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  1. See that's the thing. EMS on its own is great I'm sure but I don't think it would thrive if, at all under EMS, it would most likely end up, no offense of to EMS of course, some sort of meh group of people who drive trucks, when what I'm thinking would not be a subdivision but an actual department of itself. I don't think you necessarily need a super-serious RP server, I think if they went and tried it with factoring in everything we have now that it could work. Besides, I know a few things about starting up a department on a thriving server, it works, we just need the people to have a somewhat optimistic look about it. Thanks for the feedback, friend.
  2. I would like it noted that I am aware of the previous posts on this matter and have read over the suggestion welcome thread, however, if allowed I would like to bring a different light to it. What do you want to see : I would like to see a realistic fire department added to our PoliceRP server in addition to other Emergency Services ( EMS ) as a separate function. Why should we add it : I am aware this suggestion has been brought up in the past, and I have read the previous counters to it. I personally have ran many fire departments and servers for that matter, and are aware of how things work and don't work well with each other. I think if this server can handle the vFire addon due to the stats that I've read and collected while on the server. I believe that using a fire addon wouldn't cause as much lag as you'd think, it could help expand the community and could bring another roleplay element to the server. As a firefighter and medical professional in real life, I personally enjoy these types of roleplay and look for things such as a fire department when I join servers. Currently, there aren't many good popular servers with fire departments. I want to change that. What are the advantages of having this : Adding a fire department would ring in a whole new aspect of roleplay, bring new players seeking this roleplay, create more in-depth roleplay for other government services, ( helping on scenes, working with EMS, etc.. ) and many more advantages yet to be seen. Who is it mainly for : I personally haven't spoken to anyone much about the matter. Links to any content : I would provide more if this suggestion goes through. Thank you for your time, - Lupo