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  1. +Support -great at following orders -active -always listen to orders USMC MARSOC CPT RCTMP Sweets
  2. demonwolf224

    Sweets LOA

    I have to focus on my school work and my job I been back on Thursday I should had made this sooner but I didn't expect to be gone for that long
  3. 1. What is your In-Game Name?USMC MARSOC 1LT RCTMP Sweets 2. What are you applying for?Captain 3. How much time do you have in-game total( 5 days and 6 hours minimum) : i think i been here for 1 months and 8 days 4. Why do you want to be Captain ( 60 words minimum):I stand here before you to discuss the reason why i want to be become the USMC Captain i realize that it is a privilege to have the honor but i am confident that i will be a suitable candidate i promise to ward hard to be the effective captain that you would be proud of in the USMC.i will try no i will uphold and obey all the rules and become the role model that you can all look up to. 5. Who would you like to see you as Captain ( Two officers minimum): war 6. Why should we trust you with Captain? ( This is a high rank in USMC. 75 words minimum):i believe that am a trustworthy candidate as im generally a nice person and well organized and i like to do tasks that i am given quickly and sharply i will treat everyone equally and try my best to include everyone in all activities i will set a good example for others to look up to and follow i will do my best to make my USMC brothers and sister proud. 7. What is your timezone?EST 8. What is your USMC rank? ( 1LT+):1LT 9. How often can you be on?everyday if im not sick or busy 10. Are you willing to do what it takes to lead your troops into battle? Even if that means leading them straight into enemy hellfire?yes im willing to led my troops into battle even if we head straight into enemy hellfire
  4. +support skillful in combat follow orders active good pilot ~USMC SGTMAJ RCTMP Sweets
  5. i will be online on 2:50 or 3:44 its what the bus takes to come home and i hope u guys i have a great day!✌️

  6. What Is Your In-game Name:sweets What Is Your current Rank? (MGYSGT+):SGTMAJ(i got promotion today and dont know if they add it to the roster yet) When did you join the United States Marine Corps?i think i join on around aug,27,19 Who Would Like To See You As MARSOC? (Two Officers):jack and war Why Should We Trust You With Being a MARSOC ? (50 Words Min):U can trust me to be with the MASCOC because im am a active member of the gaming light community and will not betray the MARSOC trust in me to be the best and i will not show by word i will show by my action . I can also be trusted on MARSOC because of my hard to trigger temper im always calm and respect my higher ups Why Do You Want To Be MARSOC (75 Words Min):i want to make a surer i can help to the fullest of my ability so i can make the United states Marines proud and complete any and all operations that i have been giving. I want to join the MARSOC to be Apart of the elites and help out in war. i will be the best of the elites in the MARSOC not for money or for respect but for Serving the United states with everything i got. What skills and/or tactics can you bring to MARSOC?:im a excellent marksman and a ggod medic. Have you read the MARSOC Informational and requirements? (You will be tested):yes i have What Is Your Timezone?:EST How Often Can You Be On? (How many days/hours a week):weekdays, 3:50 PM EST to 11:30 pm EST(about) | weekends,The entire day Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier? :Yes How many warns do you have? (Can be checked by !Warns) :0 Do you have any Active strikes?(If you do, then you will be denied) :0 Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your teammates any way necessary?:yes Do you understand what will be expected of you as a MARSOC Operator?:yes