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  1. + Support: One of the best security I’ve ever met, performs well and always listens to researchers. >:)
  2. "Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt" Sun Tzu, Art of War Link:
  3. Name : Tyrant (Formerly Felwinter) Branch(es) : Technician Rank(s) : Technician How would you rate your activity? 3 [Currently recovering from medical issues and will likely recover in 2 more weeks] Why you should keep your position (Command Only): N/A Any changes you would like to see: N/A Any notes or questions: N/A
  4. - Support: For someone who’s a “surgeon supervisor” and currently applying for O5 staff, I kinda expected more from your application.
  5. + Support: - Extremely kind - Shows good activity - Also has already proven loyalty to both the server and his branch.
  6. + Support: Not a minge, good player, very active and also gives me a chance to annoy O5 personnel
  7. Lore Name: Nocturne(Formally known as Felwinter) Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 1 (Safe) & 2 (Euclid) List of personnel involved in testing: Researchers: Junior Researcher Nocturne Security: Security LCPL Charakid Level D personnel involved: D-class personnel: Crab1 Move please SCP: 1048 Errors and/or safety hazards: Assault from SCP 1048 is possible considering the fact that, there are two healthy individuals within a room with SCP 1048. There’s also a chance that if he does succeed in murdering me, security and d-class that he will likely try to create a replica of SCP 1048-A Considering the fact that I’m presenting him 3 health individuals, he may steal the ears to create an instance of SCP 1048-A. Question: Is it possible that a human currently inflicted with a disease, deformity or injury can repel themselves from becoming SCP 1048 victims? Background Research: In general, everybody knows that SCP 1048 is a sentient paranormal entity that takes the form and appearance of a teddy bear, who uses its facade of a cute bubbly nature to manipulate his victims into trusting them and feeling a sense of comfort, before it violently assaults them and stealing a piece of the person’s bodily limbs. However it is known that SCP 1048 has a preference for human ears and is constantly using it to create an instance of SCP 1048-A. However, I’ve always wondered whether it was possible to repel this entity away from his next potential victim without having to resort to violent means, such as attempting to gun it down or having foundation personnel sacrifice a piece of their organ to satisfy the entity’s desire for human organs. To which I’ve started delving into foundation archives to find a solution or method, that may help me create an alternative containment procedure or a way to prevent SCP 1048 from ever targeting foundation personnel. Thankfully I was able to find my answer, when I discovered the journal of a researcher known as “Felwinter” who developed a theory that if a person made their organs, repulsive or diguesting; it may prevent SCP 1048 from ever targeting them due to the individual having no use for SCP 1048. To which I’ve decided to test this theory, but am trying to find 3 d-class that are currently suffering from illnesses that may cause SCP 1048 to find them repulsive and prove that this method works. Hypothesis: Part of me believes that SCP 1048 will indeed ignore or avoid these diseased or deformed humans as in all of the previous reports. We’ve seen that SCP 1048 only seems to target healthy individuals and if none is in sight, it’ll begin to use other materials such as metal or wood as an act of desperation or survival instinct. However another part of me, also believes that SCP 1048 might not even care about the diseased human, and will most likely take advantage of his vulnerable state; and steal his organs. Observation: Subject: Crab1 Health Status: Lung Cancer Profile: Suffers from severe lung cancer, caused by extensive smoking throughout his childhood. The reason for smoking was because he had a bad childhood where he was frequently abused by parents and including the orphanage that adopted him. Eventually he had enough and committed a shooting, which resulted in him becoming a “death row” victim; which also again resulted in him landing in foundations arms. Test Log [29/04/2020] [1:55PM]: Nocturne: Okay, D-1743, can you hear me through your ear piece? Crab1: Loud and clear. Researcher. Nocturne: Alrighty then. We can begin the test, firstly could you please enter the room in front of you? Crab1: Alright *Goes inside the room* Now what? Nocturne: Okay by any chance, do you see a teddy bear sitting on the desk? Crab1: Yeah? Nocturne: Could you do me a favour and pick the bear, please? Crab1: Why? Charakid: *Loads his gun* Do what the researcher tells you. Crab1: *LARGE SIGH* *Proceeds to pick up the bear* Crab1: *COUGH* Happy? Nocturne: Hmmmm… could you, like, shake the bear up and down, please? Crab1: Ummm okay *shakes the bear up and down* SCP 1048: *Doesn’t move* Note: SCP 1048 is not showing any signs of hostility towards the d-class, despite the fact that the d-class is literally alone in a room and is extremely vulnerable considering that he has lung cancer. Eventually after 2 hours of having the d-class hold up SCP 1048, the test was concluded as again there weren’t any signs of hostility shown by SCP 1048. Second Subject: Move please Health Status: Swan Neck Deformity Profile: Was born with a rare deformity known as “Swan Neck” which causes the victim to suffer from weird finger joints. The cause for how he obtained the deformity is unknown, however it does play a part on why he became a d-class. As during his childhood, he was frequently beaten up by his religious mother who called him a “demon” and was only let out to be whipped constantly. Eventually he had enough and murdered his mother, which again resulted in him landing in the foundation's arms. Test Log [29/04/2020]: Nocturne: D-5454, could you please enter the room in front of you? Move please: Okay. *Enters the room in front of him* Nocturne: Alrighty, then. Do you by any chance see a teddy bear sitting on the desk? Move please: Yeah. Nocturne: Could you please pick it up and ... Move please: [SCREAM LOUDLY] Nocturne: D-5454, are you okay? Move please: [STILL SCREAMING] Nocturne: D-5454! D-5454! What’s happening? Move please: THE BEAR HE’S F%$^ING STABBING ME Nocturne: Oh s*^%. Move please: HELP ME PLEASE [Large slashing sound is heard] …………………………………………………………………………………………... Nocturne: D-5454! D-5454! Are you still there? Move please: ……………………………………………… Charakid: Uhh sir? Nocturne: Aim at the door. Charakid: What? Nocturne: Aim at the f*&%in door. If you see that son of b%$^H come out, I want you to shoot him. Charakid: *Sigh* Alrighty then *Loads his gun* Nocturne: *Turns off Test Log* Analysis and Conclusion: In the end, only the first d-class survived his encounter with SCP 1048; as he was spared from being killed or even having his organs taken. Whereas for the other d-class, he was forced to suffer a terrible fate; as he was repeatedly stabbed to death while having some of his organs taken. However despite the first d-class surviving, it’s unknown if my experiment worked, as from the looks of it; there were no signs that the “lung cancer” was repelling SCP 1048 nor were there any signs that the bear wanted to take it despite the d-class diseases. To which in conclusion, the results are still unknown. Do Results Align with Hypothesis: Unknown.
  8. If you want a good recording software, I would recommend getting “OBS.” It’s extremely easy to use.
  9. - Support: While it does sound like a good idea, there’s really no need for a d-class form section especially when they’re not seen as a important role within the server; other then being used as a test subject. *Theres also no need for a forum so that D-class organise and recruit, since a lot of times, D-class already teaming up with one another and I highly doubt a making a recruiting forum is going to make much of a difference; when you can literally ask the first d-class you see for help. This might work, if there was a special type of D-class branch but since they don’t have it, it’s not gonna work.
  10. + Support: * I highly doubt that O5 needs 8 researchers.
  11. +Support: Throughout your time on research, I've seen you done exceptional work and have proven yourself to be a loyal member to both the branch and the server.
  12. + Support: Active, dedicated, loyal and has shown to be an expectional Researcher.
  13. + Support: Does good work, always willing to assist anyone in need, is extremely dedicated to the branch and one of the few people who has previous experience.
  14. - Support: You've only been in research for 2 weeks and that's not enough to prove that your loyal or dedicated.
  15. Tip: Change your "Time in Research", you've only been in research for a month. You literally became JR on 22/02/2020