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    AI LOA

    Name: AI Rank: CPT Length: 2 week 7-April 2020 to 14-April 2020 Reason: Family matter come up
  2. Name:AI Rank: CPT Concerns: lack of enlisted there is
  3. Thx for telling me about NCO more leader ship role then in support of this im ok that NCO get nothing and 2LT+ get Humvee 2 so you going see change in post
  4. -Support The dukes is not a realistic car to go to war in, it's just meant to be something for players that have a lot of money to spend.
  5. What you want to see? - RU and US: and CO (2LT+) get access to more vehicles (ones that shoot) 2LT+ get access to Humvee 2 CO CPT+ get access to stryker MG. LCOL access to M84A or T-90MS RUAF: NCO (CMSGT+) gets UH-1H. (2LT+) Chinook . CO CPT+ get SU-35 LCOL+ get SU-25TM frogfoot USAF: NCO (CMSGT+) gets UH-1H. (2LT+) Chinook. CO CPT+ get superhornet. LCOL+ get thunderbolt Why should we add it? - it will give more options for players to have more fun and alances more thing out like if unfair player advantage this make it more balances out What are the advantages of having this? - it be able lock things down and give more purpose USAF and RUAF to use rockets to make path for ground troops Who is it mainly for? - To all Links to any content - N/A PS: this for all do not make new Job for this
  6. Yes he told me if I want to become officer I should make this ahead
  7. What is your in game name: AI What is your current RP rank: MSG (This can be change over time) Who would like to see you as a GRU Agent: (2 officers in any RU Branch, Cannot use VCMDR+ in core.) The new players as the new people how become offices and show that any one can lead Why do you want to join Russian Main Intelligence Directorate: (50 words min.) to help fight the war and win as we do not have lot people so if we have more intelligence it will give us edge to win. and to show to new players they can help other as do not need be part GRU to give Intelligence to get edge What would you do for GRU: be active help those need it. and keep enjoyment going How active can you be & What is your timezone: a few hours and let you now if i can not make it ( I live lib EST) Do you have any active strikes: (If so, what are they for) no How many warns do you have: (Type !warns in-game) no Are you willing to fulfill your duties as a GRU Agent: yes What is your total playtime on the server: (Must have 2 days or more, Can be over ruled by VCMDR+) 8H 40M