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  1. Accepted! Message an FTO when you’re in game to get trained!
  2. Accepted! Message an FTO when you’re in game to get trained!
  3. Name: enuz Rank: Member Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 1/5/20 - 1/15/20 Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): Well this should've been up earlier, but school is fucking me up rn and I can't keep up with ET. I will be getting on when I can and I'm free. Should stop around LOA ending.
  4. +SUPPORT - Extremely active - Past command experience - Has enough experience in CI command - Has experience in a lot of branches
  5. Also, Most minus supports are from MTF and foundation who do not even know who this man is based on a single experience. He may be rough around the edges but has proved himself for coming back to CI numerous times and learning from his mistakes. Lieutenant is a rank that is so small and can be removed instantly. Under a close eye he will do great with his vast leadership and combat skills.
  6. With a cooled temper, I feel like LT or Captain will help you grow in CI and become more mature. It's only a start and with close eyes on you from the higher ups, you should be good
  7. -Support Do not take this personally, I just believe that you haven’t proved yourself at your Lieutenant rank. I think that you will need more time to grow in CI command before getting this.
  8. +Support - Very Active - Ran a branch before -Support - New to CI - Needs more time in Command - Needs to be more educated on all branches of CI such as R&D.
  9. Ingame Name: enuz What rank are you applying for: Lieutenant-Commander Why should we allow you to have this position? (At least 300 words): CI looks like it is in need of experienced, strong command and I’m the best for it. Not being a minge and being a well-known member of the community is needed, it is what I am. Really do not want Janitorial to be seen in this decision not only because I truly think I am the best decision for this spot, but because many people in Janitorial deserve a chance at commanding the branch. Janitorial, I feel, will be left with an amazing group of command to keep it at it’s best. I have learned from past CI command in the past 6-7 months in CI, many different ways to push CI into the right direction, things that wouldn’t even apply to an MTF branch. Participating in decision making from past CI high command gave me the experience of making sensible and good decisions. Communication is key for this position and I have it, always following chain of command to report and incidents. Maturity and respect is what I will practice and preach to this branch. I have been apart of CI command for quite a long time, compared to my other command members. Commanding CI is very different from commanding an MTF branch and the experience, tools, and advice the previous CI command had trained me in for the past 6-7 months is what is needed for a Commander in CI. Many of the other applicants may also not have experience in RND, I am a Supervisory Researcher and apart of the hand picked Development team for my amazing tests, which will be needed for Gamma Command. Since CI is split into 2 divisions, Research and Development and Military, a leader who knows how to lead both, me, would be the best option. Allowing me in this position will cool the relations between MTF and CI, as it will and has been one of my main priorities. Keeping good relations throughout the server has been my main priority, which would keep everyone happy and content to continue playing. No one wants a high command member who is dictatorial and unfair, choosing me will make sure that never happens as I always hear both sides of a story. The growth of CI in this server is also a priority of mine and watching grow over time for the good is the best in my eyes. How would you lead the branch? (At least 100 words) (High command apps only): For leading this branch, I would be fair and unbiased as it is a must for the position. Striving for peaceful relations with MTF and CI, keeping a semi-non hostile relationship that would NEVER evolve into anything out of hand. I would strive to increase RND activity and bring improvement to the branch. Looking for more command members for the branch and bringing more to increase activity will be strived for. On the military side, getting more sub branch activity (Sawbones and Hotshot) and hosting more Physical trainings will be achieved in this position. Both with give CI more activity and incentive to play. With this in mind, all said is how I will lead CI. Giving more incentive for the REDACTED class will also make the class more serious and active. How active would you be? (Longer the better): Extremely, like I am already.