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  1. Ingame Name: Jay MW Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:105600343 Job Name: Bigman New Player: STEAM_0:0:105600343 Paid by: STEAM_0:0:105600343 need @Max Holland to confirm it.
  2. Jay?

    Pride month coming up

    I feel, many of those in the LGBTQ+ community on this server have all said that it would be an amazing idea. I feel we would be quite flattered, and not many of us feel that we would become a target.
  3. Jay?

    Pride month coming up

    As a homosexual, I would be really proud and flattered, I feel this would be an amazing event, it would be an amazing way of informing the public. I would not feel further out of place, and proud to see further representation on this server. I agree, no group of people should not be considered political just for not being the majority.
  4. +support Not much to say here, I just really enjoy this map, I find it the perfect size compared to older maps and I would love to see it or a variation again!
  5. Jay?


    hm yes, that sure is a name
  6. + support Multiple times I've had to wait in long lines while people haggled for guns just for someone to run up and take them, so overall I like it!
  7. +support That sounds a lot easier than being cuffed, dragged, and searched. I really hope this gets added!
  8. +support Personally I really enjoy the idea, I have a lot of money but now that I have my custom class and all the cars I want I have nothing to spend it on now, so this being added would really allow me to spend my money on something useful and helpful to others in the community.
  9. I consent to my money being used in this addition (yes I am the one being added and the one who payed) -Jay ?
  10. +support there is always panic from both sides in a gov raid, so most likely it was just a panic shot cause something peeked the door in the middle of a gov raid
  11. I'd also like to apologise for over reacting to this person for the comments he made, there is no excuse to go down to his level and insult him back, I am sorry for the comments I made and the way In which I handled the situation
  12. So when I had made an account on the forums my steam name at the time was "butthole Toucher" for obvious reasons I want to change that on here, but I have no idea how, if anyone is willing I would love the help -Jay
  13. +support from seeing weasel as a lieutenant in the DD I have seen him handle issues between two or more members, use valid proof for the arguments and deal punishment fairly pretty chill guy, so he would be able to calm down any aggravated folks in a sit big part of the community from what I see LOVE YOU WEASEL -Jay