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  1. I know how hard this must be for you, knowing how dedicated you were to this department. I’ll miss you in SPRT, and even though we were together for around 3 days before you went on LOA I am privileged to have been your co commander. -Smith
  2. Clearly this is not the community for you if you can’t process the fact that a highly offensive word is offensive and instead decide to get sarcastic. Not even sure what you’re trying to get accomplished here, you dissed literally the most powerful person in the community and are acting like you did nothing wrong. Even if you were being RDMed (Which I’m pretty sure you weren’t), that’s no reason to call anyone that, let alone the owner.
  3. Hard to decide between tracking down my gov car after someone stole it because I left it alone for more than 2 minutes or dealing with the cycle of priority rule breakers: 10-38, 10-80, 10-50, 10-32, code 4, “Never mind, they respawned”
  4. +support Mature Kind Former staff, left on his own terms Longtime member of community Respected Active -Smith
  5. +support -Knows the rules like the back of his hand -Willing to enforce them -Mature -Zero tolerance for BS Even though Yobo isn't staff he's done a lot against rule breakers for the server, and being staff would really just formalize his position as a dedicated enforcer of the rules. Good Luck, Trooper SGT Smith 1T56/CERT SPC Smith 1CT60/MSGT Smith 1D55
  6. Big +support Pretty much the only thing that could be improved upon is that you don’t spend as much time on PD, but that’s the only bad thing I could make from this app -Friendly -Professional (he has fun but not when he should be serious) -Active -Put effort into his application Trooper/MSGT Smith 1T/1D55
  7. I eat cereal on school mornings, I eat leftovers during the weekend/break, and if I’m going to a breakfast place I either shoot for pancakes or a bagel and lox sandwich (with cream cheese and capers of course). If I’m down south (I’m a yankee) and I’m at a good place however, I’ll have shrimp and grits, because a quality shrimp and grits is an amazing breakfast.
  8. @Ickyricky44: If you were accepting of your actions and you were actually trying to apologize you might have a chance, but you aren’t. By challenging almost every negative claim made by trusted members of the department and the community, you are in fact proving Dredgen and command’s accusations further in that you disregard warnings and consequences, continue to break rules, and lie to your higher ups. Some of the people here, including me, might not even know who you are in game, but I’ve had experience with this stuff before I even came on this server and I know what your modus operandi is just from interactions on this thread. If you’re un-blacklisted you’re likely going to do the same thing you did before because anything short of blacklist means nothing to you, that’s what I predict right now. Your job right now is to prove us wrong, but since you cannot or will not provide any evidence then we have to trust established members of the community. And @CrawlingBlackSkin, people like command and Dredgen are trustworthy since they have proven themselves so, otherwise they wouldn’t be where they are. You, while you might have good intentions, haven’t really gained our trust as you’re not as well known in the community, and Ricky certainly hasn’t, since he has almost nothing left to lose. If command were proven to be lying, their careers on this server would be stunted and their reputations would be tainted, but because they have those things from telling the truth and being good members of the community, they are more likely to be telling the truth than a member blacklisted from a branch and someone who hasn’t quite made a name for themself. I suggest that you stop challenging the integrity of command without anything to back it up, as that will damage our opinions of you. I get that you want to support Ricky, but like you said, you need evidence. And with the leniency thing, he was on thin ice, and he broke it. Anyways, that is why I participated in this conversation, because I want to put to rest this whole “Trusted people have the same chance of lying as untrusted people” argument. I suggest any further defense comes with proof rather than a challenge to command. -MSGT Smith 1D55
  9. You can test drive cars if you want to. You only have a minute but you can get over to 18 north and get a nice straightaway.
  10. lildrummerdude


    You’re playing a dangerous game if you want to cut the amount of eligible trainers like that. I’ve witnessed a trainer shortage in other places, and it’s hairy. The fact is: 1: Since PD is the first branch for almost everyone, there’s a lot of cadets that need to be trained and a lot of demand for trainers. 2: The fact that you make it an application by default means not as many people will choose to pursue it. 3: you’re not going to find that many people who want to train so much they make it their job like that, and possibly not enough to fulfill requirements. 4: FTOs are going to be shoehorned into training all the time no matter what they’re doing because they’re certified for it, and since there’s less of them they’re going to be spending a lot of time training, which is not respectful to people who came to the server to RP and not to train. The training grind might also scare away potential applicants. Conclusion: An FTO system works for state because they’re not an entry level branch, meaning they have less trainees. The solution is to notify potential sergeants that they will be expected to train, they will use the provided document as a standard and they will be punished if they don’t use it. Even if a training training has to be conducted it’s better than an FTO system. If someone is turned off by an occasional training then they are not a good candidate for a PD supervisor. I’ll be honest, training cadets back to back for hours is not my favorite activity on server, but it’s not hard and it doesn’t take a terribly long time using the doc, so the best solution is informing and enforcing training rules on sergeants. By the way, had I not been a trainer on a much stricter server I wouldn’t have looked for a document no one told me about when I was promoted, so it might really help more than you might realize to tell people when they’re given the responsibility.
  11. -support Rarely seen you Didn’t check for typos/misspellings/basic grammar (shows a lack of professionalism) Ran into an officer who said you didn’t teach him anything (even if he wasn’t listening you should have picked up on that and done something, and he remembered your name)
  12. +support -Always holding PD meetings -Active on CPT -Firm but approachable -Mature when needed -Knows what the department needs and what he can do to promote that Good luck sir, -MSGT “Boat-guy” Smith 1D55
  13. lildrummerdude


    R&U. Training by document is nothing new to me, but for the other SGT+ it only takes around an hour on average to walk a cadet through it. I’ve also run into incidents where OFCs have been acting out and it’s troublesome the city and the police department have to suffer from it. The most important part is the quiz to make sure they remember the important information, like taser rushing, so that they have no excuse to not know what’s wrong about it. -MSGT Smith 1D55