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  1. I have seen you Changed for quite awhile, you'll get up there V:
  2. +support if the medkit is removed
  3. +support i haven't seen him on jantiorial yet but he do be really good at combat as E-11 :V
  4. Hamsters more like Ham sters :V
  5. 16 hours ago, Fool said: +Support it is a literal Anti Material Rifle for a reason so yeah
  6. CrystalMoisa12

    Hats are dumb

    -Support I Say the hat should stay >:V
  7. In-Game Name:Crystal SteamID STEAM_0:0:503558612 What is your ULX Rank?:Member What is your RP Rank?:Doctor/E-11 SSGT/Tech/JJ What is your timezone?:US:EST How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): 6-7 Do you have any experience as a Gamemaster or Event Planner? (If so, explain it): No How Active are you? (1/10):8 How many warns do you have? (Across all Gaminglight Servers):2 Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?:Because i Like Building and Creating,Since am SSGT in E-11 i have to help out with the PT building, usually i be creative and try to make the type for it, i always listen to my SOP and tried being creative as much i can and i have seen Event teams be Creative with the Events so i tried to be like that :V. my Main Reason is to usually Help with the events as well create others :V. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better):939-2 and 939-1 breached but in (Gmod Version) of the game SCP: Containment Breach, Usually 939/939-2 would be in the HCZ Storage with gas on, i'll use big crates to do that. right now MTF Units E-11 moves in to contain 939/939-2 though 939 in lore 939 will have there name changed randomly usully like a Jantior (Name) or other since it can replicate there voices. i could try use the Announcment about 939 breached and the E-11 entering. the event was recreating the Scene, Door will be in LCZ since that where it was. Have you read the Event Team Guidelines?:Yes What is your favorite SCP? Why? SCP: 093 "Red Sea Object" Known for it World, SCP 093 is a Red cinnamon Disk with unknown symbols carved in would be contained by using a mirror. SCP 093 is attracted to a mirror when the Mirror broken it will try to find the nearest mirror but it would exceedling speed up destroying anything in it path until it find a mirror the object seems to not harmed the surface is on despite the astronomical speed it gives and the kinetic energy that would immeatly shatter the mirror as well crashing into it path. when you touch SCP 093 it will either change color then open a world, this happen with a test log when discovering. when d-class was in SCP 093 is was a desert barren landscape and 20 minutes into it exploration uncovers SCP 093-2 it is a Huge 4 story Humaniod with it Upper cut off. it has a Smooth Face and appears to stand on it arms. moments later gunshot then statics then the pulley was pull only to have the d-class kit and the disc
  8. Lore Name:Crystal Rank:AR SCP:049 Question / Idea:What is 049 Tools are made off and if there are organic or not Background Research:049 tools were spawned out of his cloak or in his bag. Hypothesis:are the materials of his tools are part of body or non-organic Observations (What Happened During Test):I couldn't get the rp the 049 i was testing didn't really rp, Evidence/Visual Stimuli: I had rig unit 3 and damien and a Tau 5 watching but i also have the materials from his tools to show the hypostisis Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results):049 tools were non-organic, from what i saw that damien told that this material was not organic and i still have the material in my lab Was Your Hypothesis Correct?:Yes it showed the material was not a part of 049 but the origin of these tools are still unknown
  9. +support: She a really good command member in techinical she leads her techs well, so i believe she will do the same for Omi9 Low command, but not only that but she also really active.
  10. In Game Name: Crystal Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:503558612 Job applying for (Medical - MEDIC + | Red Right Hand - ANY MTF RANK OR GENSEC COMMAND | Research - Researcher+):Medical If applying for Red Right Hand preferred O5 to guard: How many Strikes do you have: 0 Why do you want to join the O5 staff team: I want to make sure that 05 Staff and it self are healed and in good condition, i usually come around to checks if people are hurt or need of surgery, i don't want a 05 member or atleast someone else in 05 that is hurt and inneed of medical attention. Why should we accept you: Am a Doctor but also i know highly about my Surgeon SOP and i can Type quickly in these Medical Situations, It only took me 9 days just to get doctor (notflex) but am also highly active usually i get on around 11am or 1pm to 3am or 4am, so i can become 05 Medical when 05 and staff flagged on