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  1. >_>. 80% Clicked for Thumbnail 15% both 5% Looked for the grave
  2. +Support Tsuki was a really good Captain and welcome back
  3. +Support. -From the screenshot in the argument Jack did explained how Mateo "Heavy" was looking at the wall mostly and he was quite far to call a fearrp but not only that but he was not gunpointing Zack as well the tango from the otherside. and like what Hope said it need 2 people and there was only a infil keep a gunpoint at Zack so he not in Fearrp but also the video didn't show the full coverage as Zack was in the airlock of medbay so we can't tell if he was fearrp or not. :Edit: Also when i tried slowing the video down the door begin to shut right when Mateo called a fearrp so like jack said it consider invalid
  4. Bye Jackal, You always were a blast while i was in E-11. It sad to see you go. See ya later and come back some time to time
  5. Worst, Lew decided to lie about it. "Got no Proof" +Support
  6. +Support,He is a well Combatant before he left E-11 (Sad Pog) but i think he ready for becoming a 05 Staff Member-OM2