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    Name: Waffle Status on Roster: PFC Reason For LOA(If Private then put as N/A): Well, I don't know if I mentioned this on my other LOA, but my grandma has cancer. Right now it's worsening, and I kind of want to be there for her along with other family members of mine. Also, I'm not sleeping too well. Duration of LOA: About 2 Weeks and a half. Maybe I'll return on the 31st of July. If not, then earlier. Edit: I am extending the date by a little for family reasons and unplanned events. An example being my birthday Augst 9th, and my father planning a trip to a resort for 2 weeks. I shall return by the 12th of August. If that's fine with everyone.
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    Waffle's LOA

    Name: MTF Nu7 PFC Waffle PT7 Status on Roster: Active Reason For LOA(If Private then put as N/A): Well, I'm not sleeping well, my dad is making me work at his store this summer, and I really feel like playing something else. Plus, things haven't been going too well because I have gotten a warning for screwing up as 912 since I decided to joke around. Basically, I need a break from the server because I find it difficult to maintain a serious composure throughout my whole session on the server for every single day, if that makes sense. A person needs to let loose and fool around every now and then. Duration of LOA: Less than 2 weeks. I might join sometimes if I can. But after the 2 weeks, I will be completely active.
  3. Alright, this I understand, but I still see no difference. It is still pretty infuriating when it takes about 5-8 headshots to kill a single D-Class, whether they have armor or not. Plus, there is no spray pattern at all. It's just random for the most part. Like, there is one, but it doesn't feel good if that makes sense. I'd gladly use anything else that is not TTT Weapons, and perhaps better. As long as it has better damage, accuracy, or both, I'll be content. And maybe I speak for some people that might feel the same way, too.
  4. What you want to see? - I wish to see another better weapons for everyone. Gensec, MTF, even D-Class. I either wish to see that or a buff in our already used mod pack if possible. Why should we add it? - I am a Lance Corporal. I understand that being promoted can help one obtain better weapons, but even the high rankings have horrible weapons. Our guns are like peashooters, and the D-Boys can easily overpower us with a damn bat. A whole magazine of an M4A4, for example, brings them down to like 40 HP. I understand that some D-Class also have armor, but this just seems unrealistic that it takes this much just to kill ONE. SINGLE. PERSON. Sometimes, I even think that it's a pay to win server, because of how many times armored D-Class can easily surpass the gunfire, and murder us. What are the advantages of having this? - It will potentially require fewer lockdowns, and less D-Class easily passing through LCZ, because it shouldn't be. We are armed men who are letting these fools pass through us like butter. We can have a firing line, but 3 out of 6 dying before the D-Class does. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone, but mainly Foundation Staff & MTF Links to any content - Note- I understand that this is a lengthy process and that this will require a LOT of work from the devs, and even needing to shut down the server to replace the weapon pack, but I am trying my best to make a difference. Even if it seems impossible.