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  1. Lore Name: Senior Researcher Felwinter Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:44044482 Rank: Senior Researcher
  2. Lore Name: Felwinter (Formerly known as "Clef) Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 (Euclid) List of personnel involved in testing: Research: Researcher: Clef Security: N/A MTF: N/A Utility: N/A Level D personnel involved: D-class: 9 SCP: 024 (Commonly known as “Game Show of Death” Errors and/or safety hazards: The games within the SCP, is extremely hazardous and dangerous, as anyone who participates in these games will most likely lose their lives. Victims that lose within SCP 024, will result in them being trapped within the SCP forever. Any attempts to communicate or find the individual, has resulted in failure. Should any researcher wish to enter the game, be warned that the only contestants within the game, will only be D-class. Any attempts to break the rules or destroy properties within SCP 024, will result in the individual being killed by an entity called the “Studio Guardian.” Note, that while the entity within SCP 024, known as the “Announcer” seems harmless and innocent. Do not let be fooled by his appearance, as he is possesses paranormal abilities that literally defy reality and does not show sympathy or empathy to contestants that die within SCP-024. He is also a murderer himself, as each contestants that have lost in each rounds, have been killed by him. Questions: What is the origin / backstory of SCP 024? Who is the “Host” and how is he connected to SCP 024? Background Research: In general, SCP 024 is an abandoned sound stage that was once owned by a mysterious individual who left for unknown reasons, and eventually paranormal properties started manifesting within the studios. It’s currently unknown whether it manifested before or after he left, or how did it began in the first place. Any individuals that enter SCP 024, will be given a choice to enter a sort of game-show, as it is called. Individuals that choose not to participate with forever be banned from entering it again, as they claimed that an “invisible barrier” is forcing them out. Those that do wish to participate will begin by going a series of obstacle courses, which will test their strength, speed and mind. Be warned that the obstacles within the SCP, are extremely hazardous and dangerous, as victims who lose are immediately killed. Once the winner is chosen, they’re given a series of rewards that range from cash prizes, electronics, collectibles, paid vacations, etc. Contestants that participate in the game but lose, will forever be trapped within the SCP. It’s unknown what happens to them, or where they are. But any attempts to do so, have resulted in failure. Within the SCP, there are 2 entities that reside within the sound stage. The most prominent entity within the SCP, is the “Announcer” whose role is to continuously update the contestants status such as whether they’re alive or not, to give out advice, to converse with the contestants and to include additional rules throughout the game. It’s also known that he is not a hostile entity, as he even includes the danger of entering SCP 024 and does not attempt to manipulate or force participants to enter within the game. Another entity residing in SCP 024, are the “studio guardians” whose role is to ensure all participants are following the rules, and any attempt to break them, will result in the individual being killed by the studio guardians. It’s unknown whether it is possible to communicate with them, and any attempt to do so has also resulted in a failure. There was also an additional entity within the studio, known as the “Host” whose role was to create obstacles for the participants to go through. Unlike the “Announcer” this entity was actually involved in the game himself and appeared in the form of a “man wearing a trench coat with a white mask.” He also possessed multiple abilities such as flying, teleportation, generating objects out of thin air and was able to manipulate reality within the studios. It’s unknown why he appeared instead of the “announcer” and how he is connected with SCP 024. Another strange thing about him, is that this time he was literally giving individuals “Letters of Invitation” to join a special event within the game, rather than having to enter through the gates of SCP 024. Which shows signs that SCP 024 is able to use it’s paranormal properties outside of its containment, however it's unknown whether they can do it any time, or if it's only for upcoming games. Any attempts to question him, have resulted in failure, as he disappeared the moment I tried to reach out to him. Hypothesis: I believe that by participating and entering SCP 024 with the permission of the higher-ups, that I’ll be able to get first-hand information of what’s it like being within SCP 024. I also believe that by being in the studios, that I’ll be able to study the materials that are used within the SCP and the level of the paranormal properties that are still manifesting within SCP 024. All of this information may allow me to develop a theory on how the SCP was created, or further our understanding of this SCP. Observation: Test Log: Wednesday 6th November 2019: [11:30am] Clef: Hello everyone, my name is [REDACTED] Clef, I’m a Researcher of the foundation at the Site [REDACTED]. The purpose of this test log, is to …. Well … record what I’m about to do. *Shows picture of Letter* About two days, I was given this letter by a mysterious entity who was wearing a trench coat and had a white bodysuit covering his entire body. In this letter, is an invitation to a special game that this entity was hosting and should I wish to participate all I gotta do is sign the bottom. Curious, I asked some researchers in forensics to analyse this letter and it turns out that this letter somehow relates to SCP 024. Apparently it’s paranormal levels are similar to SCP 024. At first I planned on giving it to a D-class and having them take my place, however for some reason I got this feeling as if the letter didn’t want me to give it away or rather it wouldn’t let me. After much thinking, I eventually decided that it’ll be better if I participate in this game, as this is the first time, SCP 024 is literally interacting with people outside of its studio. Meaning that something is happening within the studio, whatever it is, it’s better that a Researcher is inside studying what’s happening rather than a d-class. Should I not return, then it means that I didn’t win the game. *Signs the Letter* ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Round 1: Tag Basically Tag, is a simple game where there are two roles: the tagger and the runner. In this game, it’s the tagger's role to chase and attempt to physically touch the runner in order to pass on the “tag” or commonly referred to as “it.” While the victim’s role is to run away and avoid being tag. Should the runner be tagged by the tagger, then it’s their turn to become the tagger. However in SCP 024, the rules are a bit different from the original game. As tagger has the same role as before, however instead of attempting to tag another person, it’s there job to kill the runner. As for the runner, again, it’s there job to run away however this time, they have to avoid being killed. Anyone who is killed is basically disqualified from the game. The game will only end, when two people are caught and tagged. Audio Log [##:##]: *Static* *Static* Clef: *Huff* *Huff* *Static* *Static* *Chainsaw Noises* Clef: *In terror* Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, ………… *static* *Static* *Static* Clef: *Whispers* It’s been 2 hours since the game has started. I’m currently unable to record everything. I don’t know what’s interfering with the radio signals. *Cough* Everyone is running in fear and trying to avoid the tagger. Apparently we’re playing a children’s game known as “Tag,” however this is a [REDACTED] up variation. In this game, the tagger who is currently the host is trying to kill everyone, while the runners job is to survive. Anyone who is caught … Unknown Contestant: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Chainsaw Noises Cutting Someone* Clef: Oh [REDACTED] *Tagger spots Clef* *Chainsaw Noises gets louder* Clef: [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] *Static* ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Round 2: Simon Says In general, “Simon Says” is a game when one player takes the role of “Simon” and issues instructions, usually physical actions such as “jump in the air” or “crouch.” While the other players must follow his command, failure to do so, while result in them losing. They must also be careful when performing action that Simon actually says “Simon Says”, as if the player were to perform an action without the phrase “Simon Says” they will also lose. Again in SCP 024, the rules are the same as the original, however the consequences are different. As normally when a person loses in “Simon Says” they’re usually out. However in this competition, should the person perform the action without the phrase, or fail to do so. They will be killed by the Host, through abnormal means, as each of the contestants died suddenly once they were caught by the host. Like in the previous game, the round will only end when two people are caught doing something without the phrase, or fails to perform the action. Audio Log [##:##]: *Static* Hosts: Sim …… ys …. “Pu …. Ri ….. Up” *Static* Hosts: ………………….. “Dance” *Static* *Static* Host: Simon Says “Crouch.” *Everyone crouches* Host: Simon Says “Put your hands up” *Everyone puts their hands up* Host: Simon Says “Jump” *Everyone walks right* Host: Simon Says “Talk” *Everyone walks left* Host: Simon Says “Do Star Jumps” *Everyone walks up* Host: Now stop what you're doing!!! *One person stops* Host: Oooooo sorry, Mr John, your out! *Flicks finger* John: What? *Vomits out blood and falls to the floor* Clef: Oh my God. Unknown Contestant 1: Jesus Christ Unknown Contestant 2: What the [REDACTED]? Unknown Contestant 3: Holy [REDACTED] Host: Alright, Simon Says *Static* *Static* ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Round 3: Red vs Blue Unlike in the previous rounds, instead of playing a twisted variation of a children’s game with dangerous or severe punishments. We were instead teleported into an unknown warehouse and suddenly the four finalists were split into teams: Red & Blue. In this round, both teams were given guns and ordered to shoot one another. The last team that survives will go on to the next round. During the game our appearance was also changed, as both me and Junior Researcher Tor, had our skin turned into blue. When touched there was no sign of paint or anything on our skin and that it just felt normal. Any attempts to remove the blue resulted in failure. Another abnormality encountered was that even after being shot in the head by one of the contestants, I was revived immediately. Normally an individual would die after a bullet shot through their heads, however this “Host” was able to literally bring me back to life. Audio Log [22:30pm]: Clef: *Unconscious* Host: CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING THIRD PLACE Clef: *Wakes Up* Jesus Christ!? Host: FOR YOUR PRIZE, YOU WIN $10,000. Clef: Wait I’m alive? Host: Yep. Clef: *Stutters* Wha … uh … Wait I thought if you died in the game, your disqualified. Host: Technically yes, however those that obtain first, second and third place are exempt from the rules. Clef: *Sigh* Oh thank god. Host: Here is your prize and the way out, is right there. Clef: Wait. Before I go, can I ask a few questions? Host: Ummmm sure? Clef: Who are you? Host: Well good sir, I am “The Host,” and it's my job to entertain our viewers while hosting this wonderful show. Clef: How did you get this job? Host: Ah well I was looking for job and eventually this mysterious who called himself "The Owner" came out of nowhere and personally invited me himself. Clef: Wait a minute, are you telling me that the owner, himself, literally went out of the studios and invited you to join his show? Host: Yep, I mean that’s how I got this job. Clef: Again, your telling me, that you met the owner outside of the studios. Host: Yeah Clef: Holy [REDACTED] Could I speak with him? Host: Ummm… Give me a sec *Answers the Earpiece* Yes sir, yes I’ll do that right now. Clef: So am I … Host: *Interrupts* Apologies sir, but the game is over and I must ask you to leave the premises. Clef: Wait, I still have questions? Heck the foundation might not be pleased with this discovery. Host: Sir, I apologize for the inconvenience but I must ask you again to leave. If you refuse, I will be forced to call in the “guardians” Clef: Listen to me, the Foundation... Host: *Interrupts* Guardians!? Clef: Okay, okay I'm leaving. Host: Enjoy your prize and we’ll be sure to send you a copy of today’s episode. Analysis and Conclusion: At the end of the competition / experiment, I was unable to obtain any information regarding SCP 024 background. However I was able to obtain some information on this entity known as “The Host” and on SCP-024. For many years, we’ve only known two entities that reside in SCP-024, who are the “Announcer” and “Studio Guardian.” Until now, I’ve discovered that the owner of this studio, the one that mysteriously disappeared, has returned and is now operating outside of its studios. He has also started recruiting people outside of the studio, to join his show and has granted them paranormal abilities. However i cannot say for sure that he is granting them power, until I see more evidence. Despite my failures, I was able to come back with an important discovery which was that the “Owner” is back and operating within SCP-024. Meaning there is a chance that we may be able to finally understand SCP-024 paranormal properties, through the Owner himself. Do Results Align with Hypothesis: No, as I was unable to obtain information regarding SCP-024 background, and was only able to obtain a small discovery.
  3. +Support: He is an exceptionally good researcher who spends a large amount of time helping juniors, knows how to handle tough situations and is extremely dedicated to the research branch. He is also one of the few researchers that spends some of his time, helping people with their test logs. As he rates them effectively, with positive criticism and provides advice on how to make them better. He's also both serious and fun at the same time, which is an important trait. As when there are situations that call for maturity, he handles them effectively with seriousness. While also showing a fun side at the same time, which is important as it shows players that the role "researchers" can also be fun despite it involving test-logs and serious RP.
  4. Felwinter

    SCP 547 Test 01:

    Lore Name: Clef (Formerly known as Lumbago) Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 1 (Safe) List of personnel involved in testing: Research: Research Clef Security: JFTO SGT WantedIdeas Utility: Resident Colters MTF: N/A Level D personnel involved: D class personnel: Choker Bionicle Axel SCP: 527 (Mr Fish) Errors and/or safety hazards: One of the biggest safety hazards was that the D-class was attempting to escape throughout the entire experiment. Which meant that there was a possibility that he would attempt to harm me and the security. Another hazard was that there was a small riot going on during Decon 4, and again there was another possibility that a random d-class may enter the LCZ, who will try to rescue their fellow d-class and also harm me at the same time. Lastly, my last concern is that by attempting to replicate or create another Little Mister, is that they might try to use their abilities to escape and cause havoc upon the facility, or try to harm other personnel. Question: Is it possible that the foundation can create their own version of “Little Misters” by using SCP 527 DNA? Background Research: As we all know, SCP 527 is basically an entity that has the body and anatomy of a human being, yet possesses a very distinct trait which is that he has the head of a fish. He also possesses the ability to speak and think like a human being, but does not possess any fish-like attributes as he has revealed in a previous interview, that he cannot breathe underwater, nor can he communicate with anytime of sea-based organisms. It is noted that in previous experimentation, Mr Fish possesses extremely high endurance and is able to regenerate certain parts of his body. Another fact about SCP 527, is that he is in fact a creation of “Doctor Wondertainment” and part of a toy called the “Little Misters.” In general, Doctor Wondertainment is a mysterious entity that has the ability to create anonymous objects, or humanoid with unusual properties by unknown means. Each of his creation are created for only one purpose, which is that they are to be used as “toys.” The “Little Misters” are a unique kind of toy, as again they are humanoids with different types of unusual properties. The reason for their creation are to assist or help children, however without proper guidance, each of these humanoids have gone rogue. There are also multiple kinds of Little Misters scattered throughout the world and when collected the person will obtain the title “Mr Collector.” It’s currently unknown what happens if the individual obtains the title, or if anyone has even been able to obtain it. It is because of this information, that I’ve become obsessed and fascinated with Dr Wondertainment ability at creating humanoids that possess unusual abilities that either make them safe or dangerous. To which I’ve started this experiment in hopes of creating a SCP version of “Littles Misters”, as it’ll allow us to understand more about these creatures and may attract Dr Wondertainment attention. Hypothesis: In my opinion I believe it may be possible to create a “Little Mister” with a biological trait such as enhanced strength, abornormal skin, or possesses an extra limb such as an arm or leg. As for “Little Misters” that possess more “magical ability” it may be impossible, as there is currently not enough information on the foundation database, that will assist me in creating a “Little Mister” with magical abilities. Observation: First Attempt: Test Subject: Choker Title: Mr Eye (SCP 527-A) Purpose: To enhance his vision by implanting multiple eyes throughout his entire body, and connecting them into his brain. They will allow him to see almost everywhere he looks, this can be done by using SCP 527 eyes, as even when his eyes are being injured, he can heal or regenerate his retinal nerve cells. Experiment: [Test Log: 3:50]: Clef: *static* ight…. Before we begin, do you have any questions at all? Choker: Uhhhh, why is there a guy wearing a fish head sleeping next to my surgery table. Clef: Oh no, that’s SCP 527 and he is under the influence of anesthesia, this is to ensure that he wouldn’t feel too much pain throughout the transplant. Choke: *Smirk* So the SCP gets better treatment, than me. Clef: *Irritated* Just get on the goddamn surgery table. Choke: Fine. *Lays down on the Surgery Table* Clef: Okay any other questions, before I stick this anesthetic in you? Choke: After this treatment, are you gonna keep your word? Clef: On what? Choke: You promised that if I participated in this experiment, that you would provide me with better accommodations. Clef: Really? I remember promising you a blanket and pillow for 48 hours. Choke: Wait what? No, you said that I was going to be living in a suite or something like that. Clef: Oh well, I lied *Injects anesthetic into Choker* Choke: You lying son of a bi………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Experiment: [Test Log: 4:30] Choke: *Wakes up* Clef: You alright there, buddy? Choke: *Headache* Yeah… just a little… headache. *Tries to stand up* Clef: Woah woah, chill there. Your whole body is somewhat in pain and your a bit exhausted. I suggest laying down for a while. Choke: Uhhh Doc? Clef: Yeah? Choke: Is it normal to see the floor with your own eyes? Clef: Ummm yeah? You okay? Choke: No I mean is it normal to see the floor especially when both of your eyes are looking at something else. Wait, why the [REDACTED] am I able to see everything? DOC!? WHAT [REDACTED] DID YOU DO TO ME? *grabs Clef neck* WHY THE [REDACTED] DO I HAVE EYES ON MY ARMS AND LEGS? Clef: *Choking* Woah Woah, calm down there. Just let me explain first. WantedIdeas: HEY!? Let him go. Clef: It’s fine, it’s fine. Choke: *Let go of Clef neck* Clef: Thank you, alright. *Coughs* The purpose of this experiment was to create a humanoid with abnormal traits, in order to replicate a series of toys called the “Little Misters.” You were the first attempt, and from the looks of it. It worked Choke: What the [REDACTED] do you mean “toy!?” I’m a goddamn freak, you son of a [REDACTED]. Clef: To you, you may seem like a freak. But to me, you are a wonderful creation. If the foundation sees what I’ve created, they’re gonna be impress. Choke: Turn me back. Clef: I can’t, this process is irreversible. But look on the bright side, because your a SCP now, the foundation is probably gonna give you more accommodations now because of it. Isn’t that good? Choke: Oh my god, this is giving me a headache. Clef: It’s normal, your brain is currently adapting to your new eyes. These headaches will last only for a few months. Which is why we're gonna start having daily checkups, to make sure that everything is working. Choke: (mutters) Kill me. Clef: We can’t, you are as of now, a SCP currently about to be contained by the foundation. Choke: (mutters) I’m going to kill you. Clef: Calm down, I understand that your currently experiencing some anger towards me. However…. Choke: *Grabs the scalpel and stabs Clef* Clef: SON OF A [REDACTED] *Shoots Choke with a Glock* WantedIdeas: *Rushes to the cell* Sir, are you okay? Clef: Yeah *in pain* Yeah, I’m fine. Results: Subject died before further examination could be done, however it would seem that I was able to create a “Little Mister” myself using SCP 547 biological organs. The process can be replicated, however the subject will most likely suffer mental trauma or may become aggressive. November 3, 2019: Requesting permission to have a team of medical staff to replicate the process, including a well-train psychologist to calm the mental state of SCP-547 A Second Attempt: Test subject: Bionicle Title: Mr Strong Teeth (SCP 547-B) Purpose: Basically to enhance the anatomy of his entire mouth, by using the bones of SCP 547 to replace the enamel of the D-class teeth which will increase its strength immensely considering that SCP 547 has enhanced durability. Experiment: [Test Log 5:30]: Clef: Alright before we begin, do you have any questions? At all? Bionicle: Uhhh… was there someone here before? Clef: Noooooooo Bionicle: Then why is there bed on the surgery table? Clef: Oh that’s my blood, me and a d-class got into a confrontation and I shot him. Bionicle: Oh O_O Clef: Any other questions. Bionicle: What’s going to happen during this “experiment?” Clef: Like I said before, I’m just going to perform some minor teeth implants and in exchange for your participation, your gonna be sleeping with a blanket and a pillow. Bionicle: Wait, I thought I was going to get better accommodations. Clef: Well I lied. Bionicle: This is [REDACTED] If a pillow and a blanket is all I’m going to get, I might as well just go back to my cell. Clef: *Loads Glock* Yeah that’s not happening. Now get on the surgery table. Bionicle: [REDACTED] Experiment: [Test Log 6:40]: Clef: Wakey Wakey Bionicle: *wakes up* Clef: You doing okay, there? Bionicle: *struggles to talk* Clef: Woah woah, use your hands buddy. Thumbs up for okay, and thumbs down for not okay. You just went through a very difficult surgery, and your jaws are kinda sore right now. So I suggest not talking for a while. Do you understand? Bionicle: *Thumbs up* Clef: Okay, are you in pain? Bionicle: *Thumbs up* Clef: Do you need any painkillers or anything like that? Bionicle: *Thumbs down* Clef: Alright, that’s somewhat good. I guess Bionicle: *starts choking* Clef: Oh [REDACTED] are you okay? Bionicle: *vomits out blood* Clef: [REDACTED] WantedIdeas: Sir, are you okay? Clef: Yeah I’m fine. Bionicle: *Choking becomes worse* Clef: Oh [REDACTED], WANTED IDEAS HOLD HIM DOWN. Bionicle: *starts spazzing out* Clef: *injects Anesthetic into Bionicle* Bionicle: *body starts to calm down* WantedIdeas: Holy [REDACTED] Clef: Holy [REDACTED] indeed. WantedIdeas: Is he dead? Clef: I hope not. Results: Subject was placed into a coma, after suffering from a severe allergic reaction to SCP 547 bones. Apparently the D-class Bionicle had an allergy to sea-food, to which when his body interacted with the bones of SCP 547, it triggered an allergic reaction. Due to him being under anesthetic during the surgery, neither me or the d-class realised any effects it had on his body. But once he was awake, the allergic reaction took place and he immediately started choking. Third & Final Attempt: Test Subject: Axel Title: Mr Strongman Purpose: To replicate SCP 547 strong durability and transfer it into another subject. By implementing some of SCP 547 bones and skins into another human being, it would make him stronger than normal. Experiment: [Test Log 7:34]: Clef: *Sighs* Alright before we begin, do you have any questions? Axel: Uhhh… Clef: None. Good. Let’s start the experiment. Axel: Woah woah, I got some questions. Clef: *Whispers: God dammit* *Sighs* Alright, shoot. Axel: What’s going to happen to me? Clef: Basically I’m just gonna put some skin and bones on you. Axel: That’s it? Clef: Yep. Axel: That doesn’t sound so bad. Clef: *Laughs* Oh you d-class are so innocent. Axel: I’m a criminal with 37 charges of sexual assault and 21 charges of murder. Clef: And I’m a sadist. Did we just become friends? Axel: Wha… Clef: *Injects anesthetic* Experiment: [Test Log 8:39]: Clef: *Wakey Wakey, you still alive? Axel: What? *Rubs Eyes* Clef: Oh [REDACTED] you are alive. Axel: *Tries to get up, but has difficulty moving his spine* Clef: You okay, there? Axel: Yeah *struggles to get up* it’s just my back hurts a bit. Clef: Oh [REDACTED] another failure. WANTED IDEAS GET IN HERE. WantedIdeas: Yes sir? Clef: Yeah this one a failure, just shoot him, call a janitor and let’s pack up. It’s 8:40pm and I need my sleep. WantedIdeas: Alright Axel: Wa.. WantedIdeas: *Fires a bunch of bullets on Axel* Axel: *Still closing his eyes* Clef: What the [REDACTED]? HOLY [REDACTED]! IT WORKED, IT [REDACTED] WORK. I CREATED an ACTUAL LITTLE MISTER, MYSELF. HAHAHAHAHA WantedIdeas: Oh, well congratulations. Sir. Clef: Oh [REDACTED]. Wait let me try this. *Shoots Pistol at Axel* Axel: *Still standing and extremely confused* Clef: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. YEAH GO CLEF. Axel: *In distress* What the [REDACTED] happen to me? Clef: *Picks up Surgery Knife* Alright, this is probably not gonna hurt. *Stabs Axel* Axel: *Still standing* Clef: Oh [REDACTED] HE JUST [REDACTED] DENTED THE KNIFE. Axel: I’m invincible? Clef: Not invincible, you just possess extremely strong durability. Axel: *Looks at himself* Clef: I guess the strong durability is putting a strain on your back. Kinda explains why you can’t stand up properly. Axel: So I’m bulletproof? Clef: I guess. Axel: Hahahahahahaha. Clef: *Ignores Axel* Holy [REDACTED], I’m gonna get a goddamn promotion for this. Axel: *Punches Clef* Clef: [REDACTED] WantedIdeas: Stand down, or I will … Axel: *Holds WantedIdeas Neck* Or what, I’m fucking bulletproof. *Throws WantedIdeas outside the room and into a wall* I’M [REDACTED]STRONG AS [REDACTED] *stomps on Clef hand* Clef: Mother [REDACTED] Axel: How does it feel, [REDACTED]? Clef: Not good *in pain* Axel: Well time to get out of this hell-hole. Colters: Hey, mind keeping it down. You gu… Axel: *Smashes Colters Face with his fist* OH [REDACTED] I’M [REDACTED] SUPERMAN! HERE! Clef: *Grabs Dented Scalpel and stabs Axel in the left eye* Axel: OW!!! WHAT THE [REDACTED] Clef: Oh yeah, I remember the eyes doesn’t have a bone. Does it? Axel: I’m going to kill you. *Charges towards Clef half-blind* Clef: *Stabs Axel with syringe full of anesthetic into his right eye* Axel: You son of … zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Results: Experiment was a complete success, the subject was able to fulfill the purpose of this experiment, as he was able to demonstrate enhanced durability and did not suffer any side-effects like the other subjects. However, he is nonetheless an extremely dangerous hostile, as this may not be his last attempt to escape. November 3, 2019: Requesting permission for Axel, to be designated SCP 547-C and given a proper containment plan. Analysis and Conclusion: In conclusion it is possible to create / replicate a “Little Mister” using the genetic / biological organs of SCP 547. As in the end, I was able to create SCP 547-C, a “Little Mister” that possesses the ability of enhanced durability including enhanced strength. Despite SCP 547-A and B, being complete failures, it is noted that SCP 547-A was a somewhat complete success as his eyes throughout the body was able to function well until he started acting in an aggressive manner. Do Results Align with Hypothesis: In the end, my hypothesis was able to align with my results. As I was able to create my own versions of “Little Misters” with abnormal biological traits. However, only one was able to survive and was a complete success, the others were either a failure or currently suffering from severe side effects.
  5. Lore Name: Clef (Formerly known as “Lumbago” Rank: Associate Researcher Clearance Level: 2 (Euclid) List of personnel involved in testing: Researchers: Lumbago (Associate Researcher) Security: Security LCPL WantedIdeas MTF: None Utility: None Level D personnel involved: D-class: PP Suc Derpendalek Igneous SCP: 1162 Errors and/or safety hazards: None, as the D-class was safely restrained by me and there was interference from anyone or anything during the test. However one of my biggest fear, is that SCP 1162 might take away a d-class vital organ like the heart, causing them to die. Question: Is it possible for a d-class with a missing limb or organ, to be reunited with their missing parts through the use of SCP 1162? Background Research: In general, SCP 1162 is a hole inside a cinderblock wall, that has the ability to return an object the individual has been looking for, or was searching for throughout their life. Upon obtaining the missing item they have longed for, the subject will eventually notice that another item of theirs will go missing for unknown reasons. This SCP can only be activated when someone physically places their hand inside the hole, until they finally feel something within their fingertips and pulls the unknown object completely out of the hole. To which I’ve always wondered whether it was possible that by using SCP 1162, that we can obtain missing organs or limbs, that D-class are currently missing or are searching for. For example, if a d-class was missing a kidney due to previous injuries, is it possible that by using SCP 1162, he might be reunited with his missing organ, or an organ that he has been searching for. Which is why, I shall see whether it is possible or not. Hypothesis: In my opinion I believe that during the experiment, when a d-class with a missing organ or limb is presented near SCP 1162, it will replace their missing organ in exchange for something of theirs. As a D-class with a missing kidney, will obtain another fresh kidney from the hole in exchange for a belonging of his. As for d-class with missing limbs, I believe that it’ll instead give them a prosthetic rather than an actual arm, but who knows? Anything is possible these days. Observations: Pp Suc (Missing Right Kidney): Info: Suffered from Type 1 & 2 Diabetes throughout his whole life which destroyed his right kidney due to weak immune system. Has requested for a transplant, however foundation has declined his request due to not having any extras in stock. I have asked if he truly needs it, and has replied that he desperately needs it which is the requirement for SCP 1162 to be activated. Observation: He was given a detailed explanation on what was going to happen, and understood that there was going to be a 50% chance that he may die due to SCP 1162 taking a vital organ of his especially the heart. Eventually he sent inside the room that is occupied by SCP 1162, there he placed his hand inside the hole and when he pulled out, he was holding a fresh kidney. Immediately I examined it, to find that it was an actual fresh kidney and from the looks of it, it was in perfect condition for a transplant. However he started screaming in pain, and when I turned around, it was revealed that the hole had literally taken his right foot. By the time, I tried calling out a medic, he had already died of severe blood loss. Results: Complete, with casualties. Derpendalek (Missing Left Arm): Info: As a baby he was born with severe phocomelia that mostly affected his arm, which resulted in doctors have to remove it due to the severity of it. Which caused him to grow up without having an arm, making him a very angry child. This would later cause him to become a violent man, eventually landing him on the death penalty until the foundation took him. When asked, he claimed that he would give anything for a chance to have his arm again, which again fits the requirement for SCP 1162. Observation: Unlike the previous D-class, when I told him about SCP 1162, he immediately agreed to what was going to happen to him and even when I tried explaining the dangers of it. He wasn’t concerned in the slightest, and demanded that he see it now. Eventually I placed him inside the room, and when he came out he was holding a prosthetic arm but was missing his pants. Results: Complete, no casualties. Igneous (Missing Left Testicle) Info: During his adulthood, he was diagnosed with severe “Germ Cell Tumor” which is a type of testicular cancer after committing [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. Eventually he was charged, arrested and given the death penalty, but during the legal process, it was revealed that his testicle was slowly dying. By the time he arrived at the [REDACTED], it was revealed that his testicles had already died and was removed in order to prevent further damage. This greatly angered him and causes him to occasionally lash out towards other male D-class, due to suffering his severe inferiority complex. Observation: When asked what he would give, in order to obtain his testicles again, he replied that he would give “anything” and do “anything.” This meant that he had fulfilled the prerequisites of SCP 1162 anomalous properties. During the test, he placed his hand into the hole and commented that he felt something “sticky.” When he pulled the object out of the hole it was revealed that he had obtained a new testicle, and by the time he came out of the room. It was revealed that SCP 1162 had taken all of his hair. Further examination revealed that Igneous had actually lost all of his hair from his entire body, as there was no sign of hair from his armpit, arms, etc. Results: Complete, also no casualties. Analysis and Conclusion: In conclusion SCP 1162 anomalous properties, does in fact, have the ability to replace any missing organ as long as the D-class fulfill the prerequisites of SCP 1162 conditions. As each three of the D-class, had a strong desire to reunite with their missing organ and in the end, were given either an alternative option (Derpendalek) or an actual replacement (Igneous & Pp Suc). However one d-class specifically Pp Suc suffered a severe loss, as despite regaining a replacement kidney, he was forced to lose his leg in exchange for the organ he desired. This shows that despite SCP 1162 positive benefit, we must not forget that there are downsides to using this thing. As Pp Suc death, served as a perfect example. Do Results Align with Hypothesis: Yep, my results and hypothesis was aligned Note: This Test was not created today, it was made last week. The reason I took so long, is because I was busy structuring it and fixing up any grammar or lore errors.
  6. Lore Name: Dr. Lumbago Rank: Associate Researcher Clearance Level: 1 & 2 (Safe and Euclid) List of personnel involved in testing: Research: Associate Researcher Lumbago Security: N/A Utility: N/A MTF: N/A Level D personnel involved: D-class personnel: None SCP: 1879-A (Known as the “Talking Desk”) Note: [This is an event SCP] Errors and/or safety hazards: Entities sold by the “Object Salesman” had the ability to defend themselves when harmed by anyone including the owner. Entities may also rarely develop self-sentience and proceed to do whatever they desire Question: What is the origin / background of SCP 1879-A? Background Research: Not much is known about SCP 1879-A, as he was discovered recently on [Wednesday, 11th September] inside the foundation base accompanied by a mysterious and eccentric man who called himself the “Object Salesman.” He was discovered on Wednesday 11th September, when a mysterious entity called the “Object Salesman” appeared and started advertising SCP 1879-A calling it a “Table That Will Never Leave you.” Curious I offered to buy his table, and once it was delivered to me, this thing immediately started to talk and move around the foundation.. The only information known right now, about SCP 1879 is that he is an unknown sentient entity that has the appearance of a “large wooden pedestal desk” and possesses the ability to think and speak like a human being. When in danger, he possesses the ability to defend himself by shooting out wooden splinters that will eliminate anything that is causing or attempting to harm him. As for its personality, I would describe him as a kind, helpful and loyal entity that exists only to serve his purchaser (aka me) and assist him with whatever task that requires his assistance. This was shown throughout my time with him, as he was constantly helping with whatever problems I had. However he was capable of leaving or betraying me, if I had any intention of harming him or doing something to him without its permission. To which the purpose of this research is to understand him by having a private conversation with him. Doing this, will allow me to talk to him in a civil manner and trying to get him to open up about himself. Allowing me to understand his origins and information on this “Object Salesman.” Hypothesis: In my opinion, I believe that the origin of this “thing” may have once been human. As he has the intelligence level of an average being, and I assume that it’s impossible that the “Object Salesman” was able to create an entity that is capable of human speech, without having extra “additions.” I also have a theory, that SCP 1879-A may have once been a customer of the “Object Salesman” wares, and later learnt that there were consequences in making deals with the Salesman. Observation: Interview [11/09/2019 = 4:00]: Lumbago: *static* *static* *static* Alr…. *static* DONE Lumbago: Okay, let’s get this interview started. Hello there, my name is Lumbago, I’m an Associate Researcher and the purpose of this recording is to understand the origins of SCP 1879-A. Another reason for this, is just in case I die. Alright, let’s get started. 4:10= Lumbago: Hello there, SCP 1879-A my name is Lumbago [REDACTED], I’m an associate researcher of the foundation and today, I’m going to be conducting an interview with you. Do you have any questions before we begin? SCP 1879-A: Nope, none right now. Lumbago: Excellent. First question, do you have a name? SCP 1879-A: Umm... I don’t have a name, I’m just referred to as the “Talking Table.” Lumbago: Would you like a name? SCP 1879-A: I’m fine with whatever name my purchaser assigns me with. Lumbago: Okay, second question: What do you think you are? SCP 1879-A: Nothing much, I’m just a Talking Table and my purpose is to be a good table towards my purchaser, aka you. Lumbago: Third question: Do you have any parents? Siblings? Wife? Kids? Anything like that. SCP 1879-A: I don’t really remember having any parents, though I do have siblings but they’re my step-siblings. Lumbago: Wait, you have step-siblings? Are they like you? SCP 1879-A: Oh no, they’re not like me. Some of them can make food, create fire, heal, etc, etc. Lumbago: Oh so like microwaves, heaters, and vending machines? SCP 1879-A: What's a vending machine? Lumbago: Okay never mind, fourth question: How were you conceived or created, and do you have any memories prior to your conception? SCP 1879-A: Ummm I actually don’t have any memories of being born or created? Lumbago: Wait? Didn’t the “Object Salesman” create you? SCP 1879-A: Oh no *laughs* He was the one that found me and offered to take care of me? Lumbago: Wait, so you were found by the Object Salesman? SCP 1879-A: Yeah, I remember one day waking up and seeing man in suit come of nowhere, offering to take me somewhere where no one would hurt me. I didn’t really know anything at that time, so I said “Why not?” He then took me to this “factory” where I met people like me, and I stayed there for a while just meeting my new siblings and having fun with them. Eventually he explained that we were furniture and it was our purpose to make others happy. That’s when he started taking my brothers and sisters, and like them I just waited for my turn. Lumbago: Did you ever feel angry? That you were being taken away and separated by your siblings? SCP 1879-A: Not really, we were told that we have been given a new home and someone who would take care of us. He also said that, if we behaved very well, we would all meet again one day. Lumbago: Alright, fifth question: Do you remember anything before the factory and before you were found? SCP 1879-A: Not much, all I remember was seeing darkness everyday and everywhere. Lumbago: Oh, I’m sorry. SCP 1879-A: It’s okay, The darkness made it easier to sleep, which allowed me to have dreams. Lumbago: Oh, what kinda dreams? SCP 1879-A: Strange ones, that always appeared when I was sleeping. Lumbago: Wait you sleep? … Never mind, tell me these dreams you had. SCP 1879-A: Yeah in every dream, I saw a banner saying “Happy Birthday Tommy,” I see people singing and laughing. I also see a woman giving me a hug, and before she says anything. I hear the doorbell ring, the woman opens the door and I see a mysterious man in the shadows. Eventually the woman and the man shakes hand, and boom the dream ends. Lumbago: What!? SCP 1879-A: Strange, right? Funny enough, I saw the same woman in my dreams appear at the factory. Shouting at “Mr Salesman” and demanding that he returns what he stole from her. Lumbago: Ummmm!? *in distress* SCP 1879-A: Are you okay? Lumbago: Interview over. Analysis and Conclusion: In conclusion my hypothesis and SCP 1879-A have confirmed that SCP 1879-A is in fact a human individual, and I believe that this “Tommy” who SCP 1879-A claims he saw in a dream, is in fact himself. Confirming my theory, that the “Object Salesman” was involved in turning “Tommy” into SCP 1879 after making an offer with his mother, and that his deals are something that should be feared. Do Results Align with Hypothesis: Yes, it does.
  7. Lore Name: Lumbago Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:44044482 Rank: Associate Researcher Activity Level: Normal
  8. Name (In-Game/Discord): Ingame: DredgenYor Discord: リチャード #0912 Rank (In-Game): Junior Researcher SteamID: STEAM_0:1:44044482 How active are you?: 7/10 (mostly because I'm busy with university stuff) Concerns?: None, right now.
  9. You could've explained that to me when you IMPRISONED me, that would've cleared the situation up. Heck i would've even apologized and admitted my mistake, but NOPE you imprisoned and forced my mouth shut. Also try analyzing the term "Homophobic" more clearly, as I'm pretty sure calling someone a "faggot" does not automatically mean I hold prejudice against homosexuals. I was only using it as an insult. Lastly that player was assaulting multiple of d - class players including me, he deserved what was happening to him. "Disrespecting against other players aren't tolerated". Mate have you seen D-class we all disrespect one another when someone has been falsely killed, because one immature brat thought that it would be fun to randomly murder someone. What should I have done? Report them to a staff member and have them give me the excuse that it's fine until he kills me?
  10. Your In-game: DredgenYor Your SteamID: DredgenYor (However try "xero546er4" if it doesn't work) The admin's name in-game: Security SO BigBuddy (I think) The admin's steam name (If you know it): N/A What warning did you receive: Homophobic/Player Dis - Calling another player the f word Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I believe that this warn was falsely given to me, due to the fact that throughout the game I had been yelling "REVOLUTION". Whenever I was going towards the guard and punching them, I merely shouted again the word "REVOLUTION" and did not call any of them names including racial or homophobic words. Heck I didn't even care that they were killing me, as I was only joking around and having fun. Another fact is that, the term "homophobic" means "having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people": 1. I was not performing any action that related to me, hating homosexuals. Did I make signs or scream anything? Nope I was given a warn for apparently being homophobic. 2. Me saying "faggot" does not mean I'm screaming homophobic slurs or disrespecting people. I admit I do use that term, but it's merely to insult someone who hits or shoots me randomly. For example if a class - d hits me with a bat killing me, of course I would call them a "faggot" or an insult like who wouldn't, but I did not use the term to insult someone of their sexuality or anything related to homosexuals. Lastly when I was imprisoned, I tried to ask for an explanation or something that could prove that I was being "homophobic or disrespecting a player" but instead I was muted and kept in a confined area. Heck if the staff member actually provided proof of me being disrespectful. I would've taken the punishment, kept my mouth shut and when freed just do what I usually do on the server which is having fun on SCP. Any extra information: I was also demoted of my security rank.