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  1. +Support -very much active -on like everyday -very respectful and responsible -on alot
  2. Steam Name: [GL] enuz Ingame Name: enuz / enzyme SteamID: STEAM_0:1:121944928 Warn Length: n/a Admin that Warned you: Senior Admin Bread Reason for Warn: Breaking NLR. Dispute: So, I was on my RND job and was alt-tabbed for some time to do some homework while I was supervising an Assistant Researcher's test. Then, I hear that MTF was raiding and I alt-tab back into GMOD and go into the CI spawn to switch to CI Alphabusa Unit to help out. But, I was killed before, unknowingly, and killed 2 MTF before being brought and being warned. The logs shows that I did indeed break NLR but it was my false understanding that I hadn't died yet. This isn't anyone's fault but mine and was just a simple misunderstanding, just don't think a warn was worth it since I believe the raid was over and it didn't effect the raid in a whole. Sorry to those I killed, I really thought I wasn't killed.
  3. First off, your commander shouldn't be the one to tell you to be active while you are in a command job. Second off, if you are on LOA, why are you playing on Imperial RP on your Vice Commander Nova job? Even before that you wern't as active in my opinion so I believe that the decision for this was just.
  4. +SUPPORT Obviously shows major activity for the server, always active, always dedicating time on staff, know how to handle every situation.