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  1. +Support -Active in game -Haven't RP'd with you much but we've had a few conversations and you seem like a great guy -0 Warns -Knows the rules -Has experience staffing I'm glad to see you applied for staff and I definitely think you deserve a chance at TMod
  2. ViperKing

    Old Warn

    Okay. Also, if you could go to the top where it says bans, log in, go to your profile, and screenshot the warns there, we can see the full date.
  3. ViperKing

    Old Warn

    Would like to hear Admin's side if they remember, I don't know their @ Also, getting a few lines of dialogue from the sit would be nice as well as what was the bind?
  4. If you read the handbook, it says you start as tmod. If he didnt know that its tmod first, he didnt read the handbook.
  5. When I was staff last year, probably 6/10 of my calls were either someone got their car stuck in the ravine or a new player didn't know how to use bitminers.
  6. +/- Support Good App Has Staff Experience I'm a very active player and spend a good amount of time with Juicy (In his name in the screenshot) and I don't think I've ever seen you. Some could say time zone but I play at all times during the day and night so I'm just not sure. Make yourself more known amongst the community and maybe decide on one name to use in the server rather than 3 or 4