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  1. Adding onto this, you obviously enjoy the server enough to donate money, good dedication.
  2. MAINLY: Look, I'll just make this straight and to the point, but if you want some more information I can offer that privately. I have a lot of stuff going on in real life, including but not limited to school, extracurricular activities, social life, important relationships, community events, and family matters. I'd truly love to be on all day and every day to help Research grow as a group, but with all of that plus more, it's getting harder each day to help you guys. Like tagged, this is a 48 hour notice, so if you have anything you'd like to do with me for my last breath on Research, let me know. ALSO: I've been on Research for a while, and I'll be honest, it's gotten more boring than usual. No, it's not Weiss and his "meep" obsession, or Protege and his tea, but rather the amount of stuff I challenge myself on, has died down. I enjoyed writing test logs, and although I didn't realize it at the time, that was my best time in Research. I truly wish that more people understood that. Furthermore, there's been a dramatic increase in test logs and overall morale in the branch, and I love seeing that but it just puts more unwanted anxiety on me to check over it and compliment all of you guys on great jobs. I'd love to sit here and give excuses, but at the end of the day, I'm not a leader, and I honestly feared becoming DHOR or HOR due to my lack of common sense. Plus I'd like to mention the activity of Research as a whole- I know we cannot change this, and it seems to be taking a better turn with more members, but I believe that we need more activity. We're the bread and butter of the Foundation whether you like that analogy or not, so you guys gotta be on constantly and keep those d-boys from getting rowdy, and keep MTF occupied when you "accidentally" breach 5 966s. Finally, I've got two major roles in this server that cannot really be handled so easily, being staff and low command of a branch. I cannot juggle both of these and no offense to Research at all, but keeping the server clean is more important. (I'll mainly be on staff if you end up needing me.) Welp, on that note, I hope to see some of you guys get higher in the ranks and become supreme leaders or something someday, but when that happens, don't forget your unwanted idol, SS1. ill miss you :c if you ever need me, let me know on discord or in-game
  3. Nice little test 9/10 could've had more lore ?
  4. Well written test, with a sensible question + hypothesis, but this information is pretty well known in the foundation already, however you have added onto it nicely. 9/10
  5. Good test, a nice creative idea with a good lore insight as well. Only minuscule thing you could’ve added would be more questions but there’s already a plentiful amount. You could’ve also made 1048 elaborate but I understand the issues that could arise with that. 8/10
  6. Lore Name: SS1 STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:124446284 Rank: Research Administrator Activity Level: Normal, will increase after EC season ends.
  7. Good job with the test and tying in pictures too, and good job documenting what happens exactly in an rp form that is understandable in lore. Minor grammar infractions but nothing too major. 9/10
  8. Yeah I guess that's what 1048 would do when harmed, regardless good job overall keeping it short, but small grammar errors but nothing too bad, 7/10.
  9. Spwookie, goodbai and good luck in your life, Wesearch will develop into something mowure than it is wight now, I hope. Seriously, I hate to see you go and I'll twy my hardest to make you pwoud. uwu
  10. Very well done test rp wise, idk what others may think about this scp not being in the game itself, but I found this interesting personally. Good grammar throughout written test, next time please write d-class numbers as it is more professional. 9/10
  11. Nice 999 test, liked how you recorded it but try to get the game audio next time. Good grammar throughout, and a great job overall. 8/10.
  12. Author: eli Rank: associate researcher SCP(s): 012 Test: blindfolded subject Formatting: 10/10 *Was this test formatted correctly?* Formatted correctly, but try to put any addendum at top or bottom so it doesn't mix in with the test log itself. Grammar: 10/10 *Was this test log written with correct grammar?* Very well written and great vocabulary choices throughout. Lore: 10/10 *Was this test log written with the correct lore in mind?* Subjects in close proximity to 012 will do anything to finish it, test log follows that. Quality: 10/10 *What effort was put into this test log?* Short and sweet, put additional addendum about something nobody would've noted or cared about. Overall: 10/10 *What’s the overall grade of this test?* Great test! Additional Notes:
  13. +support -Breaching as scps, doing staff related things over there, or even escaping as d-class, and you experience the lag almost immediately. Also, the surface has lots of lag sometimes, that may be grouped with the EZ considering their relevance and close proximity.