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  1. Yeah, best of luck to you too your app looks amazing so I hope we both can do well for this server and that we both can be welcomed into the staff team.
  2. +Support RIP everyone is leaving and it isn't even bad security to it is one of the best long live you, brother, you did well and I hope you do well anywhere else that you plan to go it was fun having ya.
  3. +Support This would most certainly help give a more tactical feel to the building and allowing for a more in-depth RP experience. So yes please consider adding this as it would be very interesting to have.
  4. +Support With the balancing of the way it works for no abuse you could get this into the server, it looks so interesting and it would allow for a better experience of activating thermals then just adverting it, it would change the actual gameplay.
  5. +Support Yeah, it does just give D-class a false hope that there was RP potential and that it has been removed for obvious reasons when the could have added something in place instead of a weapon for the chefs. So yes it needs to be removed so there is no confusion on why there is no chef in the F4 menu.
  6. +Support yeah if added it would be in the rules and would just be on the player to read it and not anyone else's fault so it still is possible to be added and like he said not that complicated tbh.
  7. +Support It is personally outdated and would be great for a rework but the time needed to change that into a new menu would be absurdly long. With not many people I think even would want the server to be down for that long of time just to make it a little cleaner but as I said it would be great to have.
  8. +Support too This is certainly a problem with the MTF just coming in and they are just coming in at Defcon 4 and 5. So I am like go there is no need for you guys and they weren't called so it is just them being in the way making the job of security so much harder. With the fact it also was unfair for d-class in many ways as it does hurt their experience in actually trying to escape d-block and become CI.
  9. But it is indeed kind of not fair for people that donated money for a trash gun that a clip doesn't even kill a SO with that and is supper unbalanced
  10. Name (What it is on the Roster): Security FTO XRCF WO Max SteamID: STEAM_0:0:67590834 What server is your activity majority based on (EU or US)? US How is your activity in Gensec (Good, poor, ect) Good Why should you retain your current Rank? (150+ Words): I believe I should retain my rank because of how active I am and how dedicated I am to leading the GENSEC into the right path of professionalism. I have been active very often, but not as much during the week because of school and that is a big priority. My activity is pretty high, even with school work I find time to get on the server and help out as much as I can, with keeping the Security branch in order with the upmost respect throughout the ranks. The Security branch of the facility is very important to me and I think it is very fun to help others experience the same type of fun I have through being able to train them to join this magnificent branch as a SO with the right mindset to rise in the ranks. With not only me being an example for those to come into the Security branch that in me being Junior command as a WO I also am there to be their leader and the one to hold them together so they can keep GENSEC running smoothly. So I do indeed believe that I should keep my rank so that I can keep up my work in trying to make Security/GENSEC the best branch out of the hole facility that is the first-line defense to the D-class. Thank you for your time and consider keeping me in GENSEC. -Sincerely Max
  11. What is your in-game name?: Security FTO XRCF MSGT Max What is your steam name?: Max What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:67590834 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain): Yes I have been an admin on about 4 servers 1 being dark RP server, 1 being the Co-owner of a now-dead Walking dead RP server, admin on another now dead server 1940's Mafia RP server, and as an operator on Imperium Gaming for Axis vs. Allies RP. All of which except the dark RP server I still am in a group with on steam. What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly): May 21, 2019 What date did you make your forums account?: May 31, 2019 Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)?: Gold How many warns do you have on the server (Show proof with a screenshot)?: Have you donated?: Yes What rank are you applying for?: Trial Mod Are you staff on another community (BE HONEST)?: No Have you read the staff guidelines at ? You will be tested on it: Yes I have reviewed over them. Timezone: US EST Permission (Senior Moderator+ need this): N/A Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (150 Word Minimum): I wouldn't say I deserve to be a Trial Mod but I would say I would love to handle situations that come across when I'm not in the mood to RP, but to make others RP experience be more in-depth with fewer minges and more people with the right mindset in to following the rules with me being able to set them to that mindset in that they are not malnourished with their information. If I were to become Trial Mod I am active all the time on weekends but not during the week before 4:00 pm EST because of school, so I just all around love to play on the server. When I recently got back into playing the server it drug me in and I swear I'm addicted, the experiences I have on the server are so fun that I have played 162 hours of the server in the past 2 weeks. With my activity and just aspect of wanting to help others have a great time as I have had, I would love to become apart of this staff team that I so greatly adore sometimes with the quick response times and all around the fun events you guys plan. What I could do for the server is that I could help the staff team in that I could be an extra hand in helping deal with staff situations especially when it is the weekends because of how active I am in the morning. With the power of Trial Mod I would be able to help out so much more than what I wanted to because I love to help others have a wonderful time like me for that is why I wanted to be an FTO so badly for the reason that I wanted others to join security to have the types of experience I have had on the server and the friends I have made along the way. So I do believe I can do great work in helping the staff team become are an exquisite unique type of team that can do wonders to help the community enjoy the server and all-around have a blast. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you?: The first thing I would do is I would bring them to a secluded location like the off the main map rooms where I normally am brought to when I am in a sit to prevent it from being interrupted. Then if they were off the chain going crazy and attacked me I would freeze them so I could talk with them peacefully. Then I would ask why are they mass RDMing and to maybe even calm down so we can handle this like gentlemen. I would then call a higher authority to help deal with the punishment when I am done with the sie because of my lack of power due to being a Trial Mod only being able to apply 300 seconds of anti-minge. If and when they have calmed down I would ask for their side of the story in which I would make a judgment if it was wrongly accused or he did not do that but not before I check logs and other victims' side of the story. If they go on to begin to curse at me I would give them one verbal warning to tell them if they don't stop they will be warned for staff disrespect, even have his anti-minge penalty go up and making this sit even worse than it already is, but he does curse at me more giving him more staff disrespect gaining more time for his punishment. With him already having 10,000 seconds for the mass RDM he has increased it to 10,600 seconds with a warn of Mass RDM/Staff Disrespect. After talking with the other staff member and checking logs I would then ask the higher up staff member in the sit to give him his punishment and if they had any other punishments to add please do so. Finally, I would unfreeze them and let them go as they have received what they should try not to do and their punishment has been given to them.
  12. +Support. It would diffidently help with lag and for sure handle some issues with lag in that area even though I have been there only a few times from being XRCF I do lag sometimes when I get top the offices. So a prop limit would for sure help reduce that.
  13. +Support. It would make for the more active Senior command able to identify new updates to the roster like promotions because there is not always a high command on that could check everyone to see if the roster is up to date and would help them update it in case high command is not on. So I totaly agree with Twosix, and Gunther that they should have some access to the roster to help update it more frequently.
  14. +Support. Yeah I one hundred percent agree because when he is every out we always resort to using another MTF member or a researcher but when we should use D-class. This is because we are using are own staff RP wise to contain a SCP when in lore aspect we should use D-class. So if I do so myself it would make containing 106 not only harder but more in a RP sense would make him fun and interesting to contain. I'm XRCF and it really is too easy to contain 106 and he should have a bigger chance than that.
  15. +Support. This indeed would help some RP done in lower d-block and just all around would make some people stay on the server. That in mind why they were removed was abuse of the knife so if it was taken away it would make it okay for the server. -Try using the format next time but it is a good suggestion