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  1. Sadly, ive got burnt out of imperial RP and really the stress of being a VCMDR. RIP I guess. I will miss all of you, and will still play gaminglight, but for now, this is my 48 hour notice/resignation. Sully: RaNgE RoVeR SpOrTs TrUcK Felix: You were a friend, good job on General you big minge Max: Thank you for working with me throughout the time. Me and you were ying and yang all over again, sadly, you going to have to take the heavy lifting. Conner: Hope you get VCMDR my dude, you work really hard and is really mature. Thanks for making STs great. Storm Troopers: Please dont die when im gone, we are the basis of the empire and without you guys, it would be nothing. Thank you for being my all time fav reg. Luci: "werent you removed from staff?" Screw you XD Jake (Admin): Love you dude, thanks for being the ST #1 Mascot Frost: FREEZZZEEER Emily/Nova: "is that a trap?" Walmart: Target is better........ Brendan: Keep up the good work! Badger: STRP!!!!!!!!!| Blarg: "He didn't even mention me" Alright, ST Vice Commander Josh Signing off.
  2. Closed. Currently, there is no officer spot open. This can be opened back up after there is.
  4. Accepted! ST Command feels you are ready. Congrats on reaching the rank of 2LT, please request tags in discord!
  5. sorry to everyone that took there time to say something on this, but I was removed from staff for me being dumb, sorry : (
  6. Wow, im not even on there XD JK Dude, love you
  7. Hello there! My name is Josh, ik some of you reading this most likely dont know me. Over the time with Gaminglight, I would like to say a few things about it and about its people. The time being in this community has been wonderful, over and this is weird to say, Ive learned a LOT, of things from being in it. From failing like 3 staff apps, being mingey and dumb starting out, and just being power hungry, I wanna say ive changed a lot. Now its been around a year and a half now and its been great. To everyone that I know in gaming light, thank you : ).
  8. Dear DG From a Gamemaster myself, a SNR Mod, ST Vice Commander, RG CDT, Crewman, and Apprentice II, I dont believe you are fit for reasons stated down below. 1. Has been seen minging a lot, from a lot of peoples eyes. 2. This app is really not up to par with other, as in you dont even have a poll. Now, with this I think like me, you can improve. It wasn't easy getting to the position im in currently with Gaminglight as a whole, so please put more effort. Sadly, with this being said, -Support.
  9. no one said anything about staying in ST last time I check the empire wouldnt be were it is without us.....
  10. HEY, Leave my guy alone, or ima fug you up XD