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  2. im the owner of it approved by me
  3. Im the owner of the custom class, approved.
  4. +support, dont see this being too much more of an issue
  5. Perhaps an addon that only allows certain jobs to enter placed in front of the gate? Ill look for one later. Also witcher gates are allowed again for event team only
  6. Maybe witcher gates could be setup to turn a staff room into a casino and have witcher gates be accessed only by certain job codes?
  7. +/-support, there would be too little of a turnup, however the few EU players we have rn are greatly inconvenienced by our current setup. Im all for a test meeting though!
  8. -Support WELL AKTSHUALLY YOU CAN SEE THA naw im just messing around. BIG OL' +SUPPORT FROM ME
  9. -Read above -Read above -Good point. Ill send him this post so he can see.
  10. this is what I have remembered being told multiple times and a rule I have followed for over 3 months. If I am incorrect I am sorry for the error and I will no longer do this.
  11. Sorry ill clarify, the punishment being the guilt that the new player feels for leaking information when they thought they were helping their branch.
  12. -Site administration CC not an MTF one -Ive been told multiple times the only CC that has NLR is Class D CCs -Blackstone most likely checked logs, realized i was on ethics committee, and did nothing about it as there is nothing he can do about it EDIT: probably just considered a research CC or a Roaming CC
  13. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - Changes to how open comms work (must be [OPEN] for information to be used, otherwise the advert is automatically voided) Why should we add it? - CI and MTF mainly use this to abuse newer players who are unaware of how comms work for intelligence, which is wrong. We shouldn't be taking advantage of newer players, we should be helping them learn. What are the advantages of having this? - Allows new players who mess up to not receive punishment for something that isn't their fault, as they are still learning. Who is it mainly for? - everyone