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  1. +support, for the rule lawyers out there
  2. Wack, will miss my a1 commander
  3. -support, already exists, but isnt used properly anyway
  4. Hello! It's odd posting one of these because I have never had to in the past. However, my personal life has come up and especially with the recent outbreak, I need to take some time away from High Command and the server. Yesterday was my four month anniversary of being the CMDR of E11 and I'm really proud of everyone that assisted me in making the branch wonderful to play in. Once I have more time and energy to put into the server, I will definitely come back as SCPRP has been a great home for me these past months. When I joined in July, I was met with a welcoming community. When I joined E11 in August, I was met with an even more welcoming branch. I want to thank everyone on the server who made this place so great and I hope that all of you moving forward will continue to make this server awesome. There are too many names to call out those I love, so my discord will probably be made available for the next few days for anyone who wants to share memories and/or talk to me. I have kind words for everyone. I will also be active for the next 48 Hours as to clean up anything that needs cleaning. Thank you so much SCPRP for being the best (and most active) gmod server I've ever played on. I will be back! -Gh0pit
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    the fall continues
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    Cya Gamers (:

    Will miss you! Come back anytime!!
  7. +support isnt even being used for events anymore
  8. Mad funny +support for obvious racism