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    Name: YouTube Status on Roster: Active Reason For LOA(If Private then put as N/A): My computer is broken and I need a replacement of to repair it Duration of LOA: Unknown
  2. I have one Screen Shot of the time it might not be much but it is some type of Evidence in a Way Nimo is right behind the Director
  3. + Support I was on the server when this was happening. me and susel were in the main hallway and he came in and tranqed Susel several times so we procided to kill him where he then switched to Security Heavy and was killing SO's and Tranqing them.
  4. Lore Name: YouTube Rank: JR Clearance Level: 1 List of personnel involved in testing: YouTube Level D personnel involved: One SCP: 1048 Errors and/or safety hazards: Possible Death of Researcher Question: What does 1048 consider pain? Background Research: 1048 tends to scream when he feels pain but what does he consider pain we know bullets along with baseball bats and machetes. Hypothesis: 1048 could possibly scream when tested on hugging other then that with lower stuff like hard poking, being hung by his arms and shaking he will not scream Observation: When we me and the D Class Started out I told him to give 1048 a couple of pokes/Jabs 1048 did not react. So I told the D Class to pick of 1048 and dangle 1048 by his arms 1048 did not react. I Then proceeded to tell the D Class to poke his eye and the D Class then Full Forced jabbed 1048's eye 1048 then proceeded to scream and the D Class Died. Analysis and Conclusion: You can handle 1048 as you would any other stuffed animal just try not to apply too much pressure treat 1048 as a child and you will be fine Do Results Align with Hypothesis: Some of it does but the D Class Full force jabbing 1048 in the face was highly unexpected
  5. Lore Name: YouTube Rank: JR Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: JR YouTube Level D personnel involved: 2 D Class SCP: 066 and 999 Errors and/or safety hazards: Glass Breaking and shattering Question: Can 066 be calmed down by 999 and can 066 figure out who is saying Eric they are behind one way glass Background Research: 066 attempts to kill anyone who says the word Eric can he be stopped in any way Hypothesis: Eric will be confused and possibly give up on killing the D Class that say Eric | 999 should calm down 066 in the second stage Observation: At first 066 was highly confused so the D Class was ordered to say it over again. 066 got closer to the glass with every repeat and eventually smashed the glass and killed the D Class. | When the D Class said Eric 066 attempted to kill the D Class but was paused at first by 999 for about 5 seconds then 0666 proceeded to kill the D Class Analysis and Conclusion: Eric can be briefly stopped if he can not immediately see the D Class that said Eric and 999 can calm down 066 1-5 seconds before he kills the D Class Do Results Align with Hypothesis: They do not although I did not expect them too
  6. Lore Name: YouTube Rank: JR Clearance Level: 1 List of personnel involved in testing: RisingGod (D Class) Level D personnel involved: 1 SCP: 173 (Peanut) Errors and/or safety hazards: Possible Escape Due to Low D Class Question: How Long can One person survive being alone in SCP 173 cell Background Research: Most Humans do not stay alive in a room with SCP 173 because they are by themselves or no enough people to make sure SCP 173 does not move. I am doing this research to see how long a person can last against SCP 173. Hypothesis: The D Class Might Survive around 2-3 Mins Observation: The D Class Continued Running until he got tired and he neck was snapped Analysis and Conclusion: A Normal Human Should be able to survive by them self with SCP 173 for 2-5 Mins at Top Speed. Please Note (For Safety reasons we stopped the Research Early due to a Defcon 2 the D Class could have lasted Longer) Do Results Align with Hypothesis: They do not, The D Class Surprised Me