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  1. [GL] Ace


    I have never seen this many redactions In one post
  2. [GL] Ace

    Scp 049

    Well, the main reason he has it (I assume) is for when he accidentally turns someone into a zombie via misclick. either way he shouldn’t have it if it is possible to abuse it this way
  3. After the edit on the application this is my new viewpoint, please void the other post
  4. - support is staff in another community, which is stated you are not allowed to be in the handbook overall the application is good
  5. [GL] Ace

    Ace’s LOA

    Name: Ace Status on Roster: Active / trial period Reason For LOA(If Private then put as N/A): traveling away due to vacation, won’t have my PC Duration of LOA: 7 days (2/16 - 2/23)
  6. +Support +high command member +has experience being command, in different branches as well as Alpha 1 +reffered by command member(s) - I believe you could have done better on the supervisor quiestion and elaborated Little more the other one is your warnings and strikes but they are both old overall I believe corner would be great for Alpha 1 (I’m looking forward to spam pinging you in the discord)