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  1. Gh0pit

    Security CCs.

    +support, we should get more mtf cc's instead. That'll balance it out. Also, shitstorm happened
  2. nah im shooting or going off safety, cause it only takes a half a second to flick to bang bang shoot shoot. Anyone who has been trained with a rifle in real life and certainly MTF and CI operators in game knows how to operate the safety. Just because there is an animation delay integrated into garry's mod, doesn't mean you should be able to fear RP them because they are "on safety". If they have a gun out, safety or not, it doesn't mean anything. My -support stands.
  3. im shooting anyone who calls fearRP with my negev out. -support
  4. the mtf/ci war never ceases. smt should make a decision soonish before this gets more bad. +support because im in CI and i like buffs.
  5. -support, i havent encountered any ci double crossing me, i just buy and leave. As long as honor is preserved, its all cool.
  6. whaddya mean im now allowed in walmart
  7. the old g3 was too good, thats why it was nerfed. - support
  8. Gh0pit


    That's a big oof
  9. last i checked, it is against the rules for MTF personnel to hop in unless an ATTEMPT is made to grab D class and it has failed. -support, mtf get warned for failrp anyway if they break that rule. That's enough.