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  1. Makes sense, idk why this wasnt implemented at the start. Big +support.
  2. I would say Level 55 for the D Class Boss, maybe even a different model (of SMT's choosing) just to distinguish the guy. I don't know why security would have any trouble with 2 of these guys. +support
  3. Only thing is, not much changes for normal enlisted besides models. Wish there was more for the non-shades guys. Otherwise +support
  4. Gh0pit

    Ci infiltrator

    +/- support I think it is a good idea on paper but I can't imagine the amount of minges that would get on CI Infil. However, I feel like a team of infils could definitely do some real damage and they should be able to raid whenever. I think more discussion should be had on the specifics instead of just being allowed to raid 24/7.
  5. I don't speak for everyone, I don't even share that opinion half the time. I might not know how to run a server but I know you have to listen to a lot of people. And people are idiots. Me included. Everyone has a vision for this server and some of the older people have one thats different than what today looks like. It's bickering, yes. Pointless? I don't think so. I don't blame branches for wanting to be more tanky. Every branch would get melted instantly at 100/100 by negevs and G3's. D block would be a mess. I'm not gonna pretend that I know everything. And everyone in this thread here shouldn't either. I only care about what's fun and as long as the server is fun, I'm good and just want to keep hearing stories from others.
  6. Well this post is awkward now We understand that you do a lot for this server, and I don't want you to think we're ungrateful. It's just that there has been a lot of frustration recently and it's been boiling over. I'd love to have a talk about weapons with you.
  7. NOOOO Will miss you. Come back soon!
  8. Sounds like a decent solution, when did this become about CC's? I wonder if people are mad about their implementation and their treatment on the server. Hopefully, again, this highlights a concurrent problem in the community that people need to start paying more attention to.
  9. Gh0pit

    106 abuse

    Obvious +support, heard them myself.
  10. +support Was a little fishy when I was playing on MTF, unsure what the event was even about.