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  1. ;-;, bye good friend, you've been with me since I've joined..... - Josh
  2. + BIG BOI SUPPORT -Active -dedicated -good solider -respected Good luck my dude -Josh
  3. 1. What is your In-Game Name? Josh 2. What are you applying for? CPT 3. How much time do you have in-game total( 4 days and 6 hours minimum) : it says 5 days, I don't remember the hours, but I do know that I've played more then just 5 days 4. Why do you want to be Captain ( 50 words minimum): From the beginning of becoming higher in the ranks (NCO), I set a goal saying that, getting to captain before resigning or anything else. I think the need of more people that can promote and tryouts is a must. The reason for this is that, ATM we have very few enlisted, and we need a lot more. I also feel that getting more people up in higher ranks will allow more spots to open up in lower ranks (2LT-1LT). Bonus one is that if I had to arrest someone that was doing something dumb, I wouldn't have to switch to MP so that's a extra ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 5. Who would you like to see you as Captain ( Two officers minimum): Jones, Tigersden, Charlie 6. Why should we trust you with Captain? ( This is a high rank in USAF. 50 words minimum): I feel that being in the GL community for over 8 months and being part of the server for 6 months shows that I have dedication to this community and server. Also have the fact that I only have 1 warning from all the servers ive played (PoliceRP, Clone wars, TTT, SCP-RP, and of course this). I am also part of MP and DI, with also MAJCOM and AFSOC. I also feel as higher ups trust me (I think), with also being good friends with some of them, also being some palls with guys from all of the branches. Bonus is that I have been through all 3 branches so I guess that a bonus? 7. What is your timezone? CST 8. What is your USAF rank? ( 1LT+): 1LT 9. How often can you be on? Friday- Sunday, Unless on break then always (normally not on Sundays cuz those be busy) 10. Are you willing to do what it takes to lead your troops into battle? Even if that means leading them straight into enemy hellfire? YES SIR!
  4. +/- Support +Dedicated +Nice guy +Active -can be a bit un-mature sometimes Would love to have him in MAJCOM -Josh
  5. +/- SUPPORT +Active. +dedicated +good solider -abuses staff powers -can be quite annoying
  6. +SUPPORT But different vehicles would be need to, maybe a LFS blackhawk for US basic transport pilot?
  7. Wups, so if it came of rude, in that case Support +ACTIVE +NICE +dedicated +Very very reasonable
  8. Wtf is this WHAT RANK ARE YOU APPLYING FOR Edit: Sorry this came off rude, I gotta keep working on my no excisit filter