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  1. Why did I transfer to Marines, BECUASE THEY NEEDED MAJOR HELP XDDDDD (If you dont get it, I'm a MAJ) Hope yall are feeling well, don't get sick, and hey, its April first so higher ups can now start the pranking process
  2. Name (in game): Josh Branch Applying for: Marines Time on Server: 1 week, 3 days, 00h, 41m, 50s Time in Community: around 12 months Improvements You Will Make To Branch: Some big things I will try to improve the branch with is the player count. Right now marines does have some active people in it, but there also isnt many people in Marines. A way I could try to improve this is by making sure the officers are doing tryouts after every war or 2. Another problem I see happening right now is that we haven't had a branch meeting in ages. The last branch meeting was 2 months ago, which is pretty bad with the factor of the branch isnt doing so well and we need to talk about it all together and find out what we need to do. Another thing is, this might sound weird, but keeping people that will stay for a while in the officer and HC positions, not people that are going to resign after they get there rank. Currently the main person besides me that is keeping the branch above dieing is Pyro, and tbh he cant do it all on his own, I think for anyone, they should need help, having 2 over 1 is better. Past Command Experience: None, really, but I would say ive been in moments where I would have to control the branch (when everyone in HC was LOA and I was the only officer left XD) Why Do You Want to Be in a Command Position? Mainly to Help the branch, and show everyone what Ive got. How Active Can You Be? Unless on break (rn) or summertime, normally Fridays-Sundays Time Zone: CST Warns (across all servers): 1 in PoliceRP, not active, apparently it LTAP? Dont remember it at all.
  3. The application is the only bad part, but to me a application dosent tell me who you are and if your fit. So +Support (Thank you for being a active enlisted and dedicated)
  4. Never knew much, but you are my favorite mattress. : (
  5. Currently of the time of posting this, I am the only Marine, which isn't a good look for our branch. Right now, I could be just typing this message to just be sent right back to me. Please guys, we need to be actually here, we complain and complain about things that we dont try to fix. I've been trying my best to keep this branch at least some what active, and some what on its feet, but rn we have nothing. So, im asking you guys to help me, and help this branch, so we dont fall down our knees....
  6. Lol, idk even know how he did get CPT (jk, the same could be said for me tbh XD) Nah, but War, we will miss you, you were my dad from the beginning when you adopted from Army core. You to me have really big meaning becuase weve had a good long while with another, some ups and downs yes, but still memorys. Good bye friend. -Josh
  7. also, maybe a bit more effort on app, but +support for me.
  8. Wrong one dude, this is a staff app XD
  9. I completely agree, one of the main issues I see is the 1st one he said, we need more role play, and tbh it's getting boring doing the same old thing ever war. Personally I think there shouldnt be a war time, operations and more RP events should be done frequently. Holding points of interest for ever until it changes, and most importantly more base attacks. I like the RP aspect more, the Cod stuff isnt really a "MillitaryRP" thing, and more of a "Black Ops... with RANKS!". So I say get rid of the Cod Style, and go to the RP aspect, its what people want when they join. Also to me just doing those missions successfully and good and, yeah know, realistic is a better feeling then going out to war for the exact same thing 24 times a day. #MoreRPLessCod #DoThis! -Josh
  10. There is a way to make the ammo lower just through the LFSs options and menus, but I do get that they are to big BUTTT, even so I have a problem with them myself, there mostly all RU based. So yes I would like to see more LFS addons, but not theses ones. So a -support for me. But I do have some personal ones I use I could find, one of them is a pack of the basic WAC aircraft like the mini birds and stuff, but turned into lfs, I am a lfs master and have atleast somewhere around 50 addons, so if yeah need someone suggestions I got the crap.
  11. +MAJOR Support Very good application Mature Already a staff member Good luck!