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  1. I mean I don't got school for a while now, and probably wont go back this year at all the only bad part is that they are delaying TV Shows, because they didn't finish production and now they cant because of corona virus
  2. +/- Support To be honest, It's a good idea but at the same time I feel like it would be a lot of work for whoever would make the tags, also I mean you can just put your family name in your signature.
  3. Well Yeah, about them not being trained and stuff but I mean if they start abusing the taser and handcuffs a staff member can just demote them off the job or something like that
  4. Warn Bans aren't appealable even if it is a day, a week, a month or the perma ban it is not appealable, Plus the ban will be finished by the time they even look at ban appeals
  5. Man, This week has probably been one of the best events ever, We should do a Event Week like every month because it's really fair besides the lag but I mean it's still fun either way
  6. -Support Ok, I told you about this the whole time I brought you to a sit and if you had proof of Fading Door Abuse, and NLR. You said "no I don't" so I couldn't do anything then you showed me the keypad that was blocked by a door (not his fault the door was blocking it). Now for the Angle Abuse I saw him do it and I told him to fix it which HE did and was not arguing with me at all so since he fixed it, I told him ok you won't be get a warn and you kept calling sits *At least 5 Times* and me and Ronin both said STOP Calling sits before you get warned and the situation was handled. Which then you got arrested for robbing a person's house and you were being brought to jail then you continued to LTARP. This situation was handled and since you had no proof of 2 / 4 things I decided not to warn him and for the fail base and angle abuse I sat with him helping him fix his base and he was complying with me to fix it and I told him make sure he follows the basing rules. LTARP - Leave To Avoid RP Also That is not your steam ID, your steam id starts with STEAM
  7. It's been FailRP were just enforcing it a lot more now because were trying to stop it I would like to hear Crows side before I make a decision
  8. I said why I ran pass the gov, is I went to go kill the hostage, sure I wasn't near the hostage but usually when the hostage dies some tac would be "we got the hostage killed" and I did damage CERT / SWAT and when I went in the door my goal was to kill the hostage then turn around and gun down all the Tac units flooding in through the door which is easier to kill all of them because they are stuck.