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  1. + Support All this would do is help and make the map better Dealt with multiple sit of people falling off.
  2. - Support Jailor is being added soon I believe so this will be useless
  3. - Support The evidence is not clear enough.
  4. +Support Not that much off a difference and guns went up.
  5. [GL] Roger

    I'm so sorry.

    + Support + Everyone deserves another chance + It's been awhile since your ban + Everyone else is giving you a + Support + You put a lot of effort into app
  6. - Support 20 warns is a lot and trying to get rid of one doesn't really help I'll let time play this one out.
  7. +Support I think you should be able to buy bulk stun charges for a certain price.
  8. This should be interesting I was always thinking about this.
  9. A new map would be nice I'd want a bigger map with better roads.