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  1. OMG this was ur resignation?????????? I DIDNT KNOW LMAOOO I THOUGHT U WERE JUST TLAKING ABOUT 1 YEAR rip
  3. I'm sorry guys, I have to do this. My addiction for this server is dying down and I'm taking a slot. I actually need to go so someone can take my spot. Some people that I was with since I started in CI: Skela Orange Arussso Tony People that I think would make great CI high command: Rabbit Boozle Jesus Silver (but get a mic) DUKE for sure Ross (if ur not on this dont take it seriously, just be more serious) People that were not annoying in CI: Coltable Dang Stale Samm Starr Rabbit (if not, please stop being annoying and whining about shit that wouldn't benefit anyone) Thank you and goodbye....
  4. enuz | trade.tf

    enuz loa

    Name: enuz Rank: GX01 Callsign: LT-CMDR Date of LOA Leave/Return: 3/11 - 3/16 Reason (if private write N/A): This was long overdue. I need to study for SAT and many tests coming up.
  5. can we even run this? if so... then i like it
  6. Half of the time I see you post a D-Block suggestion, I just see you complain.
  7. WTF, did Camo actually say this to you?