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  1. Name: Chris Kyle Why should you retain your current rank: I'm on during afternoons watching for new players that join the Security Trainee job and want to be trained, trainers aren't always on when someone is waiting and I enjoy training new people. Are you on the discord and the roster, correctly?: Yes Concerns: Not enough trainers still, but so far it's not interrupting me.
  2. In-Game name: Chris Kyle Section of Interest (see below): Section 1: Introduction Section: 5: DEFCONS Time Available During Weekends: 11:00AM-6:00PM Are you skilled in any video editing software? (not required): Mediocre, ask what is required and I will give further details.
  3. Hi there, I have a question and or request if possible to make that is not in the range to charge money if so, in the template/informational post: It does not state it can be an up-charge for custom class "color" changes in future posts, and I am hoping to request such a change if possible for a job I own on the SCP-RP server. Which unfortunately when identified the color is just white on tab and chat surfaces. Very hard to see and read in some cases, and I am hoping when the respective developer is available to simply change the current 00, 00, 00 RGB for the Tab/Chat identification to a Cyan 0, 255, 255 It would be so appreciated if you could do this favor for me, and for reference on the classes information I have the original accepted post below: Now for my other question, the server will soon be experiencing a new weapon-pack overhaul. And I like many others are quite excited! However, since weapons will be replaced or changed. Will this be a whole new weapon pack and if so, can I create a new request form to change to classes current Primary to a new weapon in the pack if it becomes deleted/replaced. I hope you can answer this for me as I am very interested, thank you again and kind regards!
  4. Name (as it is on the roster): Chris Kyle FTO Rank: JFTO SGT How Active Are You?: I am active everyday for at least 4 hours!  Any Concerns?: So my concern still stands from the last rolecall, I worry we dont have enough "active" trainers to train at least in a 5 minute notice from when a advert for "requesting to be trained" is called. I seem to see more trainers on now, and that is great! My last concern is finding time away from my rp experience to sit and train people, as I spend a lot of my time on the server as my CC ESP 115. Yes, I am that cool robot who helps everyone!
  5. Hi there, I submitted a custom class template not too long ago. And it did infact successfully created itself after a short period of time, however it's missing it's two Primary and Secondary choices of starting equipment that I filled out! I hope that someone can reply to assist me, as it's just a editing error in the Administrator who created the job. Below is my template from my completed response post: ------------------------------------------- Kind regards
  6. Hi, thank you for the response and information. May I get a comment that notifies me when the class is completed ? Thank you!
  7. Also, Is there an update on when the class will be completed. I was not informed on how long it takes to create the job after payment.
  8. Name: Chris Kyle Rank: JFTO SGT Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): Hoping to continue training trainee's, I feel bad when I invite people on my friend list and they dont get trained immediately. Hope to get more SEC on the teams. Any Concerns?: Need more Trainers, or active ones.
  9. That is acceptable, may I see the edited stats of the weapon when it is finished before it is implemented if that is possible? Thank you
  10. That would be very appreciated, I apolagise as I understand TFS is a modified m9k weapon pack essentially. And I mean in no way to purposely request a possibly overpowerd weapon for the sake to abuse, that was never the intention and I hope I do not give that motive when I request it for my rp of choice character. I can wait patiently for a reply by Igneous for my first, and second choice. Thank you so much for your quick reply and help!
  11. Hi th3, thanks for the quick reply! My second choice for my primary will be the TFS category shotguns Pancor Jackhammer "tfa_jackhammer". Thank you for your assistance!
  12. Hi there, below is my filled out template for my desired job to the server SCP-RP! I will be using a model already installed inside the server, so that you do not need to add to the filesize of the loading time. I have always fascinated a combat robot, or perhaps programmed duty robot that would fit perfect for Reaper. So that is what I will be using, just with a white skin. Rather than the blue cook. In-Game Name: Security JFTO SGT Chris Kyle SteamID: STEAM_0:1:48714901 Server: SCP-RP = Custom Job Name: ESP-115 Model already in server. Model ID: Reaper C-Menu Color of Model: White Color of Job: rgb - White Job Description: E.S.P - Enhanced Security Prototype, model 115 is a highly advanced prototype developed by the foundation. ESP is used for crowd control, detaining, guarding, and protecting foundation VIP's including basic security of the facility. And the daily janitor hallway clean. Weapons: Primary: TFA category shotguns Pancor Jackhammer "tfa_jackhammer" Secondary: Mr. ibizza Riot Shield: "riot_shield" Lockpick or Medkit: Medkit Thank you for reading!
  13. Post has been edited with added missing template lines, details are inside the dispute information. Kind regards.
  14. Steam Name: Bonnnetwork | Winstri Ingame Name: US PFC Chris Kyle SteamID: STEAM_0:1:48714901 Admin that Warned you: Trial Moderator Jessay Reason for Warn: Disrespect Dispute: Hello, I am appealing a warn given by a Staff by the username of Jessay. I apolagise for I am not able to collect the users full name, but the situation revolved around the Warn reason of "disrespect" and only that. Below will be more information: Under the 5th pin point, the rules states: No disrespect in OOC/adverts this can lead to an in-game punishment as well as an OOC punishment. Respectfully, and I honor this during gameplay and with fellow peers. In this situation, I was traveling with a partner by the username of Ayame, and after jumping a fence I come into contact with a British Soldier, username Irwin with a highlighted RED name. We both exchange fire before we both come into conclusion we are part of the same team, unfortunately I am aware at this time that British is part of the same team as mine, but I knew by common sense he must have been an enemy job as his tag was RED a regular indicator that is on all GamingLight provided servers, the enemy team. I exhaust my 8 round ammo and begin the tiresome reload animation while shouting at this British Soldier player "You are an enemy, I am going to fucking kill you" ignorantly. After then realizing he truly is a British soldier on our team, I dropped anymore words I was going to say and moved along. The user Irwin then shouted at me "Go ahead and you will be warned!" as a threat, and my partner Ayame then shot user Irwin. They exchanged some dead dialogue in what I had appeared to have been friendly, so I thought nothing of it. To be clear, I did not kill or attempt RDM on user Irwin. My partner Ayame did. Respectfully, I admit that it was a vulgar tone in choice of words and quick split second decision making for such a mere situation as: I didn't know if he was an enemy or not. And in this game I was aware the axis team had much similar uniform appearances, and that struck me off to think this user is an enemy. And I apolagise, I was later brought to a sit with this individual I "cussed out" with staff Jessay and user Irwin with him demanding I was warned and striked for RDM and disrespect. Once again, I am admitting my choice of words to use vulgar language before I realized he was part of our team was wrong. But it is not a warnable offense unless the disrespect I had made was a personal threat or attack. It was not, and I assured the staff making the sit it was not, and was a mistake on my part in my roleplay toward the Nazi's and German forces to act in such a way as is the SeriousRP factor, I have never made inappropriate jokes or behavior in my roleplay for notes. I assured the staff I did not make any RDM toward the user as I did not successfully kill him, nor did I purposely engage Attempt RDM. I of course apologized to user Irwin, and I believe he accepted it as he went no further with the RDM accusations. But he insisted for a warn based off of the vulgar tone I made toward him which he did not accept. Now, in respective seriousness here. I believe the individual Irwin was a young individual, I'm assuming around 10-13 years of age. And I believe he was not able to understand the basic behavioral maturity to take in and hear a "bad" word not taken directly at him. He was making a quote "fuss" during the sit, and brought up that during PoliceRP which is not this gamemode. Things would be different, and I assured him politely this is not PoliceRP and things actually are different. I requested to the Staff in charge I meant nothing in terms of disrespect and hope I can go back to war, but staff Jessay insisted. Disrespect to terms of cursing around an individual is "indefinitely" a warnable offense. So I had politely and professional asked him: "Well may I see a link to the rule page or your handbook that states just that". I was given the link to the handbook and unfortunately, I pointed out a defect that members who do not own an account on the website are unable to view such rules or any page on the website. And the MOTD only states what is above toward disrespect, and I was in roleplay. I did not create a different wording of "You are an enemy, I am going to fucking kill you" respectfully out of character toward user Irwin. I have had to create a new account on your forum as my previous account is no more because of your new steam login-only implementation. After pointing this out, staff Jessay debated this information with Irwin. And was going to let this slide as justifiably I had done nothing wrong, and it will be no more than a verbal warning. User Irwin then argued with Jessay, in what I could only see as a set of blackmailing when Irwin directed Jessay to warn me, as if he sees him on PoliceRP he would give him a strike and demotion for this situation being left out. Assuming he is higher than him there, and Jessay without anymore words, gave the Warn with the reason: Disrespect. And brought me back to my place. Ending the sit abruptly. I am not reporting a Staff or Administrator in this appeal. As I thought the performance handled by User Jessay was exceptional. But the behavior and unjust treatment afterwords by user Irwin was uncalled for, and I believe he should be taking this situation to the correct RDM player. If it bothers him so much to the extent, create a report to user Ayame instead. And leave my account clean in terms of Warns for the future. I am good player, a longtime member of GamingLight when the MilitaryRP server was thriving and led branches of my own and had later retired. I look forward to playing more of the WW2 themed RP, with a clean account on no further problems. Thank you for reading, and hope this gets sorted. Kind regards.