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  1. +Support! - Evidence is somewhat clear (i could read it, idk about anyone else) - guy clearly broke the server rules
  2. Tried (and probably failed) to do “red right hand”
  3. Name: ██ ████ Codename: "Ace" Description: Caucasian male of northern european decent and nationality,. Position: Currently a █LT of MTF ██ █ Brief history: Born in the ████ capital of Oslo, where he grew up. Briefly joined the military, before being recruited by the foundation and joining Mobile Task Force unit Epsilon 11, designated 'Nine Tailed Fox'. Came to work his way up the ranks in Epsilon 11 before being recruited into Mobile Task Force unit █ designated '██ ███ ███'
  4. +Support -Active on the server (i See him all the time in my time zone) -Great application -question 6 was good the only bad thing is the 3 strikes you had when you were in E11, but you do have good reasoning for getting them. good luck!
  5. Have a good one Inactiverate
  6. [GL] Ace

    Arthur Report

    Well to be fair in lore 106 can walk into a wall and come out any place connected to the wall, and i am unsure if It is specified on the rules Wether he is allowed to do that Or not, I for one (and many others in this thread) did t seem to know that it even was a rule. +/- support as I believe a verbal warning should be enough
  7. Woah is that another Ace? sick
  8. +support: pretty solid application my only advice is to get a little more playtime on the server
  9. +support +Respectable and mature member +Good application -4 warnings (they are old though)