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  1. HUGE +SUPPORT. Mature. Very Active. Knows The Rules. Respectful. Overall, I think that you deserve a chance.
  2. Your In-game: Tacoss Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:128331261 The admin's name in-game: Nick Forman The admin's steam name (If you know it): Dont Know What warning did you receive: |RDM|Ltap| Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://gyazo.com/bda31dded95b9c2439f1d1c9ec13a0d0 Why do you think this warn was false: He is new and 1 sided the story and didnt hear my side, also same staff rank. Any extra information: He said he would +support on the forms.
  3. Taco.

    tcoops' Resignation

    Sad To See you leave, You were a great person in the community and help lead a great department, Best Of Luck.
  4. Taco.

    Ya boy phil

    ? still talk on snapchat and come on ts and talk sometimes.
  5. +Support I believe he highly overreacted and was a long time ago.
  6. +Support Very Active Good Past Donor Mod Knows The Rules Very Mature Respectful
  7. +Support Chad is a great guy. He is very respectful and does his job. He is Active and gets on if needed. He has been a admin for awhile and I believe he should get Senior Admin.
  8. Agreed, Deserves A Second Chance.
  9. Taco.

    Robby Pepper- Report

    yeah and if you zoom in, you can see his hand on steering wheel and he did drive in video, Still I said you cant help fbi and he didnt take damage from me hitting the car