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  2. -support buddy, D-Class cc's are meant for combat, not if they win or lose, d-class are meant to be hard but somehow we break through and take control 6 times out of 10, then we head to armory, get OP guns, and breach every scp imaginable, we cause more defcon 1's then ci has... PERIOD also, i want you to notice, you see how d-class cc's win alot of fights with weaker weapons, thats because we use every aspect of our mobility, smarts, and we work around our weaknesses by rushing in numbers. if you learn that, you will win plenty more fights, especially if you can get brute... and when your skill goes up, you can participate in d-class cc's, alright.
  3. boys, what a great idea, however, this addon was meant for darkrp, and i can say some things 1-no one would be able to use conveyor belts, the things that make it the most satisfying, due to the massive instability of the server 2-igneous and zeeptin dont like people making money in this game 3-again, the server has massive instability problems, this might not hurt it on low pop, but crashes will be even more frequent on high pop im Neutral maybe it will work, probably not.
  4. i understand where your coming from, but like the Mr. Obama cube said also, you can call mtf to d-block to help your defense, if it gets to hard, call a partial, i understand some of your gensec are more useless than a pig with no fat, but when your strongest gensec and most numbers are on at prime time, guess whos gonna win every battle, and again, you have mtf on-call 24/7, you have the ability to make partial, and lag usually works in your favor
  5. *cyan disconnected*
  6. if only if only we could do this once more
  7. again, like everyone's said... -support Again. Its a good idea... from an RP standpoint. the only reason D-Class is this popular is because of something i like to call. "Freedom of Combat" where we can fight whatever the hell we want unless the price for SPECIFICALLY RP CC'S is significantly lowered. then, no, let us battle our civil war with the gensec.
  8. Ingame Name: Panda Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:76404074 Job Name: Reznov Klushkie Gun Change: m9k_model500 --> tfa_csgo_deagle (PAID BY STEAM_0:0:76404074)
  9. hmm. i see however, i do not care about the fubar anymore, i made it when i wasn't thinking straight however, the smokes and the D-Block layout was neutered, because when we started to use the smokes to there most effective use of pushing during riots, they get nerfed, like everything else that we use effectively why cant we have 1 GOOD THING, i want the smokes back, and i want the old D-Block layout. yes, the donator weapons are powerful, just nerf em, why nerf everything else we got i agree with the falcon, deagle, s&w, i agree with most of the nerfs, except for those 2 things right now, its impossible to push without D-Block being a special human cheese grater.
  10. the old d-block layout allowed for rushes to be fair having gensec to strategize, its also ugly as hell sure true, however it seemed fair for both sides, as its a number advantage, again, its the skill of the players and the amount. well our old smokes were fine, why were they nerfed "dont fix it if its not broken" that was because one lcpl was defending and the rest of gensec trickled in 1 by 1... oh, also cc's have nlr...
  11. What are you suggesting? - reverting multiple weapons the D-Class has that got nerfed since the recent balance change, and one that has been nerfed for a while, the fubar, heres my reasoning Smokes (OLD) Provided decent cover from fire, acting like a smoke, with a good radius allowing for rushes to not be cheese shredders I Smokes (NEW) Provides terrible cover with barely any radius making the smokes more of an advantage for the gesnec then D-Class. D-Block Fence (OLD) Provided 2 entry points into D-Block in different areas making gensec have to strategize and have to plan for the rushes I D-Block Fence (NEW) Is one chokepoint which the gensec have to brain dead watch for d-class before getting melted. and the fubar doesn't need a big explanation, the hit registration was so bad on it that you couldn't hit anything. the reasoning behind it being so good was because of the skill of the players and not the actual weapon. gensec has had a year to cope with us, they should be skilled enough to deal with the fubar. How would this change better the server? - these new server changes were very unnecessary, lets at least embrace them but change some things, these nerfs nerfed everything that makes d-class even somewhat fun to play, as D-class cc's such as buckbe were getting back into the server, are not liking the new changes and might leave again Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - theres not any, other than gensec having to cope with some things that are a bit new to the changes Who would this change mostly benefit? - D-Class and for gensec having more fun during riots
  12. New +support wouldn't cause as much lag as the old one, is more realistic, and would be fun
  13. +support, solves the money issue, and the issue being what the hell do i do waiting for riots/tests