sometimes just want to mess around and try to be mean. I know TeamSpeak quite well, I am the original creator of the Teamspeak Support Guide. I always enjoy talking to other people and making the person day better, I get told all the time that I cheered someone up. I love working with people and a support team is mainly working with people in the Teamspeak, I also know the discord quite well I can ask a person where they need to go and point them in the right direction, especially if it is a new person to TS3. One thing I see is at late night not very many people are on at later times which makes sense and I always am there to help at later dates. How do you think you could affect support staff in a positive way? I can affect support staff in a positive way by showing great attitude towards other players. How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels? Hello. My name is Curtis I am your support member for today, how are you? They respond with great. That is great. I say that is good. What can I help with today? Once the issue has been resolved I would ask them is there anywhere specific you are looking for, and I would lead them in the right direction and once they found it before they left say I have you have an amazing day and join back if you need any help again. Have you read our rules and do you promise to uphold all those rules to the best of your ability? I know them well, and I plan to follow and enforce the rules to the best of my possibility. Thank you for reading my application, I wish the best for the support team.
  6. Mr. NoPlay

    Curtis's LOA

    Name: Curtis Rank: SSGT Duration: 7/7/19 - 7/14/19 Reason (If Private That Is Fine): Going to a required leadership camp, LOA may end sooner. I am going to be taking my computer with me so if I do get on then I have some free time, but don't expect me to get on.
  7. +Support I like this because it can get boring just sitting there and they can be actively patrolling if they had the option to enter at random, and if they see that the Facility needs help then they can come in and help, sometimes the facility may forget about them, and they just sit there asking for permission to come in but everyone ignores it.