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  1. SteamId: In game name: I don't remember. Steam name: Secret176 Reason of ban: Direspecting a manager or something. Why should i get unbanned: Beacouse im bored of waiting and im sorry for direspecting him i was just mad cuz i broke my car into a spawned prop by him and yeah i got that angry that i got out from the pd too so please unban me pls. How can i assure u i won't get banned from the first day of unban: Im not retarded to get banned from the first day when i get unbanned xD. Thx for reading this and im sorry for that direspect.
  2. Secret176

    Perma Banned

    no problem im a cop on other police rp ;D
  3. Secret176

    Perma Banned

    im glad this is not the only police server...
  4. Thank you for giving me the format
  5. Secret176

    Perma Banned

    Steam Name: Secret176 Ingame Name: Secret176 SteamID: Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: Snar Reason for Ban: Snt Direspect Dispute: Ok Snar look that wasn't personal but when i saw you problocking and i saw that guy i got mad and i shoot that guy later i get it it was normal do demote me but after that i got kidnaped and u called me for a sit idk wich admin you or other and i was blackscreen and muted and idk what u done to me warn jail but i had to rejoin and when i rejoined i got kidnaped by a citizen cuz i was still cuffed and when i first saw u i was so mad that evryone was joking with me example a kidnaper kidnaped a guy in my face and later 1 -2 min he came back for me what the heck man so if you want to unban me unban me if not tell me so i can restart my cop thing on a uk server but you know uk driving on left worse people i hate their accents a lot of addons new maps new vehicles and i have 3.2mil so i don't want to leave this server too soon till i get a new gamemode wich i can play with fun but i don't find gamemodes with enough players ... Enough not even a lot it's very hard to find a gamemode like guess who with 8 players or hide and seek with 10 so do what you think but i gone mad at that time beacouse so much things happen.
  6. So evryone knows the cars are not a lot and very expensive what it will be if we add: Volswagen full and more bmw's and please add Dacia Duster xD add it to any price the best price would be 450k and yeah volswagen can be from 30k to 1mil if you want depends on what model is it. -We need more vehicles we cannot drive on the streets only with 2 vehicles. -Please add Dacia Duster seriously please... -Thx for reading this shit... Awesome suggestion.
  7. -Steamid: -Gamename:Secret176 -Rank in pd:SNR -I want be ems beacouse is cool to revive people -12 hours on the server
  8. -Name: Secret176. -SteamID: -Pd Rank: SNR (Senior Patrol Officer). -Why do i want to become state police officer: First they have better guns , Second better skins for vehicles . -Hours on gmod (idk if needed): around 1700. -Hours played on server:12 hours. -Thank you for reading this and i hope you will accept me in State Patrol Departament. -Also i have no warnings no bans.