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  1. Name: Rektify Branch: Janitor Rank: Janitor Rate your Activity from 1 to 10 (1 being very low 10 being incredible) : 6
  2. SUPP0RTED. Active, patient, understands the rules .
  3. -/+ . Agreed with Rangs post. But he does help a lot on the server, taking and assisting many sits whenever he can. A reread and possibly a test.
  4. They need sum milk
  5. Name: Rektify FTO Rank: JFTO How active are you?: Pretty active. Any concerns: U cute
  6. Since you're high command in janitorial, I want you to wash my [REDACTED] and such on my [DATA EXPUNGED] before ● ● | ● ● ● ● ● | ● ● | ● comes after it ;~;
  7. Name on the roster: Rektify Rank on the roster: Sergeant Major How active are you: Pretty active. I'm usually on everyday. Concerns? : Why u cute?
  8. You said it was out of your control and that you modeled your actions based on others that have played 912 but in the rules, it states "You can only attack non-foundation armed guards only if they have a weapon visible". In this situation, I watched you attack an escaping D class that had no weapon whatsoever. Just because others have done it in the past, and have not been warned, does not mean that it follows the server's rules. The knife, however, is obviously acceptable. Also, I gave you the warning because you have been on the server for a while. Meaning you should already know the rules and how it applies. It was based on this that I decided to give you a full warning.
  9. Unfortunately, no one told me to check the chat, since you were all using your mics. When I had given you a verbal warning, you were all telling me that you were giving each other resets so that does not add up to your "attacking" story. Secondly, right after I told you guys to stop, I remember you guys giving each other a reset right before I left so I'm unsure as to how that SCP 966 has lower health. When I came back again, I saw two of 966 fighting. If you were the one that stayed out of it, I apologize for the warn but I saw claws out on each one.
  10. Name: Rektify Rank: SFC Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): I'm active, I perform well and I enjoy the server. I also enforce the rules decently upon SOs. Any concerns: Mingy SOs