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  1. -Support As I said before this base is a HARD BASE TO RAID. That being said it follows all MOTD rules set by are SMT. If there is a problem talk to SMT I dont think anything should happen in this case. If you are going to Warn/Ban him change the rules then because nothing here is wrong to me.
  2. Again here we can see through the smoke muzzle flash from his AWP.
  3. If you slow down the video you can see something on the right. Thats muzzel flash.
  4. +Support Its been some time sense I have been on this server and one of the biggest problems I have seen so far is how hard it is to raid ANY bases. We cant even get into the front door on some bases and then everyone gets stuck. PLEASE ADD THIS BACK IT HELPS WITH RAIDING SO MUCH.
  5. Dondi 2.0

    Dondis LOA

    Name: Dondi Rank Senior Tech And Jr. janitor Branch (Medical, Technician, Janitorial): Tech And Janitorial Length (MM/DD/ - MM/DD): 10/27 Reason (If private that's fine Burned out on gmod
  6. Dondi 2.0

    Dondis 48

    Name: Dondi Rank: Event member Reason for leaving: Time between staffing and I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with Ideas for events. I more of a helper when it comes to events not one to make them but because there is no way I can just only help with events I will get kicked out soon anyway because I cant keep my quota up. Note that this will not lead to me putting in a 48 staff because I love this community and will only leave if I have to. Will you stay active during your 48 hour notice?: Will try but server has been down so its anyone guess.
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    Dondis 48 :(

    Name: Dondi Rank:CPL Reason for leaving: I dont have time between staffing and other things to be able to be active on Nu7. I dont want to keep the spot when someones else may want it. Will you stay active during your 48 hour notice?: Will try my best.
  8. You got a promo to sn mod but you did not go to igneous's room after the meeting so I don't know if you got the promo or not.
  9. This is really not in the right section.
  10. +support Only if it does not cause lag.
  11. -support Sorry who are you?