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  1. + Support: Does good work, always willing to assist anyone in need, is extremely dedicated to the branch and one of the few people who has previous experience.
  2. - Support: You've only been in research for 2 weeks and that's not enough to prove that your loyal or dedicated.
  3. Tip: Change your "Time in Research", you've only been in research for a month. You literally became JR on 22/02/2020
  4. - / + Support: +: Has shown dedication, good behaviour and has provided exceptional work. -: You’ve only been on the server for 4 weeks, and haven’t really created a “profile” or “reputation”.
  5. - Support: We already have a faction opposing the SCP, and it’s literally just another CI group but more murderous. And like “Falxen” said GOC rarely team up with the SCP
  6. Lore Name: Praedyth (Formerly Felwinter & Paragon) Steam ID: 76561198048354693 Rank: Lead Researcher Activity Level: Semi ACtive
  7. - / + Support: + Support: Love the idea of adding a new branch. - Support: It’s literally the same as CI, just with different ranks and goals. Proposal / Idea: Adopt similar mechanics to “CI Sleth” *How about instead of having a Factory or base outside the surface which will definitely collide with CI, we let them spawn in either LCZ or HCZ. Similar to how Anderson Robotics are already inside the SCP, and pretending to be foundation staff. *Instead of having them plan or do raids against the foundation, we can have them oppose us in a more passive manner. For example giving D-class equipment in secret, “fixing” containment cells, developing machines to “assist” people and basically spying on everyone. Doing this, can also create RP opportunities as MTF can investigate, capture and interrogate. *We can also pretend the Anderson Robotics, are like a hybrid of Researchers/Technicians, separating them from each branch. But in a way, making them apart of the foundation. Similar to how the foundation, once had control over Prometheus Labs. As by doing this, we’ll be sure to have the branch actually be active, rather than only be active when raiding similar to CI. * We should also add some more branches to seperate it from the CI, like adding: = Engineering: Fix or Create Technology = Robotics: Follow orders, and having different types of robots. Such as robots who clean, guard or assist research. = We can also add a sub branch of sentient machines = Infiltration: Focus on spying and learning about the higher ups, including who is O5. = Agents: Assaulting, retrieving and removing traces of AR mistakes. *Lastly adding SCP 1330 and 3860 would make this branch even better, especially for role play.
  8. + Support: Yes, Double Yes, Triple Yes. If this idea is not accepted, i will be under the bed of every staff member on this server including others just for revenge.
  9. + Support: Having an additional class like “Logistics” is something many people within research would enjoy including me. - Support: However I don’t believe we should have an espionage class, as researchers are meant to be scholars, not warriors or spy’s. The only exceptions to these, are literally only foundation doctors that because most of them possess some unique sort of skill.
  10. - / + Support: * Firstly, the pictures provided above does not show any signs of you being falsely accused or unfairly punished. It’s literally just a picture of “Dr Shaw” giving you advice and of you being demoted from security. So I’m not sure, what this picture is suppose to explain. * Secondly, I do believe that the staff member should’ve provided some “evidence” that you did indeed offended Peggy; as the excuse “I heard you” could very well be a lie. Not saying that Sinnik is a liar, but he could’ve shown some proof like having witnesses or something. * Thirdly, try to fix up your grammar. It’s kinda hard to read, especially if your trying to defend yourself.
  11. + Support: Professional, dedicated and hardworking. How could I not support you?
  12. "Frozen 3" Audition Tape: Audition Application: Account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Blightcaller666 Age: Probably 18 Character: Elsa Agent: Felwinter
  13. + Despite the burping sound, this SCP will nonetheless be a great addition to the server.
  14. + Love: As the name suggests, love it.