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  1. Name: Dondi Rank: CDT How active are you in SWAT: Not as active as I would like due to staff things. What do you want to see change within the department?: N/A What do you think command can improve on?: N/A
  2. +support This is his 3rd report 1 was false but this one and the other look strong. I think he needs a Demotion if this many people are reporting him with strong proof.
  3. Im going to cry if I dont see this
  4. +Support He is using staff powers why not doing staff things. evidence is clear he cant use physgun as not as administration.
  5. Then why did you tell me in game that your game crashed?????
  6. First off Panic is a staff. Second +support There is clear proof of what he did and he dissed me in admin chat. I would say strike not removal, from what I heard he was just following what murderess was doing.
  7. +Support I was there for the sit he gave no warring at all. The plan was to just warn him for it but when he left, that's why I think he should be removed. The evidence is clear, something should be done.
  8. + And - Support On one hand yes it is very useful and helpful, but on the other hand its no really realistic.