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  1. + Despite the burping sound, this SCP will nonetheless be a great addition to the server.
  2. + Love: As the name suggests, love it.
  3. - Support: For a server to be dedicated for just events, it’ll most likely be problematic and stressful.
  4. + Support: Demolition Experts should be using bombs to blow up the enemy, not themselves.
  5. + Support: Research Command should be allowed to have permission to whitelist people for “Hazardous Material Researcher”
  6. + Support: This idea has my full support.
  7. Note: I’m betting fifty bucks that he is a wizard - Researcher Felwinter
  8. Lore Name: Felwinter Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:44044482 Rank: Lead Researcher Activity Level: N/A [Currently on LOA until 30/01/2020] 
  9. - Support: *SCP 30067 is basically just a “D-class only with special abilities.” Adding this SCP wouldn’t really do much for Research or Medical, since researchers can just get more D-class and can request for more, prolonging the experiment until it satisfy their goal. * As for medical, almost every class on the server requires healing, and healing SCP 30067 isn’t really all that exciting. Like literally healing him, is no different from healing a MTF, security or researcher. *Using him to reduce breach timer, isn’t really different from using a D-class for it. The only difference I can see, is that SCP 30067 remembers it, while the D-class doesn’t. This literally makes no difference. [Note: This is just my opinion, if I have missed something important or offended somebody. Please contact me privately, so that we can discuss my rudeness]
  10. What you want to see? Similar to how ImperialRP Forums have a “Character Backstories” section, I also wish for the SCP-RP forums to have the same. Why should we add it? By adding “Character Profiles / Backstories” section to the SCP-RP forums, this will be a fun addition to the server. As it will allow players to write about their characters especially since we have many high profile players with eccentric personalities, additionally we will be having our own SCP Personal / Dossier similar to the SCP website, it’ll also allow for more RP opportunities especially when we’re having events or creating test-logs, interviews, incidents, etc. There will also be rules, when creating a character profile / backstory, to ensure it’s apart of the lore and not meta gaming. [Note] Apologies for the confusion, but the rules I wrote earlier were meant as an example. They were not actual rules that were going to be implemented, I was merely making an example and from the looks of it, it has caused some sort of confusion. So again I apologise. What are the advantages of having this? - Again it will be a fun addition for everyone, as some players might wanna write about themselves similar to how on the SCP Website, there are a list of eccentric characters working in the foundation. - This can be a form of introduction for newer players, to learn about the people on the server. This can also attract more serious players, especially SCP Fans into joining the server and taking part in the RP. - It’ll allow also again allow for more RP opportunities, for example “Intelligence Agents” can interview players suspected to be apart of a GOI through looking at their character profile. As most of the time, “Intelligence Agents” are mostly just walking around or assisting security or MTF. Another example is that “MTF’s” can do the same and interview player suspected of being GOI, SCP, etc. Who is it mainly for? Everyone. Links to any content:
  11. + Support: - Technicians absolutely need a new model skin, the current one doesn’t even look attractive.
  12. Lore name: Cronus Felwinter Williamson Give a brief description of your character: "As a wise man once said 'When you can wield the impossible, you can create wonders.' So why the [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] am I not allowed to [REDACTED] with SCP [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]?" Profile: Dr Felwinter, an infamous and well-known senior researcher, who specializes in studying the anatomy and psychology of sentient biological anomalies. He is also the un-official psychologist of Site-05 and usually does his therapy in SCP 1162 room, which is in addition to his office. As for his personality, he is often described as a sadistic psychopath, cunning liar and a very annoying person. As there have been constant reports of him, using SCP to torture D-class and claiming it was an experiment, he also constantly manipulates and annoys personal staff within the foundation despite numerous warnings and beatings, and lastly enjoys getting to kill something whether its human or not. However despite his negative reputation, his works and experiments have made him an exceptional asset to the foundation, especially his research SCP 1879 and 024. He also does possess more honorable traits that is not normally seen, as he once admitted while drunk that he considers some of the foundations staff as his friends and cares for them deeply. Thus making him, both beneficial and detrimental to the foundation. There has been rumors going on that Felwinter may be an associate to a certain group of interest, as there is currently an investigation on him by the intelligence agency. However he has denied all allegations and claims, made against him. Are you a member of, or currently applying for Command?: N/A You have been notified of an entity being transferred over from Site-50. It has yet to be given a Special Containment Procedure, with the only thing to be seen of it thus far, being the blanket that drapes over its cage. What are your first impressions of this anomaly? (100 Words): When in the presence of an unknown anomaly, especially a blanket the drapes over solid objects. My first impression of it, would always be “fascination” at interacting with a mysterious anomaly, as I would immediately think of hypotheses and theories on its capabilities and history. I would also think of how this SCP can be beneficial towards the foundation, as it might be able to aid with containment procedures. However, I would also be concerned at the same time, as this entity does also have the capability of being a threat to the foundation despite its appearance and docility. The anomaly is released into a temporary testing chamber, and you are called in to properly investigate it. Before entering however, you were warned of a field agent's injury during its transport. How will you go about approaching this anomaly? (100 Words): Before attempting to see or analyze this anomaly, I would firstly ask either the field agent himself, if he is not severely injured or someone who had seen the event for a clear report on what had just happened. Information such as the agent’s interaction, personality, clothing or smell might have triggered the anomaly, turning it from a docile blanket into an aggressive one. Eventually by using all of this information, I can avoid repeating the same mistake as the field agent did, thus preventing the anomaly from harming myself and others, while also being able to inspect it safely. During your experimentation, the entity uses its abilities to break itself out of containment. The MTF present with you have just been freshly recruited, and as a result, struggle without proper leadership and knowledge of the anomaly. How will you handle this containment breach? (200 Words): In the event of the anomaly breaching, I would firstly notify research command and explain what has just happened, in order for them to change the defcon and warn all personnel of the incident that has occurred. This will allow everyone within the foundation to prepare for what’s about to happen, while also giving time for the higher-ups to evacuate the area and be relocated to a safe area.Secondly, I would immediately call for MTF to assist me in re-containing the SCP while informing them of the anatomy capabilities and what to avoid, while using the information from the previous field agent who was injured when interacting with the SCP. As this will allow MTF to move through the anomaly without angering it further. During this time, me and the new recruits will be attempting to slow it down if possible and to prevent the entity from causing further damages. In order to do this, I would split the team into two groups: Containment & Prevention. Containment’s job is to find ways to ensure he is kept within the vicinity of his cell, either by conversing or performing passive force. Should this fail, then it’s up to the Prevention’s team to use physical or lethal force, to ensure that the entity does not spread out further. Note: Despite being a Senior Researcher, I was given permission by Weiss to be exempted from the Lead Researcher Rule under a certain condition, which I have fulfilled. As I am currently not applying for research command.
  13. + Support: An exceptional individual that is both a good researcher and friend. I've seen him work extremely hard in upholding the researchers reputation. He definitely has my support.
  14. Lore Name: Senior Researcher Felwinter Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:44044482 Rank: Senior Researcher
  15. Lore Name: Felwinter (Formerly known as "Clef) Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 (Euclid) List of personnel involved in testing: Research: Researcher: Clef Security: N/A MTF: N/A Utility: N/A Level D personnel involved: D-class: 9 SCP: 024 (Commonly known as “Game Show of Death” Errors and/or safety hazards: The games within the SCP, is extremely hazardous and dangerous, as anyone who participates in these games will most likely lose their lives. Victims that lose within SCP 024, will result in them being trapped within the SCP forever. Any attempts to communicate or find the individual, has resulted in failure. Should any researcher wish to enter the game, be warned that the only contestants within the game, will only be D-class. Any attempts to break the rules or destroy properties within SCP 024, will result in the individual being killed by an entity called the “Studio Guardian.” Note, that while the entity within SCP 024, known as the “Announcer” seems harmless and innocent. Do not let be fooled by his appearance, as he is possesses paranormal abilities that literally defy reality and does not show sympathy or empathy to contestants that die within SCP-024. He is also a murderer himself, as each contestants that have lost in each rounds, have been killed by him. Questions: What is the origin / backstory of SCP 024? Who is the “Host” and how is he connected to SCP 024? Background Research: In general, SCP 024 is an abandoned sound stage that was once owned by a mysterious individual who left for unknown reasons, and eventually paranormal properties started manifesting within the studios. It’s currently unknown whether it manifested before or after he left, or how did it began in the first place. Any individuals that enter SCP 024, will be given a choice to enter a sort of game-show, as it is called. Individuals that choose not to participate with forever be banned from entering it again, as they claimed that an “invisible barrier” is forcing them out. Those that do wish to participate will begin by going a series of obstacle courses, which will test their strength, speed and mind. Be warned that the obstacles within the SCP, are extremely hazardous and dangerous, as victims who lose are immediately killed. Once the winner is chosen, they’re given a series of rewards that range from cash prizes, electronics, collectibles, paid vacations, etc. Contestants that participate in the game but lose, will forever be trapped within the SCP. It’s unknown what happens to them, or where they are. But any attempts to do so, have resulted in failure. Within the SCP, there are 2 entities that reside within the sound stage. The most prominent entity within the SCP, is the “Announcer” whose role is to continuously update the contestants status such as whether they’re alive or not, to give out advice, to converse with the contestants and to include additional rules throughout the game. It’s also known that he is not a hostile entity, as he even includes the danger of entering SCP 024 and does not attempt to manipulate or force participants to enter within the game. Another entity residing in SCP 024, are the “studio guardians” whose role is to ensure all participants are following the rules, and any attempt to break them, will result in the individual being killed by the studio guardians. It’s unknown whether it is possible to communicate with them, and any attempt to do so has also resulted in a failure. There was also an additional entity within the studio, known as the “Host” whose role was to create obstacles for the participants to go through. Unlike the “Announcer” this entity was actually involved in the game himself and appeared in the form of a “man wearing a trench coat with a white mask.” He also possessed multiple abilities such as flying, teleportation, generating objects out of thin air and was able to manipulate reality within the studios. It’s unknown why he appeared instead of the “announcer” and how he is connected with SCP 024. Another strange thing about him, is that this time he was literally giving individuals “Letters of Invitation” to join a special event within the game, rather than having to enter through the gates of SCP 024. Which shows signs that SCP 024 is able to use it’s paranormal properties outside of its containment, however it's unknown whether they can do it any time, or if it's only for upcoming games. Any attempts to question him, have resulted in failure, as he disappeared the moment I tried to reach out to him. Hypothesis: I believe that by participating and entering SCP 024 with the permission of the higher-ups, that I’ll be able to get first-hand information of what’s it like being within SCP 024. I also believe that by being in the studios, that I’ll be able to study the materials that are used within the SCP and the level of the paranormal properties that are still manifesting within SCP 024. All of this information may allow me to develop a theory on how the SCP was created, or further our understanding of this SCP. Observation: Test Log: Wednesday 6th November 2019: [11:30am] Clef: Hello everyone, my name is [REDACTED] Clef, I’m a Researcher of the foundation at the Site [REDACTED]. The purpose of this test log, is to …. Well … record what I’m about to do. *Shows picture of Letter* About two days, I was given this letter by a mysterious entity who was wearing a trench coat and had a white bodysuit covering his entire body. In this letter, is an invitation to a special game that this entity was hosting and should I wish to participate all I gotta do is sign the bottom. Curious, I asked some researchers in forensics to analyse this letter and it turns out that this letter somehow relates to SCP 024. Apparently it’s paranormal levels are similar to SCP 024. At first I planned on giving it to a D-class and having them take my place, however for some reason I got this feeling as if the letter didn’t want me to give it away or rather it wouldn’t let me. After much thinking, I eventually decided that it’ll be better if I participate in this game, as this is the first time, SCP 024 is literally interacting with people outside of its studio. Meaning that something is happening within the studio, whatever it is, it’s better that a Researcher is inside studying what’s happening rather than a d-class. Should I not return, then it means that I didn’t win the game. *Signs the Letter* ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Round 1: Tag Basically Tag, is a simple game where there are two roles: the tagger and the runner. In this game, it’s the tagger's role to chase and attempt to physically touch the runner in order to pass on the “tag” or commonly referred to as “it.” While the victim’s role is to run away and avoid being tag. Should the runner be tagged by the tagger, then it’s their turn to become the tagger. However in SCP 024, the rules are a bit different from the original game. As tagger has the same role as before, however instead of attempting to tag another person, it’s there job to kill the runner. As for the runner, again, it’s there job to run away however this time, they have to avoid being killed. Anyone who is killed is basically disqualified from the game. The game will only end, when two people are caught and tagged. Audio Log [##:##]: *Static* *Static* Clef: *Huff* *Huff* *Static* *Static* *Chainsaw Noises* Clef: *In terror* Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, ………… *static* *Static* *Static* Clef: *Whispers* It’s been 2 hours since the game has started. I’m currently unable to record everything. I don’t know what’s interfering with the radio signals. *Cough* Everyone is running in fear and trying to avoid the tagger. Apparently we’re playing a children’s game known as “Tag,” however this is a [REDACTED] up variation. In this game, the tagger who is currently the host is trying to kill everyone, while the runners job is to survive. Anyone who is caught … Unknown Contestant: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Chainsaw Noises Cutting Someone* Clef: Oh [REDACTED] *Tagger spots Clef* *Chainsaw Noises gets louder* Clef: [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] *Static* ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Round 2: Simon Says In general, “Simon Says” is a game when one player takes the role of “Simon” and issues instructions, usually physical actions such as “jump in the air” or “crouch.” While the other players must follow his command, failure to do so, while result in them losing. They must also be careful when performing action that Simon actually says “Simon Says”, as if the player were to perform an action without the phrase “Simon Says” they will also lose. Again in SCP 024, the rules are the same as the original, however the consequences are different. As normally when a person loses in “Simon Says” they’re usually out. However in this competition, should the person perform the action without the phrase, or fail to do so. They will be killed by the Host, through abnormal means, as each of the contestants died suddenly once they were caught by the host. Like in the previous game, the round will only end when two people are caught doing something without the phrase, or fails to perform the action. Audio Log [##:##]: *Static* Hosts: Sim …… ys …. “Pu …. Ri ….. Up” *Static* Hosts: ………………….. “Dance” *Static* *Static* Host: Simon Says “Crouch.” *Everyone crouches* Host: Simon Says “Put your hands up” *Everyone puts their hands up* Host: Simon Says “Jump” *Everyone walks right* Host: Simon Says “Talk” *Everyone walks left* Host: Simon Says “Do Star Jumps” *Everyone walks up* Host: Now stop what you're doing!!! *One person stops* Host: Oooooo sorry, Mr John, your out! *Flicks finger* John: What? *Vomits out blood and falls to the floor* Clef: Oh my God. Unknown Contestant 1: Jesus Christ Unknown Contestant 2: What the [REDACTED]? Unknown Contestant 3: Holy [REDACTED] Host: Alright, Simon Says *Static* *Static* ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Round 3: Red vs Blue Unlike in the previous rounds, instead of playing a twisted variation of a children’s game with dangerous or severe punishments. We were instead teleported into an unknown warehouse and suddenly the four finalists were split into teams: Red & Blue. In this round, both teams were given guns and ordered to shoot one another. The last team that survives will go on to the next round. During the game our appearance was also changed, as both me and Junior Researcher Tor, had our skin turned into blue. When touched there was no sign of paint or anything on our skin and that it just felt normal. Any attempts to remove the blue resulted in failure. Another abnormality encountered was that even after being shot in the head by one of the contestants, I was revived immediately. Normally an individual would die after a bullet shot through their heads, however this “Host” was able to literally bring me back to life. Audio Log [22:30pm]: Clef: *Unconscious* Host: CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING THIRD PLACE Clef: *Wakes Up* Jesus Christ!? Host: FOR YOUR PRIZE, YOU WIN $10,000. Clef: Wait I’m alive? Host: Yep. Clef: *Stutters* Wha … uh … Wait I thought if you died in the game, your disqualified. Host: Technically yes, however those that obtain first, second and third place are exempt from the rules. Clef: *Sigh* Oh thank god. Host: Here is your prize and the way out, is right there. Clef: Wait. Before I go, can I ask a few questions? Host: Ummmm sure? Clef: Who are you? Host: Well good sir, I am “The Host,” and it's my job to entertain our viewers while hosting this wonderful show. Clef: How did you get this job? Host: Ah well I was looking for job and eventually this mysterious who called himself "The Owner" came out of nowhere and personally invited me himself. Clef: Wait a minute, are you telling me that the owner, himself, literally went out of the studios and invited you to join his show? Host: Yep, I mean that’s how I got this job. Clef: Again, your telling me, that you met the owner outside of the studios. Host: Yeah Clef: Holy [REDACTED] Could I speak with him? Host: Ummm… Give me a sec *Answers the Earpiece* Yes sir, yes I’ll do that right now. Clef: So am I … Host: *Interrupts* Apologies sir, but the game is over and I must ask you to leave the premises. Clef: Wait, I still have questions? Heck the foundation might not be pleased with this discovery. Host: Sir, I apologize for the inconvenience but I must ask you again to leave. If you refuse, I will be forced to call in the “guardians” Clef: Listen to me, the Foundation... Host: *Interrupts* Guardians!? Clef: Okay, okay I'm leaving. Host: Enjoy your prize and we’ll be sure to send you a copy of today’s episode. Analysis and Conclusion: At the end of the competition / experiment, I was unable to obtain any information regarding SCP 024 background. However I was able to obtain some information on this entity known as “The Host” and on SCP-024. For many years, we’ve only known two entities that reside in SCP-024, who are the “Announcer” and “Studio Guardian.” Until now, I’ve discovered that the owner of this studio, the one that mysteriously disappeared, has returned and is now operating outside of its studios. He has also started recruiting people outside of the studio, to join his show and has granted them paranormal abilities. However i cannot say for sure that he is granting them power, until I see more evidence. Despite my failures, I was able to come back with an important discovery which was that the “Owner” is back and operating within SCP-024. Meaning there is a chance that we may be able to finally understand SCP-024 paranormal properties, through the Owner himself. Do Results Align with Hypothesis: No, as I was unable to obtain information regarding SCP-024 background, and was only able to obtain a small discovery.