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  1. I went into the policeRP support SMT in TS3, I was in there for 6 hours and no one came, any other way to get ahold of a SMT? (Discord? Email? Forums)
  2. Hey, everytime I open the F4 menu on PoliceRP, My game crashes, no logs or anything. Just to verify this isn't a issue with the server, does anyone else have this same issue? Thanks, I needed this to pinpoint the issue.
  3. alright, will they be able to respond here?
  4. Ah okay, sorry misunderstood. Yes then I want to get any year old warns removed if possible. Thank you.
  5. Old Warn removal AdminName - N/A Questions Your In-game: SNR WillyMcFly 1D49 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:80853088 The admin's name in-game: N/A The admin's steam name (If you know it): N/A What warning did you receive: All 3 month old+ warns removal Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://imgur.com/a/XnQJR6e Why do you think this warn was false: *I apologize if this is in the wrong section I couldn't find a "warn removal section" This is a warn removal, not a staff report, Joe Mama and another staff member told me I could appeal and remove 2-3+ month old warns, I have warns dating back more than 1 year. I would like to get them removed if possible so I can play in peace and not have to worry about getting perma banned if I messup for a second. Thank you. Any extra information: N/A
  6. The car thing needs to be figured out no matter what, why are you -support on something that will benefit you? Do you not want the car thing to be fixed? They can easily fix it if they want to. Honestly they need to fix the car and the MP5, waste staff time, waste player time and ruins the immersion. They have acc to the code but they dont want to fix it.
  7. There are some glitches on here that ruin the RP experiencing for me, here is a list of glitches that everyone knows exist, I want to bring awareness to these because they are clearly not getting fixed by the devs because they have been there since I started playing on here which is like 7 months ago (besides a few). - (For God Sake PLEASE fix this) Car Repair Tool not working 80% of the time, every time I repair a car, the tool doesn't work. I have to call staff every time I want to repair (80% of the time) - MP5, and other guns missing texture. I have all the gaminglight PoliceRP packs & I have CSS textures / models. I can confirm that its not me because ive talked to staff that say "The MP5 and some other guns dont have textures yet" - End of map near warehouse. Near the warehouse, whoever made the map didn't even bother to make a wall. Instead, they made a invisible barrier which is crap because you can see past the map and it completely ruins the immersion. - Server lagging severely when reaching 80 players. Correct me if i'm wrong but the max capacity of the server is 128, why is it lagging so badly when reach 80-90 people? Please devs, fix these. Stop adding new features for now, and work on fixing Bugs, fixing the bugs are way more important than adding new features. I dont pay money to play on the server so im not "demanding", Im just suggesting that these major bugs get fixed so the experience on the server can be much better and polished. Thank you.
  8. Yes lmao, Thats something i didnt think about when making the this post. All the bought stuff would be gone and alot of people are going to be pissed off. Yea I dont think this idea will work lol.
  9. I see your point, However I dont get why people like VCmod. It has bad controls and terrible car physics. Compare it to simphys and its way better.
  10. I had a suggestion that the server should move to full serious RP, if that does happen here are some features it should have. - Characters instead of a F4 menu role changer. (You can have a max of 3 chars and VIP can have 6, for example instead of switching to police cadet or ems cadet to get trained, you would have to make a char and go there yourself, and if you want to resign you can resign. Every char has a name, ID, and a description) - More realistic gun physics, 1 head shot is a kill no matter what type of gun it is. - Losing health / Getting killed when ran over. - Sprinting timer, you cant hold down shift because there is a sprint cool down. - Limited sprint speed and jump height - Change car mod from VCmod to something more realistic. (I think simphys is a good one. Easy to control, better physics, and more performance friendly) And other features to make the RP more realistic. This is completely preference, but I think serious RP is more immersive. Feel free to answer the poll and explain why you pick yes or no.
  11. I understand that, I was given many chances but I technically never hit the 40 mark which states on rules. I am extremely sorry, I know if this gets accepted and I mess up again, there is no way I’m getting unbanned ever. All I’m asking is for an extra chance. Thanks for the reply
  12. Thank you, I never even hit the 40 warm limit. But 38 is close. But thanks for the +support
  13. I was banned for more than a month, this was a long ban. I’m going to change because I’ve been banned for a while. And I know if I mess up again there isn’t anymore possibly of me being unbanned. All I want is to play again and 1 last final chance to play on this server.
  14. WillyMcFly

    I’m sorry

    Steam Name: WillyMcFly Ingame Name: WillyMcFly SteamID: STEAM_0:1:80853088 Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: King Willy Reason for Ban: 38 warns 1 day l Banned 5 times l Told to extend by staff Members l Mass Minge l Mass FailRP l Dispute: So around 1-2 months ago, I was banned for getting 38 warns, I believe at the time of the ban, the rules said you need 40 to get a perma, that was my original claim to counter the ban. Sadly I lost the case and my ban was left perma. Ive been banned for almost 1-2 months now and I came to say I’m deeply sorry for my extensive list of warns and citations I have received while on the server. I came to ask for forgiveness and another chance to RP on this community. I believe I have learned my lesson, to not minge. Thank you. First appeal : https://gaminglight.com/forums/topic/43508-false-perma-banned/