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  1. I didn't once change my story. I said the same story twice to you. And made no mention of arresting him at the bank OR arresting him for talking to someone at the General Store. Unless I am under the age of 9 years old I wouldn't change my story from arresting someone at the bank to him talking to someone at the General store during a robbery and me arresting him there. It doesn't make since. And I typed everything I said into text. I can't sadly screenshot what I say in voice chat. However as I did screenshot what you said from console. I screenshot everything you texted to me. That's why I know. It isn't a misunderstand when someone tries saying you are changing your story when you haven't been changing it. Mistakes do happen and miscommunication. However when Bennett is basically saying I am lying to you it doesn't seem like he misunderstood anything. If staff wants to tell me to unarrest someone I will do it. But I refuse to let someone tell me I gave them two different stories when I didn't and talk me down for it. Everyone who makes a report will have anger towards the person they are reporting in most cases. I was the owner of SpravenGaming for 4 years, an Admin on ASG for 7 months before it's shut down, and staff of many other communities of different positions. Meaning I have worked with people of all sortss staff wise. Never have I had to deal with someone who tries twisting my words as badly as Bennett did. No means is Bennett the worst person or staff I have ever met but it is extremely disrespectful to be called nothing sorts called a liar. I didn't make a report so oh yes Bennett can have bad things coming his way. Simply that a mistake is corrected. From now on I am going to record all gameplay while connect to the server. I am disappointed I have to since before this my experience with staff members have been positive.
  2. ***Second note: I edited my post to fix some of my grammar errors.
  3. Your In-game: Rose Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:76416611 Staff member's In-Game Name: Bennett What did they do?: (Sum up- improper staffing) 7/13/2019, A user was speeding near bank resulting in him crashing into a police car. I attempt to pull him over however, he fails to yield to police lights and sirens. Resulting in me chasing him to the Outer General Store (Right when a robbery starts). He pulls behind the store, gets of out of his car and tries getting into white BMW. I get out and give him the verbal command to stop moving and raise his hands. He then attempts to jump back into his car and screams "Why the hell are you arresting me." I use my taser to stun him and put handcuffs on. He cries and states "Do you wanna know how fast I can call an admin?" + "I'm not apart of this robbery why are you arresting me?" I then inform him why I was arresting him. 'You where driving recklessly, speeding, and failing to yield to police sirens.' (Do keep in mind the Robbery had ended as quickly as it started, police shot and killed the suspect) I place the man into my car and make my trip to the DOC. Him and I get tp'ed by an Mod. (He gets tp'ed first then me). Bennett asks me why did I arrest him? I told him the story you the reader have just read about up until this point. The man tries cutting me off and denies the claims of speeding, and he himself says I arrested him at the General Store. And we argue about what he was doing at the general store. Bennett tells us to stop talking then asks me where I arrested him. I repeat myself 'At the General Store.' Bennett then responds "but you said by the bank." I deny his claim 'I told you that where I tried pulling him over, not where I arrested him.' Bennett then says "You never said that." I quickly find myself upset 'Dude why are you lying? Why the hell would I talk about a general store if I arrested him at bank?' Then out of the blue Bennett responds "you said you found him speaking with someone and you thought he was apart of it if I was correct." (Two things wrong with this: 1. I cannot confirm but I assume this was the story the guy told Bennett, bennett without reason just believes him and takes it as truth. Completely ignoring my story. I assume this might be the case because of Bennett later saying "He says she says" 2. If 1 isn't the case Bennett completely tried twisting god knows what words of mine.) I respond 'What? no, that's BS.' Bennett follows up with "And if you follow procedure as a CPL you should know during general store bank store you avoide all pursuits and go to the location." Do keep in mind again the guy I was trying to pullover went behind the General Store, the location of the robbery. AND by the time of arriving to the General Store the robbery had already ended with the subject's death. I inform Bennett of this, Bennett states "It's a lot of he said she said here." Bennett then asks me how long I planned on putting him in for. I replied 'Two years or so.' Bennett repeats me. The man replies that he had served his time already (Makes literally no sense, I was transporting him to the DOC. Your time doesn't start until you are transported there and booked in.) Bennett agrees with the man stating "his time has been up." Again it doesn't make sense to include transporting time as time of punishment reducing time or setting the subject free. If I am arresting someone for speeding and reckless driving and I am going to put them in for 2 years I don't subtract transport time. I complain to Bennett saying 'This makes literally no sense." Bennett tells me that he can't punish me because of the man providing no proof to me randomly arresting him. Bennett then informs me to take it to the forums after i state 'You can't punish me because I haven't done shit.' I reply 'I will'. Bennett asks me to uncuff the man and I comply. After uncuffing the man I state 'See you on those sexy forums.' Bennett replies "me?" and I state 'yes.' Bennett asks me why and I simply tell him 'Because of how you have handled the situation and that I think you are a bad mod.' Bennett tells me "tbh idc what you think about me im just doing my job." Then Bennett follows up with "if you had a recording" when I said I would report everything he and I said and that he just lied to me about what happened, and it being bullshit that he let the man go. I tell Bennett 'See you on the forums.' Bennet replies "Ok have a good day" then teleports me back. Evidence (REQUIRED): Part 1 ( Part 2 ( What do you think is an acceptable punishment?: I really can't say as far as demoting, he didn't falsely punish me or acted super SUPER badly. However he lied and set someone free without proper cause. I belief Bennett should be given a strike. *Note: Super sorry if Bennett (He) is a she, I just assume from the name Bennett it's a male but if I made an error my mistake*