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  1. Good bye my fellow troopers i want to thank all the people i worked with in this game ill try not to make this long i just wanted to say i now have a new job selling shoes at town shoes and ive been grounded for month and im now on the junior varsity foot ball team im a wide receiver. now to leave you with a couple of words what makes a good trooper isnt how fast how strong or how smart they are its there ability to keep others safe and get the mission done - Fours out
  2. Steam Name: [GL] Fours Ingame Name: Jedi Padawan fours SteamID: [GL] Fours Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: IDK Reason for Ban: IDK Dispute: ive spent hundreds of dollars on this server and all for nothing beacuse of that i got punished for month and now im banned. im sorry for all the people ive done wrong on this server if i dont get unbanned i wanna say a few words. I am sorry and i will never forget all of these people ive made friends with and enemies with i came form a small battalion called the 91st and i just wanna shout out: Jordan , goon , campbell , scorch , wish , Ghost. and RIP 91st i love you