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  1. + Support, add the Slot machines with it, because there are slot machines I saw it on a darkrp server and it was really fun
  2. K1LLER._.

    mc0721 unban

    I'm sorry, but What?
  3. Please just stop arguing +Support or -Support it. just Stop your making yourself look worse.
  4. K1LLER._.


    What you want to see? - A Larger Fuel , like how the Large Fuel Fills the Fuel Tank 1,000 at a time, I feel like we should get another large fuel that can put 5000 fuel in the fuel tanks and it would cost $20,000 (1 Large Fuel costs 4k 4x5= 20) And it would be way easier to refill your bitminers instead of just sitting there clicking your mouse over and over would be way easier. Why should we add it? - You guys should add it because It gets annoying clicking the large fuel 5 times due to the delay on spawning it and it just gets annoying after a while and I feel like this would help it way better for the Criminals What are the advantages of having this? - Less Time On Refilling Bitminers Who is it mainly for? - Criminals Links to any content - N/A
  5. Good Luck - SM Killer 1C44
  6. + Support, If PD wasn't there its not your fault, its PD's fault for not paying attention and leaving you while you were dead, I'm EMS and this always happens whenever I'm on EMS and PD just leaves, Feel like PD should get a talking to during a meeting about this situation because its happening more frequently now and It's just annoying
  7. So I went to buy some shipments of keypad crackers in PoliceRP and they are 3mil per shipment and I dont think thats right, at all because you get them for free as a VIP thief IDK if this is a bug or not but
  8. Neutral for me, Haven't had a problem with him yet but I dont know about anybody else or with the staff team