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  1. +/- Support +Dedicated +Already a MPO (or SPO?) +Very mature +Very respectful -Technically can be inactive because of his time zone -and also dosent use his mic, TBH I think he should be using his mic with being Command of 2 Branches ALSO, put a poll there
  2. Name (in game): Josh Branch Applying for: MP and DI Time on Server: 1 week, 0 days, 1 hour, 7 minutes, 10 seconds (I think more) Time in Community: around a year, maybe little bit less Improvements You Will Make To Branch: Mostly will be getting them active as possible. The activity in the branches are a bit dry and not much people are on. Another thing is some of the policies are a bit wack to me, and I think some things could be better then others. Also we haven't seen much branch meetings from both, so I would try to get these going a lot more frequently then now. Couple other things is making the forums active for them, I haven't seen much happen in the DI section of forms in a long time. The last thing I could think of is that making sure the officers are promoting, I really only see the CMDR of the branches promoting. Past Command Experience: None. Why Do You Want to Be in a Command Position? TBH my main reason is that I wanna help the branch. If the branches wernt doing that bad, I don't think I would be making this. Most likely making the branch better in allll ways is my main reason, and I think these branches could be really strong and useful in all situations. How Active Can You Be? Friday-Sunday, but if on break or in the summer I can whenever Time Zone:CST Warns (across all servers): 1 in Police RP
  3. With my recent transfer from Airforce to Marines, I would like to say a few things. Number 1, I ain't going to try if you guys wont, why should I help the branch if the branch dosent do anything and dosent try to help its self. Number 2, I joined this for 1, it's where everything started for me, and 2 is becuase the branch needs it. So I'm not going to try sooo hard for you guys if you guys wont try for yourself. In that case I should've stayed in Airforce. Let's get active, stay active, and activate the branch. OORAH MARINES -1LT Josh
  4. +/- Support +Active - I really dont trust him with that power -seems to immature for this -dosent seem like a good fit
  5. Oof, and he never comes back.... : ( (Jk expecting you to come back, cya when you here ya.)
  6. Nice to have you in Mariners, cant wait to see what comes of you.
  7. +BIGGGGG SUPPRORT From what I remember from this dude is he knows what hes doing Very active Very mature Seems like the greatest fit for staff, haven't met such a lad in so long, he deserves this role (As far as I remember he does XD)
  8. +Support -Well made app -Looks like he knows what hes doing -Seems very chill -Active on forums
  9. +Support +Very a active on forums +Seems chill +Fallows rules +Knows what hes doing I barely know the guy, but just his active on forums shows a lot of dedication, I think would be a great Support team member. (Also great application)