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  1. Name (In-Game/Discord): Ingame: DredgenYor Discord: リチャード #0912 Rank (In-Game): Junior Researcher SteamID: STEAM_0:1:44044482 How active are you?: 7/10 (mostly because I'm busy with university stuff) Concerns?: None, right now.
  2. You could've explained that to me when you IMPRISONED me, that would've cleared the situation up. Heck i would've even apologized and admitted my mistake, but NOPE you imprisoned and forced my mouth shut. Also try analyzing the term "Homophobic" more clearly, as I'm pretty sure calling someone a "faggot" does not automatically mean I hold prejudice against homosexuals. I was only using it as an insult. Lastly that player was assaulting multiple of d - class players including me, he deserved what was happening to him. "Disrespecting against other players aren't tolerated". Mate have you seen D-class we all disrespect one another when someone has been falsely killed, because one immature brat thought that it would be fun to randomly murder someone. What should I have done? Report them to a staff member and have them give me the excuse that it's fine until he kills me?
  3. Your In-game: DredgenYor Your SteamID: DredgenYor (However try "xero546er4" if it doesn't work) The admin's name in-game: Security SO BigBuddy (I think) The admin's steam name (If you know it): N/A What warning did you receive: Homophobic/Player Dis - Calling another player the f word Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I believe that this warn was falsely given to me, due to the fact that throughout the game I had been yelling "REVOLUTION". Whenever I was going towards the guard and punching them, I merely shouted again the word "REVOLUTION" and did not call any of them names including racial or homophobic words. Heck I didn't even care that they were killing me, as I was only joking around and having fun. Another fact is that, the term "homophobic" means "having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people": 1. I was not performing any action that related to me, hating homosexuals. Did I make signs or scream anything? Nope I was given a warn for apparently being homophobic. 2. Me saying "faggot" does not mean I'm screaming homophobic slurs or disrespecting people. I admit I do use that term, but it's merely to insult someone who hits or shoots me randomly. For example if a class - d hits me with a bat killing me, of course I would call them a "faggot" or an insult like who wouldn't, but I did not use the term to insult someone of their sexuality or anything related to homosexuals. Lastly when I was imprisoned, I tried to ask for an explanation or something that could prove that I was being "homophobic or disrespecting a player" but instead I was muted and kept in a confined area. Heck if the staff member actually provided proof of me being disrespectful. I would've taken the punishment, kept my mouth shut and when freed just do what I usually do on the server which is having fun on SCP. Any extra information: I was also demoted of my security rank.