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  1. I very appreciate your responses guys, thanks for the support ? Hope i will be unbanned)
  2. Yes Shmoopy i understand that the punishment is valid, but however im trying to make a point here that i am not a minge and im trying to resolve anything im might have did wrong, and i really hope i will succeed with getting unbanned today, because i really want to play with that friendly community and to show that i understood my mistake and that its not going to occur futher. But thanks for replying man, appreciate it)
  3. Steam Name: John Snow Ingame Name: Ostyn Rockbenner SteamID: STEAM_1:0:52816378 Ban Length: 3days Admin that Banned you: Shmoopy King Reason for Ban: MassRDM/Revenge RDM/Please read the rules Appeal @ Gaminglight.com Dispute: Well lets begin with what happened, a cop arrested me and put me to prison, where i tell him if he does so i will come and find him, and he will regret doing so. Later when i get released from prison i go for a walk, find a police officer i told it to and shoot him in the back of the head with a MAG-7, where i realize there are 3 more police officers around. I deduce that making a run in this situation is nearly impossible so i stand and fight the rest of them and get out as a winner. A minute or so later an admin teleports me, and it was not Shmoopy King, it was Ramon or somewhat like that. He explains me everything that happened from his point of view and i understood that i did a wrong thing as a revenge rdm and mass rdm by not giving up to the cops and just killing them all. I realized my mistake and he gave me a warn, so i thought its the end of it and i went to mind my own business, i began building a house, started putting printers and so, and unexpectedly i receive a ban from admin called Shmoopy King, who wasn't even there when i was talking with another admin. I think that if i already received a warn and Ramon realized that i understood the rule there was no reason to ban me, especially by another admin who doesn't even know what happened. That is all, thanks for reading all that and i hope i will get unbanned! Edit: I also want to add that this is the ONLY Gmod server im currently playing on so if i dont get unbanned i will have nothing to do ? i have never been disrespectful to staff and i always listen to you and try to understand what i did wrong if i actually did it. You will agree that some of the server rules get complicated, because you cannot predict EVERY situation that can happen and so the rules adapt to different situations, thus i might be doing wrong things sometimes, but i always try to change and be the best player possible in the matter of following rules and RPing. Thanks again!