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  1. I literally just explained why it would be possible and why its a lot less frustrating than the alternative
  2. Admin taps Z 2 times, and mag lockdown frustrates class D players and causes some to leave
  3. Gonna miss you, Stay safe and good luck with whatever hardships are coming in the next 6 months
  4. +Support This would allow players to join a branch that encourages building up a character and could spice up RP for everyone just by having them around.
  5. Put a basket over both buttons, make the baskets invisible, no clip into the basket and send the elevator up, remove the baskets when done +support
  6. I was only aware of people wanting it nerfed so class D custom classes couldn't abuse it as much, could you please send me some of the other criticisms had? It encourages playstyles to be put into place by branch leaders, and it could be added to the armory
  7. +/- support +great activity + Ive seen you step up a lot +/- Q16 feels a bit off to me - Q15 feels a bit below average I think that while you have shown the ability to deserve this rank your application feels below average, and if you put a bit more effort into it this would be a big fat + support from me
  8. Please use the proper format, and make sure to take a screenshot of all your warns
  9. What you want to see? - the FUBAR buffed to its original damage and classified as heavy weaponry Why should we add it? - the FUBAR was balanced at the time because rushing into heavy gunfire (PKM, Sawed off) with a melee weapon was a really risk reward playstyle. this playstyle didnt work for class Ds though as GENSECs weapons didnt make quick work of the class D CCs who had this weapon allowing them to make quick work of GENSEC. Since no class D custom class has this weapon anymore if this weapon was classified as heavy weaponry (meaning class D CCs couldnt buy it for their CC), then it would go back to being a good risk reward weapon. What are the advantages of having this? - encourages branches to give their members different playstyles (and foolbar) Who is it mainly for? - all combat branches Links to any content - n/a
  10. Im still so confused who is joe?
  11. Just gonna copy and paste all the types here SteamID STEAM_0:0:81238702 Steam ID3 U:1:162477404 Steam32 ID 162477404 Steam64 ID 76561198122743132
  12. In-Game Name: BadAim SteamID: STEAM_1:0:81238702 Server: SCP-RP Custom Job Name: WAS Omega-9 "The scrubs", change to Cultist Outcast ($10) Job Description: an Ex-member of a GOI, this cultist has been thrown out into the world and has found temporary shelter amongst the Chaos Insurgency, but it is uncertain if he follows their orders or is even a member of their ranks, as he can be seen frequently in site-05 taking class D for unknown reasons (AOS if this CC has its weapons out while inside site-05). Whether or not you trust him is up to you. ($10) Spawn: WAS E11 castle, change to CI base (if this is free) POP: I apologize if there are any errors with this format and I will fix them ASAP if there are any!
  13. If a better 939 swep could be found (makes stationary people invisible) id say 100% yes but in its current state failRP sits are a struggle