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  1. Hello, this is prob related to the last incident. I was marked "Semi active" on the roster even tho I come on EMS like 5-6 times a week. The roster also says my last meeting was on the 25th but I was there on the 1st of Nov. You can ask anyone I was there on time and stayed there the entire length. I think the issue is that on the Roster, im "McFLy" but my name is suppose to be "WillyMcFly". Im guessing people think WillyMcFly and McFly are 2 different people, as said before this confusion has happened in the pass with my false strike. I would highly appreciate if anyone could fix it. Thank you.
  3. WillyMcFly

    Ban Appeal

    It takes SMT 2-3 weeks to look at peoples appeals, bans, reports, etc. In this case its over.
  4. Alright thank you very much Im not mad at you im mad at Furious for telling me to STFU and other rude things Thank you.
  5. Ok so the meeting is almost done, I get promoted to EMT. And I notice I have a strike. AEMT Trevor told me that I took his OG spot and that his strike is gone but now I have it. This is very clearly a mistake when they promoted me. So I go and tried to talk to EMS command / Zage. I got ignored and Furious told me to "STFU" and I was kicked from the channel. And my issue was never fixed. They told me I was not even in the roster but Im clearly there. If im not in the roster what is this? Anyways can my issue please be taken serious thank you
  6. +/- A reduce would be okay but racism cannot be tolerated. 1-2 month ban would be okay
  7. Name: EMR WillyMcFly FO22 Rank: EMR How active are you: Active, On EMS everyday Why should you remain a part of EMS department: I just joined a few days ago. I enjoy being EMS and helping PD out. And I can help EMS expand. What changes would you like to see: More EMS online.
  8. Simfphys includes its own headlights, sirens, and lights. It’s actually more optimized and works. The lights light up dark areas unlike VCmod ELS. I think it might be able to us ELS but not sure. And I don’t recommend it.
  9. Repairs are completely glitched, Cars have a 1-2 second input lag, That is seriously broken. That is not a slight bug that is a serious game breaking bug. so yes it is broken
  10. Umm VCmod on this server is broken lmao
  11. no no no. I mean in game currency not irl money. As I said in the main thread, most likely the players car data is handled by the dealer and not the car mod. Therefore that's not a problem.
  12. Car user data can be transferred. If not they could refund everyone's cars, and they could re-buy it again.
  13. They did? Maybe they used an older version. But I know the current version of Simfphys should be more optimized that VCmod. I use to be on a server that had 80-120 people on daily and they used Simfphys fine without lag. Yes that could be different hardware but gaminglight is bigger than them so I assume gaming light has more powerful servers
  14. Well they need to fix the car handling because PD command demoted my friend who crashed into them because the dumb car mod was lagging. As a fact they don’t even need to switch just fix the car latency issues and repair issues and I’m happy. As a fact I just found out right now it isn’t an issue with VCmod, it’s an issue with this server because other servers don’t have it. so like either switch to Simfphys, Fix VCmod, or allow PD to drive terribly.