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  1. Just saw this -support instead I would say have weekly duel tournaments and the winner gets a crystal or hilt or whatever is being handed out. Not only does this allow for someone to get something new but it would be fun for all IQ and be a challenge to improve your dueling techniques. It could also improve activity. along with getting a hilt for the winner. You could allow spectators of people who arent fighting to bet on who would win and keep track of it on roster for some nice fun as well. overall this method would 1.increase activity 2.Put some friendly fun and competition in for IQ 3.Lower the pay to win aspect of IQ.
  2. [HRP] Curry

    DT Models

    What do you want to see? - I would like to see the Models of DT get changed to the ones we are requesting which is 1 model for the whole battalion. Why should we add it? - You should change the models to the ones we request because they have body-groupers that work and also have a better hit box. This has been tested by me and Katze who is a 1st LT within our ranks. Some of the details that come along with these models are as follows -Helmet Removal -Cape -Pauldron -Green Empire Symbol on the left shoulder -(All the other normal Body-groupers for DT. What are the advantages of having this? - The advantages of having these models is mainly 1. Our hit boxes are finally fixed so you can shoot above out head in an ADV Firing line and we will not get shot. 2. The body-grouper should now work properly unlike the one we have now. Who is it mainly for? - This is mainly and only for Death Trooper Classes. Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1541525772 (This has been Approved by my CMDR and 1LT.)
  3. GREAT FUCKING TROOPER! Has done nothing but been dedicated. no offense but no one but him should have this position
  4. The DLT-19 would only be used by probably officers+ or we put regulations on them when they can use them. We understand the power that the gun has. I even brought that up to our CMDR and told him someone would say something but once again if we do get this we would have strict regulations so fun isn’t ruined for anyone else.
  5. [HRP] Curry

    DT Weapons

    What do you want to see? - Weapons changed on DT. Why should we add it? - This has better guns that are fit more towards lore for the DT to be equipped than the bad looking guns we have now. What are the advantages of having this? - This content pack (link below) has the DLT-19D along with Krennic's Pistol and a better sounding and looking version of the E-11D. Now the DLT-19 I went into single player mode to test requested by my CMDR and they are quite powerful so these would probably not be used by us in events very often. Now the E-11D I also tested and within this content pack their are 2 versions of these guns. One of them does a significant amount of damage and the other does the regular 25 damage. Both sound well and look well and seemed pretty decent while I used them. We would try to change the E-11D we have now with this one for the sound mainly it is better. The one we have now if you don't know and haven't heard it sounds like a regular E-11 unlike the normal sounding E-11D which has a deep noise when shot. But this is the advantages of adding this into the server. Who is it mainly for? - Death Troopers Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=925602544
  6. [HRP] Curry

    DT Battons

    What do you want to see? - Senior Death Trooper, Heavy Troopers, Death Trooper Officer, DT VCMDR, DT CMDR {Last Two already have it just adding them} should have an arrest baton. Why should we add it? - I have talked to my CMDR and 2LT along with the Shock VCMDR Krug and they both have agreed that these ranks should have the arrest baton. (VCMDR said "Death Troopers in general") We want to limit it to the Senior Death Trooper+ which is SGT+. What are the advantages of having this? - It would allow us DT to stun people (Detain) until shock got to our position or be able to arrest a trooper if they run away and do not listen and are being very mingy. It would benefit us as well if no shock are on. But DO NOTE, we will not be using the batons to arrest if shock are on unless told so otherwise for we do not want to take their job just want to be able to make our job a bit easier and help shock out as well if needed. Who is it mainly for? - Senior Death Trooper, Heavy Troopers, Death Trooper Officer, DT VCMDR (already have it), DT CMDR (already have it) Links to any content - weapon_policebaton the clipboard of the weapon.
  7. +\- support Wouldn’t this bend more towards ISB? I feel like this would be their job for we also have models for them as well. It would also give us DT more people to protect. But at the moment we need our player base to rise a bit more before we add anything else. But great idea.
  8. +support These transports/drop ships are very amazing. They are fun to fly and as stated above have a higher capacity which is a benefit to the server. I would suggest we add these and remove the other version. Just make sure you add the good one. I believe there are multiple versions of this ship with one thats sides can close.
  9. +support just why take out patrol transport? Thats what we use for regular troopers. I don’t see why this would be removed.
  10. Once again I feel like as we wait the playerbase will grow. If anything take Medics, ENG, Pilots, put those in ST or other batallions Make a Navy position the head of each or have 1 person in each sector be the head of it. So example say I joined Pilots in ST and become ST Pilot Lead Medic Lead ENG Lead then they are the people who keep them organized. RG and IC are donator so they shouldn't be mains doing guarding stuff cause that isn't fair on the other players that will be looked as buy to win. I feel like if we take those battalions I listed above and put them in the other battalions it will let others go into a regiment they enjoy and become that job. Battalions should be added into ST 501st Possibly Nova. Maybe add in another battalion like 212th or something else like 501st and ST just one more option. Taking those 3 and adding them into a would eliminate a lot. So keep Nova, DT, Shock, ST, 501st, Navy, RG, IC, IQ
  11. +support I think we could add in another class in EC called maybe like Heavy or Tanker. Clarifying that they can drive or do certain things. - support models the models look iffy and I feel like the ones we have now look amazing on EC.
  12. +support Since I have joined he only got promoted once to 1LT. He has done nothing but an amazing job and I feel like this is well deserved. Hope you get the promo and see you lead us more. Good Luck.
  13. +support I have seen you from that start of when I got on. I would love to see you as the VCMDR of DT. You do great outstanding work.